Susan Crawford
Looks like a school with other classes as well. Blackboards, lots of fluorescent lights, boxes of sewing trim, makeup application (esthetics). At the beginning of the video you held up school notes on The Crucible, an Arthur Miller play.
Greetings from Toronto.
Maggie Guthrie
OMG I love u. ur the first man I ever heard say "I don't know what it is". thank u so much. great video and I believe that stuff is called Trim. used to decro da cloth items.
Crafty Fox
:12:38....could have used a Warning here!
Serial killer looking basement stairs.....gahhh!
christine gallardo
no kidding thrift finds!! your vids, keep em coming!!
Roberta Amerson
Looks like a day care
Rick Delair
6:34 a nice example of a 4-lamp, 4 foot preheat office fluorescent unit. These specimens are still ripe for salvage! The side diffusing panels are there, only the lamps are missing, I believe the starters are in the side of the ballast housing in the center. These are late 1940's to very early 1950's at the latest. The type of lamp holders are "end on" type. Fluorescent enthusiast and collectors, especially of preheat fluorescent lights would grab these babies in a second of allowed to! Really sweet old fixtures being left to rust and get ruined, sad. They can SHOVE LED TRASH! These old preheat start T-12 fluorescent lights cannot be beat. And Dane, thanks for calling the fluorescent lamps--well LAMPS, that is the correct name for a "bulb"! 8:36---lights for commercial sewing machines, typically these use a #6 lamp, candelabra double contact bayonet (D.C. Bay.) base, S-8 bulb, 6 volts, about 8 watts. these get power off the motor in some machines, which have a tap in one if the windings, that delivers 6 volts to run these lights, and on some machines a separate transformer that steps 120 or sometimes 240 or even 208 volt in the case of 3-phase machines with no neutral (delta connected) in the supply line that would yield 120 volts phase to neutral, down to the 6 volts. I have a few of those transformers, and some of the motors with the 6 volt tap. Some machines also had these lights wired directly to 120 volts, on delta 3 phase machines, through a 208-120 volt step down transformer, to run a 15T7/DC or 25T8/DC 120 volt appliance lamp, hence using the DC bayonet socket, well that, and bayonet base lamps won't loosen under vibration from the sewing machines like an intermediate base or candelabra base appliance bulb, and also MOST machines used the 6 volt set up, so an automotive style lamp is a good way to go--these lights are good stuff! Also, some Westinghouse "black ender" black plastic based vintage fluorescent lamps lying on the floor in the basement, and that device is indeed the controller switch for an antenna rotator. Also, the basement had a "low down" wall hung tank vintage toilet with a "hump front" washdown type bowl, good stuff, too. Cheers and God Bless Mate!
Train set is from the 90's from KMart. Maybe this was a "Christian School." Clues have that vibe..
Jessica Darlin
I think that's makeup and foundation
Jessica Darlin
It looks like after school daycare or tutoring center for kids...
LoL "excuse me are those Bugle Boys your wearing" I remember that.... wasn't that 80's? think we might be around the same age, how old are you?
Mason Mccarrell
I don't know why I couldn't comment earlier, I just thought the bugle boy comment was funny! dang, this place was huge! I guess that would have been a pretty cool set-up, live upstairs and work downstairs. wouldn't have to go too far to get to work. it def looked like an old thrift store, all that 80's stuff, acid washed jeans, and kid n play. "I wear your granddads clothes, I look incredible" Hahaha!
upalevel productions
Some great things in there dude. I love the furniture, the Pioneer stereo unit and the train set was particularly cool. Awesome 👍
Escape The Wild - Urbex & Explore
great explore man
14:46 . . . Pioneer SX-626. Decent receiver. Not high powered, but very good sound quality.
Greeted by another eerie doll. Who buys such dolls ?
Serena Bobinas
Cool find. It appears to be an old thrift shop.
judah mario
it is a tenna rotor that is what they called them back then
what kind of camera gear do you use, We here in Memphis haven't got the gear yet. But we have been to about 20 places so far without a camera to document anything.
lucie hamilton
Love your videos, I'm very nosey an like poking about, your so lucky, you just wouldn't get this abandonment in UK, not where I am anyway :(
Kajun Means Seasoned Not Hot!
