Linden Swaenepoel
Is no-one talking about the huge framed magic eye on the wall?
Ben jammin
Is he wearing a First Cavalry Division Pin? Thats just a side question, nothing political
Roger Lolamou
Sorry Oliver he can help it, he's a born LIAR. It runs in his DNA.
David Cervera
Does Rosie O'Donnell have her own wing in the Hall of Fame?
Derek Brooks
So sad. It makes me cry.
Stephen McQueen
As much shit as you shovel on your show I'll stick with Trump. You suck ass BTW!
Best Source Of Unfinished Let's Plays
Donald Trump = Adolf Hitler but the great solution instead is WALLS.
Adifah Derzi
You're proud that you insulted a sitting President?! What a fucking retard faggot you are! Youre lucky that you aent sitting in a federal prison somewhere under Attrition charges! I cant wait until that day comes, and it will, then all you lgbts, liberal/traitors WILL be dealt with. And it won't be pretty. #Dumbass #Traitor
Maybe his fans are the reason he didn't want to talk to John Oliver. This comment section is full of people just hating trump and backing it up with lies. Maybe if you'd learn something he'd take Oliver as a credible guy
Wawa Nana
I couldn't see the hidden 3D picture :(
bone hurting juice
lowkey only here for my man John Oliver
Remember that time when you got burned by Stephen hawking about how not funny your are? That was fucking hilarious!
Sammi Aal'wynn
Did Stephen Colbert got one of his own too? 😂
Rafael Sanchez
Jhon "Very Boring " Oliver jajjajja
Jesús CobiánArreola
omg someone please get this english idiot out of my country!
This lunatic really should go to shatter island, these liberal fuck tards are really good at playing the victims card while they attacked trump constantly. These lefty in reality are the most aggressive, violent, domestic terrorists
You asked the people in your office, but did you ask them twice?
It is amazing that we have elected a subhuman as president who just straight up lies publicly to the American people. He even lies about the most mundane and inconsequential things like saying he was asked to be on the Oliver show and turned them down.
And people still follow and believe in this guy! They must be as moronic as our President. A complete laughing stock.
You are such a libtard
pat comerford
When is Trevor Noah going to get his 'Trump attacked me on twitter' hall of fame framed award?
Quo Tanzient
go back to England and suck the Queen's rancid cunt.
Konrad Stolzerfaust
Just when John Oliver couldn't get any lamer...
Pj Hamilton
Is it a sail boat? I'm really bad at those magic eye pictures.
I don't think President Trump lied on purpose. He probably heard from someone misinformation. Or, he might've misheard some rumor. This happens all the time in human relations. I was at a church in Pullman, WA. well over 15 years ago. The pastor asked all the college students, some were from Washington State University and some from University of Idaho, to do a little experiment. He'd whisper something to a student on one end, and he or she would whisper to the next person, to the best of his or her ability, what he or she thought she or he had heard. That person would whisper, the best of his or her ability, what he or she thought she or he had heard, to the next person... on down the line... The result of was ASTONISHING! What the pastor had originally said was somehow, altered, changed. The end result was a bit of MIS-INFORMATION! So, as an example, suppose the original statement was: "John Smith of Austin, Texas, bought his daughter, Mary Ann Jones, who is now a resident of Newport Beach, CA., a brand new Hummer, for free!" But, somehow, the words got twisted or altered. The last person in the chain, was told that "John Schmidt of Arlington, TX. bought his daughter Mary Ann Jacobs, who is now a resident of Northridge, CA. a brand new Harley that someone had abandoned."

In life, you learn that this world is so full of imperfections. Nobody is perfect. We are all fallen sinners full of flaws and sins. Everyone is imperfect even those who care for you the most in life.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family where there was child abuse and wife beating. I finally told my advisor at my junior high what was going on at home. He then told a local constable what was happening. The constable drove me to Child Protective Services. I was greatly frowned upon by my relatives, who laughed at me, told me that I was stupid, wrong and foolish to have snitched on my own dad. (As I look back, I realize that prior to the late 1970s, domestic violence issues in the US were considered civil issues and not in the jurisdiction of the police at all.)

It was in the early 1980s. I was a juvenile hall. My dad wept and apologized to me and promised that he'd never beat me ever again. I wept and hugged my dad and told him that I did not want to hurt him at all. My social worker was furious that I was allowed to see my dad at that time. He had told me that this was the absolute wrong time for me to see my parents and that nothing had changed, and that my parents needed to go through family counseling, anger management, and better parenting programs. HE WAS 100% RIGHT.

