Christine Rein
This explore was soooo awesome. Who was your friend that came with? The Farinon microwave receives had something to do with radio signal strength and communication. I googled it and downloaded a long article about Bill Farinon but didn't read through it yet. The Good Sam Club stickers on the RV's is a discount club for RV folks that started in 1966. I love the old cars in your video. The gum ball machine around 12:49 I wish you would have focused on more. The 1962 crackers are sooooooo insane. Some poor hungry soul was snacking on 55 year old crackers. Looks like the guy who owned this property had a good life till maybe the 1980's maybe 90's Didn't see to much newer stuff besides what the squatters dragged your videos๐Ÿ’‹
Kathy Kent
I bet people still live that do thing in it that will be back watch out my friend be safe .love hugs God bless you always.
Laura Leckemby
Looks like the owner was a electrition..creepy place!
Margaret deVries
I know they cannot tell us, but itโ€™s a shame to let this stuff rot!when people could put it to use, Habitat for Humanity
Explore 101 Urbex
Great video man, love all of your video's. Subscribed. Maybe you like to check out my new video on my channel "Opel Kadett Barn Find" :-)
Kristy Ferla
Totally an awesome place! So much stuff everywhere. Great video Dane. You n your friend make a good team. Keep them coming.
GW Hunter
Wow!!! Those rations were packed one month before I was born in August of 62. They're 55 years old!!! You'd have to be pretty damn hungry to eat that stuff ~ LOL
Sam Rogers
There is no way that RV had that many miles on it. 99% of the time they have way less than 100,000 miles for like 20 or 30 maybe you misread it. Killer video!!
Sam Rogers
Those are some pretty cool lights on top of the Oldsmobile!๐Ÿ˜‰
Hema Singh
Awesome video!
There was alot of money in the old survival biscuits there. You wouldn't belive how many of us collect that stuff. Check out my channel for some examples of really old military food.
jesse d. lee
the man that lived there was into some serious electtrical work there about a half million dollars of electrical supplies theres radio station equiment and everything there
That's a fuck ton of scrap wow
donald maclean
Someone was a serious hoarder!
Melissa Bolander
I would love to explore old farm houses...wish I had someone to explore with. Does anyone keep stuff they find?
Ben Dawson
The Oldsmobile is a Cutlass Supreme. Not sure of the year but, it's an 81-83 model. The other is an early 80s Pontiac Phoenix which was the Pontiac version of the Chevy Ctation.
is this building in cleveland and how do you find out who owns it or it if can be bought?
Ty Dunchak
what kindof camera do you have?
Martin S
Looks like the guy bought much of this stuff at auctions, ex-government stuff, overstock sales, etc. Interesting find.
marc hebert
I own almost that exact same rv mines a 1969
marc hebert
sandra osheasandra01
this is unreal, so much waste. i'm sure it was not left that way. someone is out of alot of money. great find.
Random Coyote
That's some crazy finds there. If it wasn't for the drug den problems, that would be a great place to go scrapping (as mentioned).
quentin blount
Urbex I'd like to go exploring with you. Buy Me a plane ticket to come john you
Wow,, awesome video,, I've subbed :)
Please tell me,, what sort of video/gopro do you use as this is just excellent quality ?
Thank you from Australia xx
austin conklin
Nice vid man grate camera work I like how you don't use to meny sound effects like outher urban explors
james gilbert
hope you guys had all your shots
Luke Liebner
Looks like owner was shooting up heroin
definitely a paradise for scrappers with all those electric appliances and the plumbing material
Not cool taking stuff, like the pipe wrenches ur buddy has.
Such a pity that those will rot there. Stuff like this should be given to an orphanage, or to schools. Things that everyone can use and share. Oh well.
Rosy Katz
Maybe guys rifled through everything looking for drugs & money throwing things every which way. The guy i s p robably in there somewhere dead from an overdose or murdered and rotted away
Rosy Katz
Crazy survivalist
Rosy Katz
A crazy mad bomber and he died
Urbex NY
I don't know anything about how that shit is made, but I did hear they "cut" it with chemicals and other stuff. Maybe they're cutting the meth or heroin (whatever it is) with the crackers? I'm just taking a guess.
Urbex NY
Damn, weird place and how all that stuff was just left behind. Cool, none the less.
1960s Airstream
Ronnie Lineberry
That is an old Windstream camper I'm pretty sure and they're worth big bucks the older the more expensive
Ronnie Lineberry
You would shit if you found out how much that stuff is worth
Ronnie Lineberry
Looks like the dude was electrician there's a lot of money laying there
Those Civil Defense rations would be worth a small fortune to a collector. Especially mint condition...
Dan Kirchner
last rv actually had 23,000 mi on it
Nick Wilde
Love when you opened the fridge in the RV ahahahahah love it ! Yuuuuuuckkkkkk lol
Cindy Rogers
Good thing he and/or they didn't come back when you all were there!!!!!!!!
Dang, all that stuff left in there was crazy!!!!!
That place is a scrap iron person's dream to find all that scrap lol
That guy that was with you has the right idea about holding onto that hammer lol
Looks like he traded his hammer for a big pipe wrench lol
The silver camper is an Airstream trailer, made throughout the 40's to about the 60's (I think?) as far as I can tell they're pretty valuable and pretty old.
Linda Mesa
All that stuff plumbing. electrical etc should be turned over to the Habitat for Humanity ! So they can use them for building ! ETC !
Linda Grittman
Guys, there is a youtuber that buys war rations, and he videos himself opening the rations to eat them. Check out his channel. I forget the channels name. The guys would love all the ration cases.
Linda Grittman
You found a great place! Fascinating video. Thanks for sharing your adventure ๐Ÿ˜œ
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