I like your sando btw HAHAHAHAHAH I SAW THAT BOI! I SAW THAT!!!
lovee matharoo
this web link is not working.
Moon Struck
Good old kim took
Inussa Balde
I would gladly take the clone any day
Ios emoji?
JJ Montgomery
You know what most guys are gonna use 200Gs for. Starts with P. Ends with orn

Give up...
I am in South Africa I can't get the clone China is too far
Gaming and Vlogging
I'm getting 256gb
ROBLOX, Nintendo, and more
I want ittttt i dont care about the camera quality
ROBLOX, Nintendo, and more
Where did you get this phone from
Flora Guan
that shit just u faker tahn urslef
Flora Guan
exposing u and ur nudes
Flora Guan
corruptions of stupd shit like this
Flora Guan
no thanks t oa ferrari ill burn down the entire city
Funny because the the 7 is thicker and heavier than the 6
Théo Gerault
Send it to me pleaseeeee😌
Liege North
Kim Took or Tim Cook? The world may never know.
Justin Seggerman
try 3d touch
Lewis Temmy
where can i get those plzzz😢😢
The Gaming Tech
I have the 256 GB and I loaded porn on to it
I still have 60GB remaining
Zero2Legend Garrett
Can some tell me where can i buy 150$ iphone6 or 7
Brie F
I asked my mom for 32 gb iphone 7 plus and she bought me 256 gb what a cutieeee. I love her so much❤
Blender GT
Why does my space just fill up even if I download something
Trinh Huy
That have wifi
Tharusha Weerasinghe
the gap between the home button and the screen is very big
hacking spot reaction
How you got wifi
Ali Khan
eww camra print
Евгений Цуканов
Showcase Offer: Free of charge Apple iPhone. Get a new apple iphone every year. To enroll and get a FREE iphone move to the google search and type: givefonesaway
Iron Man
I think the camera needs glasses
Iron Man
Its an android... Why do i think u may ask? Be cause i can see the fucking android 5.1 nitification at 6:44 that clones a fucking rip off, i was just about to buy it then i saw that shit goddamn
Where do you buy your Clones ?
Not A Troll I promise
Kim Took
Jake Potts
camera looks identical to the original iphone
Shivvy Pooh
for the touch id u hv to wait couple of secs ... rest your finger on the touch id for a while
An Kercmar
Why is every clone powered up
Calvin Candie
Apple sucks! Clone, just say it’s a fake!
Jon Duke
Dude. The 7 plus has a dual camera. This video is fake.
Katharene Thompson
Can I have that Pink iPhone 7
Katharene Thompson
I would love to have one
Cim took hahahha it's Tim cook
Spikesyj 3
Lmao I’m watching on iPhone 8
Shivam arora
clone iPhone contain siri
Gurashish Singh
You can give me any clone plzzzzzz.
jayson sotto
give away one of the iphone pls
Adou Cohen
u can find some iphone 6 for 150$
Muhammed Gösteriş
I am from Turkey but I watch your videos I want heart
Vaishali Bulge
Bro pls give me I really need any iphone
Vaishali Bulge
Pls give me one of them
Cartney84 Ian
lying lucky bastard megapixels​ lol
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