I went back home and within a month, my dad beat me up again out of anger. October 28, 1983, he pounded on me so hard that I urinated my underwear. He threatened me to call the cops, told me that I was a bad son, troublemaker, etc. He hated CPS for forcing him to send me to a shrink every week. I felt ashamed and never called the cops ever again. My dad continued his child abuse and wife beating all throughout the rest of the 1980s till I turned 18 in the mid 1980s. Child abuse and wife beating were normal acceptable behavior even in Europe and the US for many centuries... until the late 1970s. Now, we've become ridiculous to the other extreme now to the point that a mom cannot slap her 5 year old kid if he or she is being rowdy in public. I learned that dishonesty in some form or another is an unavoidable part of human society. Lying happens all the time even amongst the very best of us, all like Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon. Nixon smiled on public tv and made great speeches in public. Then, in private, he could talk totally differently, full of foul language, like a drunken uneducated sailor. Bill Clinton is a BRILLIANT MAN, and Rhodes Scholar. In public, he can make great speeches and talk INTELLIGENTLY. Then, in private, he could behave like an immature horny 18-19 year old male in a brothel.

EVERYONE SHOULD READ THE BOOK OF JOB! This is a fallen world! This is NOT the world that God wanted for any body! God never wanted things like disease or famine or hate or war or death... for anybody! We must realize that God is good. God is light. God is love. So, therefore, where does all the negative come from? All the bad comes from Satan, who is the father of lies, the author of confusion, the god of this fallen world!

In life, you must have a tough skin! To make it in life, I've learned that you've got to learn to not take things too seriously or you won't make it. You'll crash and burn in suicide or some other negative paths such as alcoholism, narcotics, gangs, etc. because that's what Satan does! Satan will knock on the mental or emotional door of EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING and tell them things like: you're no good... you're stupid... you're worthless... to steer a soul into destruction or a bad path. The key to success is summarized in a simple words: Let go of fears. Take Risks. & Have fun in life. And, the only way anyone can do that is if they accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. If you don't, you will always be haunted by the fear of death because we all die. Nobody can avoid death. WE ALL DIE. Read Romans 10:9-13! Faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ, His death, burial and resurrection, is the ONLY way to truly overcome the law of sin and death!
Smiling Dog
Donald Trump: We need to make more things in America!!!
Ivanka: Um...Daddy....uh...well...not EVERYTHING right?
Michael Jacobs
How is it that college students are told to purge their social media because Master's programs will be rummaging through them while considering them and yet our president posts petty, petulant, grammatically flawed, and inflammatory bullshit daily? I guess Trump has too much money to have any need for professionalism though.
Brian McKay
Donald Trump never lies. He is the most upright, virtuous, honorable Christian person. I want to be like him.
u look like a wack a mole
Mike Cobretti
Do not go into this comments section please! it's full of idiots bashing Trump for no reason, and other annoying people.
I thought Donald Trump doesn't even know what you look like. You had to tell him what you look like. A near sighted parrot working at a bank.
lol liberals have turned into the biggest douche group ever. Go protest some more and cry you pussies.
Tim Sumrall
John trends #1 every time his show pops up. So yeah, boring with low ratings ;)
Koi Dropsitlow
yas trump slayyy <3
Ted Phillips
If Trump is lying here it really makes John Oliver look stupid. Why on earth would a person with a political show not seek to have the president on his show. These shows are businesses and having Donald Trump as a guest would most likely triple his ratings and revenue. Also if you lived through that last election and still take anything your television says seriously you are most likely a complete moron.
So when is Trump opening up his Clown College?
I'm sure he just picked you out of the crowd of assholes who have been relentlessly bitching about everything you can think of for the last six months.How dare he defend himself from all the crap the late night talking heads have been spewing out because they wouldn't have any ratings if they didn't.
Ian Rash
John Oliver attacks Trump on his show all the time lol.
John H
Bad boy's, bad boys , what's your rating gonna do when AMERICANS come for you..wrong side of history. .see with b@oth eyes....
J. Shmoe
Now, if the Left had spent as much time on pointing out Hillary's lies as they do on this shit, she might be in jail.
Marshall Bates
you've been attacking him.and the right since day one and then you cry when we defend ourselves.
Jacob Johnson
Does John have a room available to rent at his $8.5 million dollar mansion in NY state? My lease at my apartment expires in 7 months so I need a place to stay in January 2018. Come on John, I'm going to say what you said to Trump "do it, do it, do it".
John H
This late night show host sold his soul to the devil years ago. . I can see his elite puppet masterS mouths moving every time he says something. .his show should be divide and conquer, not late night. .
Hilarious! Guy insults Trump every day for the last year then gets insulted and cries to mommy.
Raoul Duke
This guy sounds like a fag.
Faggot-ass beta males....still kinda funny.
Adolf Hitler
Nobody gives a fuck about Trump or your faggot ass.
This entire comment section is a lefty circle jerk
Get the fuck over yourself
Reb Brown
Intelligent Americans please take back control of your country. I'm not condoning violence but just get it done
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