porousgraph22 !
It is a good trap but at least kill them in a quick painless way. Drowning them with other dead rats/mice is horrible as they are seeing there dead friends. And to all the people saying to starve them or no water are heartless. F all u people who think this is funny.
Lexi Mercer
Why would you turture the poor little mice
Lexi Mercer
That is so cruel u sick human being
Sushant Jena
Good tips
Must try it soon
غـஆـريب الـஆـدار
Luyanda Lloyd
What about the rats that are as big as the cats
Salif Coulibaly
good verry good
why to put rates in water and make them cry and d die, without water also they can be trapped and they can not climb this metal bucket, then throw them out at safe place
Seph Angelo
In Mexico, rats are attracted to corn products like tortillas.
Slime Master
dont kill them ;( you are just a dirty person and your killing the animals that have no clue theyre doing wrong and are just eating, and dont say “BUT THEY HAVE THE PLAAGUE!” they dont. and if they did then it can be one of the most easily cureable disease as the common cold, and if you get the plague its proof your a slob, it only appears when your dirty as hell
7.62 full metal
swimming lessons now available in Cambodia
Sangeeta Thanguriya
Rat trap by water tap
That fucking intro
thomas miller
Great idea!!! thank you, Sir!
Abhilesh Gupta
Jafari Shekivuli
respect 2 u
Mirriam Hernandez
1 like = 1 prayer
Hannah Smith
I would of released the ones that were alive far away
قناة السويفى لماعز البور BoerGoats
Unoriginal piece of shit
Will Gibbons
great idea minus the water
Mint Sleaves
Why is everyone here such a cunt? It's like they enjoy seeing a mouse drown. Catching mice is a necessary evil, it's bad but it's got to be done. Those that get pleasure from it are just sad
Harry Hathaway
Or I'd rather catch and release them out the wild where other Predators can eat them
Harry Hathaway
I know it's just a rat but then that's torture I'd rather see someone shoot with a BB gun man before they drowned to death
Steven van Demsky
Rat lives matter
John Quest
Should be retitled, " best way to catch dinner in Cambodia! "
I heard that some people in Cambodia eat rats, don't know if that's true.
Tobla Howell
You really dont need to drown the mice please just let them go somewhere else. Drowning is cruel.
gladys perez
pero grabe la forma en que caen por favor
Arnish Singh
1,549 rats disliked the video?
Blair Morgan
1:45 what r does
smart people

hi, from indonesia
Pati Indo
Moz m
that's not a rat trap lol its a mouse trap you fool I got some big monsters I need to catch do I need a garbage can lol lol fill it with petrol and tape a long match to end so it strikes on the down ward stroke ha ha ha ha ha boom mofo. boooooom!
Live express
really good and attractive video
Grant P
Great teeter totter trap - get those bastards to walk the plank, and then
drop to their death in the water, and drown. Very effective, and also cheap
to make -- I'm going to make one, and I'm sure it will work. Your a master
with these swivel angles. Outsmart those critters. Do you eat the mice ???
GaMeR aLi
nice idea
Steve Simpson
Get a cat.
Chuy Alfaro
what if the bucket falls down
Wow Lol
who else just came here to say .... that is a mouse
Erik Nagy
Nice one. I hate the rats totally! I have an old dog, and when i give him his food, i need to secure that place, because the rats eating his food. This thing is not our mistake, beauce the place is around the house is clean, but the neighbour house is empty for 5 years. And the street next to us, is chaos because it is full of rubbish, and further there's a "farm". This is the source of this problem. I hate these annoying animals. They causing dangerous diseases, including the plague, typhus...I can't see their useful abilities, i wish the death all of the rats.
Janet Wilham
its undreal how many babies and children are bitten by rats and mice as they sleep---let alone the desease they carry.
Crap I'm on the weird side of YouTube again
i bet the two rats in there were like:
" ah shit its a dead body!"
Navnath Navsupe
Jose Paul
I i
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