Derek Griffiths
Jon oliver is a bellend
Daylan Tiogangco
All these left losers having to use trump tweets to get attention...
Andrew Yang
Trump lied? WE GOT HIM!
Diamond Dreams
If you love Trump then he's not lying to you, he's telling the truth... even when he lies like Tony Montana.
Come claim your 'John Oliver blocked me on Twitter' award. Supplies are limited so sign up now.
James P
Debbie Gross
I’m trying to get on the trump blocked me on Twitter list!
Franz Joseph Liszt
lmao at all the trumptards in the comments
Shredded Wheat
Here I am, days after Trump claimed to have invented the word Fake, to read all the comments by conservatives about how smart and great he is. "That media is... is... the word... really the greatest of all terms I've come up with is "Fake". Perhaps other people have used the word before but I've never noticed it." - Donald Trump
Morricone Italy
Love you John!
Jason Holmes
lol. i love john oliver
i luv that the one who make America look so foolish -- is their own President... =D
@ 1:05, John says, "What Kind of moron would lie about something this pathetic" - the answer as Rex Tillerson puts it "A F***ing MORON".
The "what kind of moron?" line is now even funnier, since when know the answer now, thanks to Tillerson. :-)))
He's not just any moron, he's a fucking moron.
Magdalena Graca
What kind of moron? ask Rex Tillerson ;)
For Peen Yoong
hahah.. what kind of moron? a f*cking moron
hanging out with coke heads is very boring, they're all about themselves and their next toot. it is kind of fun to watch the coke head wind down off the last see it all the time when FART45 is giving speeches.
The US has never had a dumber president.
The Late Night Show hosts, satirists, Samantha B and all other talented, intelligent Americans ( John is our Brit ....! ) are THE only 'greats' to come out of America since the advent of the malignant orange baboon. THANK YOU folks for making ghastly news days greater!!
Dump Trump
Boul Shyte
1:21 "john 'very boring' oliver"
The Ultimate Reductionist
Congratulations, John Oliver!
Do one of Snoop Dogg!
Matt Fry
Un. Fucking. Believable. I genuinely think that Trump has some kind of undiagnosed mental illness.
Roadrunner Refugees
Maria Obrien
We all know that Trump is a Liar....... it is so sad having him as President of the United States.......... such a corrupt person, such a con-man, such a low class, vulgar and horrible man. He has lowered the image of the United States in front of the whole world. Sad.
Jeff Plimpton
Congratulations, John...Another Trump lie for the Hall of Fame...
Marc Touss
i want one now..
Maybe ur people lied? I mean I would understand if they asked Trump. Its not like its bad for ratings...
megan ivy
whoooa. he is so insane.
I know it's hard for your kind to understand the rights of the individual and a free society your to concerned about your SJW, safe spaces and being micro aggressed and every one that doesn't live on the costs are sick and tired of your BULL SHIT how do think Trump won. If you want to live in a socialist country where your not free move to Europe that shit isn't going to fly here anymore. MAGA
Apathetic Apparition
the self awareness in this comment section is staggering
Frenci Cenci
Lol. John you are just awesome, and a bit funny too :p
"WRONG! He totally called and asked ME to be on his show, terrible jokes, sad ratings, of course I love KFC, great chicken, the nuclear codes change hourly. JOBS!"
- D J Trump
Possibly a Bot
Lying moron,thank you Trump.
You deserved it faggot..
Dani __
John Oliver: Valedictorian
How is this an attack?
Portfolio _cs
Philemon 119
Who is this person
Chirpy n Sleepy
John Oliver doesn't even have guests on his show??
ö. . ,
Congrats, from all my heart!!!! You, sir, made it, qudos, enhorabuena, felicitacions, keep it up, pazdravelnya(that's Russian) ,zorionak, felicita,felicitări ,onnea,,,, I'm gonna stop now,,,, u got it
Now you, too, have hit a Fuckface von Nervestick.
Snowball Effect
who the fuck taught that bitch to .@ ? there is hope... he can b taught...
Fabio De Santis
Either that or your staff lied to you
John, your the best! 👍🏻😎
Jason Thomas
No talent British fag show here reading from a teleprompter?
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