$150 iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Clones Unboxing!

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How Bad Could It Be? A Fake iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Working Clone From China. $150 iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Clones Unboxing vs Real.

I Bought It Here: http://goo.gl/JfxxEO

Jaime Escobar
Puta qui ero ganar porfafor
The sofa King1127
Who is watching this when the iPhone 7 came out to see how much stuff they got wrong
Roblox Gaming hacks and more
Why is my iphone 7 plus quite different?
Rene Manguerra
Can't connect to any WiFi network? You should have stopped the review right there and then. That's pretty much useless.
Tomas Lacko
It looks like it's from the 90s
128 was more than enough for a iPhone, i got the 256 for me iPad Pro
thomas zac
Vous pouvais pas me le prêter pour faire une première vidéo sur les faux iphone
Ann Pancakes
I luv marcos
the blitz
Where does he get the tools?
Akash Kadam
Page not found 404 error please give me original link
can you suggest me from where i can buy this i mean about the website
Prabhu Sharma
anyone bought it ? does it feels like real ?
TripleXers Gaming Goodness
i wouldnt buy 256GB
TripleXers Gaming Goodness
i wouldnt but 256GB
How many mAh have the batery?
If I had a penny for every pixel in that video taken with the iPhone, i would have $1.29
"and of course the 7" model" that must be a big iPhone 😂😂😂
Stereo Town :3
Anyone else ever gotten a new phone and thought while peeling off the plastic
this is the last time this phone will be this shiny
Paki MaN
you have so much phone man give one
Stjepan Borak
looks nice if nothing else
Vaish Mansuri
Contact no.
Xxchoc MilkxX
Ok I'm getting a fake iPhone 7 plus
Porn and movies
Muhammad Fariz
Can I be your "bee"?
Roger Dela Cruz
I got 256 GB iPhone 📱 7 +
Saiful Azam
if you dont like..you can give me...please..
Strawberry Blossom
Bona Alina
I lmao 6:14
Deontay williams
were can i buy it
Edmond Nyantou
Finleysutherns coolgamingand vlogs
do u have to pay monthly and all that stuff? for the fake cos dont have enough money to buy real one so want a fake even though its not the same
do you know how much porn you can install with 256 gb?!
Elijah Carlson
Anyone else watching this on an iPhone 7
Leila Ounadjela
Qui est français
Christopher Cott
32GB is plenty for me, and I have two full folders of apps.
Sushil Thapa
Different in clone and non clone device
Hey the clone doesn't have a shutter problem.
Angie Rojas
Signed by Pablo Escobar 💀
Max Goodwin
I have the iPhone 7 pluse 256 gig
"Fox night shift" sounds like some kind of furry fantasy.
Pranay Yerram
Kim Took??
Fox where!?
Rochelle Bolada com a vida
Tim Cook lol
Duszek Smsaczek
Better than original iPhone. Useful compared to Apple's crap and uselessness.
I have a clone. I thought it was real for $200 on letgo but it's a clond
I wonder how many people put 256 gb of porn on their phone
Mr Maverick
Kim took
can you do a drop test with the fake phones?
Max Ford
Max Ford
I have a 7 plus it's the real one and I judged the camera on the fake and real you can definitely tell which one is real
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