Viceroy cigarette pack OMG funny to see that right now that's the brand I started smoking 42 years ago and just yesterday at 11 am I quit....Wish me luck all
Leslie H
The tubes of makeup looks to be Mary Kay consultant kit. I had one years ago when I sold Mary Kay Cosmetics.
old records which looked to of been picked though for either rare or worth money on ebay, old cheap train set, nuuu london mug come home to the UK you can be looked after! nuu i can get you though my computer screen! not been fully trashed then if the long light blubs aren't smashed, there old weeving looms old vintage steamer for carpets looks to be 60's looks to me it was an old bank or mini thrift store either way nice old house shame its getting to the point of being un-fixable
Richard Bulmerrr
u look age 23 ever been to maine
Richard Bulmerrr
free Old Stuff Left Behind
take it keep it in joyy it when u have new lover in your bed your the boss tear it up hard master
used to turn the antenna for the Tv is what the was that had n,s e, w on it back in the day.. we still have ours..and it works
Nancy Darling
Thanks for making and posting another interesting video.
J Vatell
Great find and explore. Yes, that was an old Channel Master TV antenna adjuster. There was a motor at the top of the antenna mast that rotated the antenna when you turned the dial to get a better signal. Very expensive in it's day. We never had one because of that. We only got 2-3 "clear" picture channels...otherwise they had a lot of "snow" which distorted the picture.
Great video like always mate :D
Birgitte Roel
I would say the same as your guess. Looked like a thrift store/home. Seemed they had kitchen in the basement. Nice video liked looking at all the old stuff there.
Julie Robinson
good find
annette duffy
Very cool explore, I recognized that toy train set, my son had the same one when he was 4 years old, I bought it for him for Christmas. :) (He's a grown-up 28 yrs old now) LOL Also, those metallic green and gold coffee cups in the box, I had a set of those too, early 90's, just took them out at Christmas time. :) Ok, showing my age now, you were correct about that thing looking like a t.v. aerial dial......had the same one growing up when I was a kid in the 70's......that was our "cable t.v." LOL!! Please be careful, you make me very nervous going into these places alone!
It's a rooftop antenna Rotor control
Tracy Explores
This is so cool all this stuff, loved the train set, that looked like a compass to me too, what's a thrift store? Great explore Dane.
Erin Guthrie
This place has a strange variety of stuff! Wow Bugle Boy and Kid N Play! Taking it back, lol
Max Zomboni
Maybe it was a church donation center or something? It is an interesting collection for sure. The LPs were from the 1970s. The cassette tapes from the 1980s and early 90s. Some of the canned food was from early 1980s. You can still see the price tags on the top of the cans. And the video games were from the 2000s.
Kelli Cox
Maybe a thrift store or perhaps the owners had a flea market reminds me of the kind of stuff you would see in either one of those places.Pretty interesting place-the wall and frosted windows when you walk in make me think of everything from a restaurant to an old private eye office.Whatever it was,it's sat there for quite a while!Another GREAT find-so many abandoned places up there!
Tammy Noranzyk
Chalkboards and toys made me think maybe daycare but then all the makeup and then all of the sewing things...idk I'm stumped! Did any of the papers in the "office" have any business name on them maybe? I didn't see a kitchen upstairs or downstairs did anyone else?
jerry ball
is that Buddy Lee......???
I had that same train set when I was a kid.
David Toth
where can I buy some toilet paper with Obama's face printed on each sheet?
Tammy Smith
I think this was a business plus someone lived there as well. The way it looks. Did you notice the whole in the glass for the office for people to talk through to one another? It was at 15:40.
Beauty in Decay Explorations
Cool find! The movie Ray was from 2004
Tammy Smith
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Tammy Smith
That white jacket down stairs, you would think it would have mildew on it being down there a long time.
By the way that place is laid out. I'd say the bottom floor was somesort of business. And the top floor was the apartment for the owners. Thats just my guess..
Cindy Jones
You're right that compass looking thing is a servo controller for an old aerial antenna.
good old bugle boy. I'd love to figure out who left that house abandoned. houses are always interesting
That was makeup from Mary Kay place was on sw I think by the looks of it. Left a lot of stuff behind of careful.
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