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KSI: https://www.youtube.com/user/KSIOlajidebt
MINIMINTER: https://www.youtube.com/user/miniminter
W2S: https://www.youtube.com/user/wroetoshaw
ZERKAA: https://www.youtube.com/user/ZerkaaHD
BEHZINGA: https://www.youtube.com/user/Behzinga
VIKKSTAR: https://www.youtube.com/user/Vikkstar123
TBJZL: https://www.youtube.com/user/TBJZL

The Sidemen XIX
Ashley Hambly
i love the sidemen
Lethabo Siphika
I agree with u Youngblood
SirArtorias Games
I bet sidemen will be splitting up soon, then then will keep making videos that will get little views compared to others and will stop youtube for a while. Just a guess at least.
debbie downer
Simon and KSI made them everyone else is annoying Vic is only funny when they edit Indian songs Ethan has an annoying ass laugh and isn't funny at all and Josh has the tooth gap the size of the Grand Canyon everyone else like W2S and Callux and CalFreezy are irrelevant and Toby is just there
Sakander Ali
I hate ksi. I like minminter and l like W2s
Thinking all these diss tracks and shit is too create drama for more views and subs for more money lol
So... the sidemen=the creatures?!? There don't seem to be any more major "group" youtubers anymore, if rooster teeth breaks up, than I may have to get out of the house more often. lol
Leon Raath
Bloody hell Vikks eyebrows are huge
Please guys. Come back together sort it out like men not like this it hurts all sidemen fans like me to see you guys like this but please sort this out
Rice gum has the guts to get involved in any drama for fudging views
JH Media
Theses guys are so lucky to have all those views and followers but they just bitch about it. Ffs I'd love to have half the subs that they have !
L man's Mama
take that city shirt off, you goofy af
they are still uploading
Left wing Kid
Ethan is fat and stupid
Ddee el
Ksi and rice fucked u
el Riku00
sidemen is cancer ws2, ksi, vikkkSTARRR all of them are retarted...
Mubin Uddin
That's is true
DK_ 16
Everyone who uploads videos to fuel the drama all have Sidemen or Diss Track in the thumbnail or title, Scarce and DramaAlert fuels it even more by spreading the news. Anyone who wants to support either of them will watch Scarce's videos and then sub to one or more of their channels. Having "Sidemen" or "Diss Track" in the video thumbnail or title will get you to the top of the searches. That's all people care for right now, so the money rolls in alongside the subs and they'll carry it on until they feel ready to stop...then most likely everything will be back to usual. KSI still has belongings in the Sidemen house, Lamborghini, Clothes, PC (accessories), he clearly isn't comfortable in any of Banks', Ricegum, Wolfie's videos, Ricegum doesn't seem to like him in my eyes tbh. It's all fake, but they're carrying each other's channels so everyone's in on it. Thank you for hearing me out, this will be on most channels involved in the drama. Please like and comment to pass this past the approved comments so it's seen, it's mostly going to be removed, but that's what exposing is...
Jeremy McClure
I thought ksi bought that house
Erick Velasco
Im gonna miss jj in the sidemen :(
Sahil King
I hope the sidemen die
This Kevin
This is old Simon has white hair for like months
Young.07 _
I wish the sidemen would get back together
alicia banks
You guys are trash fuck off! KSI made you
Diego The Beast
I missed the old sidemen
Toby Maleham
Savage _Boi
Yo guys deji made a distract
Dominic. Brown.
I hate the sidemen
Rastko Macan
intro song? please
Je Moeder
That stupid Chinese Ricegum cant SEE the faults JJ made because of his eyes
Elijah Wortham
Davoga !
Ksi used to be funny but now he is depressing
Rayan Is Swag 909
Ksi is the new Anthony
god lokar
just what ksi sead sidemen will fall apart
GanstaGamer 342
Fuck Miniminter and Callux and ethan and everyone
akshay khajuri
It's a gimmick ! As they can't find good content for YouTube! So they be like lets do a diss track 😂
Alexander Raj
Ksi: I'm not releasing anything.

Releases Space EP.
Abdulrahman Abuosba
Someone please help... I haven't watched YouTube in a couple of months and the I come back to all this YouTube drama. Can someone please fill me in to wat happened in the past few weeks
Waris Purewal
It's the end of an era I guess
Can you please tell me the song in the intro 00:14
Vic is part of the sidemen?? I thought he was just the IT guy
i love how all the sidemen blacked out their twitter accounts for a while just for KSI and now KSI just wants to diss them for no apparent reason
sponge bob
The music intro is skt t1 ending
So I guess buying the sidemen book is not a good idea right now !?
Take KSI out of the link he's not in sidemen 🍺
Hassan Aoun
I miss the old sideman☹️☹️☹️
Jaymie Monk
It's always about the money, you heard it yourselfs.. Once YouTube direct traffic away from you guys then you feel as if you shouldn't upload as much.. Get off your fucking high horses, lost a huge amount of respect for all you "sidemen" with this bullshit publicity stunt
Frank C7
I am #TeamSidemen
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