Rat Trap Homemade in Cambodia - Amazing Catch Rat By Water Traps

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Rat Trap Homemade in Cambodia - Amazing Catch Rat By Water Traps

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Blair Morgan
1:45 what r does
smart people

hi, from indonesia
Pati Indo
Moz m
that's not a rat trap lol its a mouse trap you fool I got some big monsters I need to catch do I need a garbage can lol lol fill it with petrol and tape a long match to end so it strikes on the down ward stroke ha ha ha ha ha boom mofo. boooooom!
boss 1
really good and attractive video
Grant P
Great teeter totter trap - get those bastards to walk the plank, and then
drop to their death in the water, and drown. Very effective, and also cheap
to make -- I'm going to make one, and I'm sure it will work. Your a master
with these swivel angles. Outsmart those critters. Do you eat the mice ???
JãňķřÏ JűňçţîøŇ
nice idea
Steve Simpson
Get a cat.
Chuy Alfaro
what if the bucket falls down
Wow Lol
Little Alyssa Fun
who else just came here to say .... that is a mouse
Erik Nagy
Nice one. I hate the rats totally! I have an old dog, and when i give him his food, i need to secure that place, because the rats eating his food. This thing is not our mistake, beauce the place is around the house is clean, but the neighbour house is empty for 5 years. And the street next to us, is chaos because it is full of rubbish, and further there's a "farm". This is the source of this problem. I hate these annoying animals. They causing dangerous diseases, including the plague, typhus...I can't see their useful abilities, i wish the death all of the rats.
Janet Wilham
its undreal how many babies and children are bitten by rats and mice as they sleep---let alone the desease they carry.
F3RN LifeHacker
Crap I'm on the weird side of YouTube again
i bet the two rats in there were like:
" ah shit its a dead body!"
Navnath Navsupe
Jose Paul
I i
Pedro Game
I hate rats I'm from Brazil.
Robi Mohammed
they are not big rats
imtiaz mushtaq
the only
Smear peanut butter or anything sticky on the tube for better bait.
Mice.... not rats.
Samuel Cervantez
it's says rats but those look like mice...does this work on rats as well?
Liton Traveller
অপো ক্যামরা ফোনের এ্যাডটি মহাবিরক্তিকর। এই বিরক্তির হাত থেকে রক্ষা করুন।
Dirk K.
Rats there seem to be very small... I would make the trap larger for german rats.
Jordan Black
best trap i've seen
Khmer Travel News
daniel phillpotts
yummy tird world rat snacks...almost as tasty as the big green maggots . BERNIE SANDERS brave new world.
eck d
Das können die gut. Tiere auf grausame Art und Weise zu Tode quälen.
Die versuchen alles, um sich einen Tsunami zu verdienen.
Baldi Locks
Dinner is served
Abc 1234
andy lenow
Never mind. The snake died. lol
andy lenow
OMG! I tried it, except i just smeared some PB at the end. THIS IS AWESOME! Except there"s a little problem. It seemed my snake got out, and smelled the rats or detected them, and it crawled through the pipe, and started eating all the rats while half of it's body was still in the pipe! It got so fat, and now it's stuck! We can't get it out, and nobody knows what to do.
Pepp Nat
my mom is going to do this
Kill 'em all
Jo Mamma
dinner is ready
Elsa Eisele
Tierquälerei😢😡😡😡Du arschloch lass den scheiß😳
DewanSingh Rai
Frauke Schmidt
I'd use double-sided sticky tape to secure the bait. Or smear on peanut butter. That way you might get even more in one go.
Game Enginer
that,fuking maus trap
Lalit Ku
okello Daniel
its a good idea.
gene paul go
imran butt
will this work for shrew as well... i have seen them jumping too
Jay Bee
does not show them falling in
Zoya Khan
wow i like it
The intro fucking annihilated my ears
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