Honest Pokemon Go Commercial!

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Like almost everyone else in the world, I tried out Pokemon Go and here is my honest review on it.. 
See BLOOPERS and BTS here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwC-VzsT8dE&feature=youtu.be

Thank you to Holder for remaking the Pokemong theme instrumental! CHeck out his soundcloud:

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SAO s new 2017 moive is totally based to this pkemon concept!
Zayda Aziz
Is bad to not download Pokemon cause I didn't download it
Mason Abbott-24
The end was funny! I also liked the video.
Owen Danner
i love pokemon but hate pokemon go
Knightly Falcon
Yay I love u I hate Pokemon go and I grew up on pokemon
Tony Raggio
Now in 2017 it sucks or I am just weird
Keya singh
Just saying!!!
Keya singh
In your background there is a famous French painting
gamer 3787
"let us play with our balls" 5:49
ShinyHuntr Jaxson
I am a Pokémon addict who doesn't like Pokémon GO...................................................................................................................,.............................................................Just waiting for hate...
this channel exists for some reason
Dear Ryan:
what is the best way to finna nut
little did he know... pokemon go would be unheard of and comepletly dead within a month of this video
DinosaurBoy !!!
hahahaha 5:47 "Let us play with our balls"!!!
Bryant Stanley
Calm down! Stop taking so fast like the uctoner!
Flame Gaming
Sheppie L
I could totally relate when you said you love Pokemon but not Pokemon go.
Anime Geek
the song is so funny
Nope didn't happen
Ch K
2017: What's Pokémon?
Brandon Noe
Pokemon go died
Pineapple Dog
My phone is too old for Pokémon go to work on it.😫
Thank me later
Rahul Raj
its dead now everyone is cheating and playing
Zeina Adnan
the only pokemon related things I like is pokemon sun and the tv series
Abhimanyu Pathania
Dayum if Ryan starts making parodies of songs he's going to put Bart Baker out of business. Cuz damn that song was litt.
too bad that it actually sucked ass
Noob Slayer

Grimlock Tf4
Chaz Apple
Me: primarina
Pokemon go player: ????
LOL i actually got a little upset at the end when the game started buffering
Aidan Rowe
I'm the same as nigahiga
Hai im here before the 6,726th dislike. NOICE.
SS7 Venture
I am a human
fauzan naufal
Have you go to Pokemon Center in Solamachi, Japan?
I play pokemon go also. Its freaking addicting. everyone disses me off and I just tell them that they are missing all the fun :)
aqua master828
I kind of agree him
van anh
good game and well player
YhurMum XD
Ya honestly the game isn't as what it could have been
Srikar D. Govindarajula
I am a really big Pokemon fan, but I never liked Pokemon Go. It was never fun.
Kristelle Pitogo
Greg looks good on that Jinx costume tbh 😂 love you, Greg (sorry Daina ✌️😆)
This video made me go on my account again... it's sad to see everything dead now 😭😭 the nostalgia
Paul Morgan


Erica N squish
I was wearing my pikachu pjs wen watching this
Diamond Girl368
Oh no! He forgot the TeeHee! The world is ending!!!!
• Hashbrownzz •
Hold on... isn't Paco the same guy from internet icon all those years ago
Wedge Antilles
In space, we have Insert Star Wars Joke Here
Ifeanyi Azums
I could never sign into Pokémon go like seriously it took so freaking long i had to look at this and put my password and username and it never worked idk what I can do
Gamer X
ryan's vids are more real, he covers topics that most people won't talk about with a comedic approach. he might say that his vids aren't mature (well some are) but they all have their own unique mature Ness to then
Creeper Universe
Yet the game is shitty af 😂
The Minecraft Manipulator
I like Pokemon and I dont like Pokemon go
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