Rat Trap Homemade in Cambodia - Amazing Catch Rat By Water Traps

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Rat Trap Homemade in Cambodia - Amazing Catch Rat By Water Traps

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Daily Bu channel
good i dear to catches rats
Jangli Kumar
Jangli Kumar Raj
Donna Nieto
di oww
endless.decay 33
people are more shocked these days at people killing rats than white cops killing minorities
Elmo Elmo
The man had a rodent problem in his house and he did what a good man does; he handled the problem. People pissing and moaning about this rat trap have obviously never lived in a place where vermin are a problem. This is simply brilliant and I love it.
Suraj Rajpoot
not good
RIP headphone users at the intro...
andrew beaudry
fresh mice for breakfast
Phil Brenner
Gloryfied mice at best. I try (and do) to catch rats in my yard with various methodes all the time (I live in Saigon). And the rats here have the size of fraking cats!
Maiju E
They could still jump out. This is cruel yes, but if you want to make a more effective trap put a little bit more water and a little bit of dish soap.
Dinesh prajapati
Nice video
Bipin Kapadiya
chutiye tere ko dubake marenge phir pata chalenga
sale bejuban ko marke you tube pe paise kamate ho hildeji aulado
Albert Fungus
Thank you, I'm making one of these tonight!
Juanch Zamora
eres un gilipillas
Full-life Soil
lmao this is at an Chinese Buffet
PORKER skank
put clorox in the bucker!!!
Driver 302
Hmm.... I smell a Rat.......
peter tosh
how to kill rats on u tube...how to become a killer
Damn thats a small big toe..
saravjeet singh
wtf u are doing this are you mad how would you feel if someone do this with you I am gonna report this video now
just put peanut butter next time
cheeky cheeky
Then he will eat it
Andrezin Dorgado
caraca mano voce gosta de maltratar os animais hein nossa da vontade de bate em voce voce nao sabe que deus criou os animais para amalos e virarem comida nao para maltratar seu idiota eu hein
thank you... i need this.....Oh and don't worry about the other comments... I live on a farm in Australia.....and don't care about killing vermin that can spread disease and multiple so rapidly... I do not see these things as pets.... we have horses and they cause a lot of damage to the grain..... :) peace and thank you.....
The Wolf Girls
Alon levi
Very good 👍
protein source for cambodians..
G- Modeling
Great Idea
KH Notes
good tip
Kong Her
awsome bro!
laugh hyena
combodian mice can sure swim!!
Marc Baker
rats it's what's for dinner
Sachin Singh
Seriously, why do you have to torture them for getting some likes for a shitty video teaching how to murder animals. Do your murderous work in some private place rather than uploading it here.
how do you determine the best place for the wire, and the best length of the tube?
Adrian Stinerman
Fuck you idiots
Anila Asghar
Allah kr ke aap kr ghar me 1234566rats aa jaan
Narendrapotla Babu
Jazmine Santiago
that mouse never did nothing to you 🐀may they rest in pice
Bapan Roy
Dustin Andersen
hell i use to just put out a bucket (deeper then a 5 gallon) with some food and something for them to get near the side of it, they'd jump in, i'd find them, dispose of them. alot easier then this whole process but points for trying.
bob pete
so THATS how they catch their food!
them fuckers be jumping
Ahh-so, rat in the bucket trap is very effective. Stop whining ya'll, he fed the mice to the cats--nothing wasted!!
Ana Ystsa
I wish all rats die in the world because they cause different disease
Sabahın yedi otuzunda allah bereket versin
Tony Wonder
clean your house up and you wont have a mouse problem
Tony Grind
How to catch dinner, level cambodia
Good idea
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