Conway reacts to Trump firing Comey (Full Interview)

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In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Kellyanne Conway discusses President Donald Trump firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Anderson Cooper,
You are a fucking idiot. you gave us a great laugh though so for that, thanks.
But think about this...what are you babbling about? And WHY? No one wants to hear your smear campaign we'd like to hear the news, not your opinions. I'd love to be able to sit down in the evening, like it use to be; and watch the news, unbiased and truthful FACTS, important ones that tell us how the country is doing not idiotic twisting of every story. You liars are constantly writing the news instead of reporting it. and it's obvious to everyone. You are kept on as a joke, we laugh at you! Sadly though, I cry for you. All of you... I think you all may go to hell. Ask God to forgive you. Don't you realize GOD has everything under control. Give it up. Good wins over evil.
Tahir Rana
The Tranny and the CIA stooge!
Kevin Walsh
Just stop interviewing this liar
Don Bodacious
hillary clinton as a candidate: "omg, its killery...she is so stupid..."
now, conway as a spokeswomen for trump: "omg...she is so stupid"

if it's a woman, she has got to be stupid, obviously. I am just wondering where are all the smart asses, talking rudely about female politicians? where have you been when you could place your vote?
Shieena Living Waters
Comey straight up said in the hearing that "The President is not under investigation. And Trump offered his Dossier for Comeys review, to speed up the the investigation to make this cloud go away."

And he added "My firing does not affect the investigation".

Daniel Lovegreen
I hate trump. I hate looking at his ugly face, he always looks pissed and he's never at peace. Hes dangerous, what do people not get?
Lori ryland
Just report the truth. No opinion required.( That is our job ). Media is not in control of the people. Hitler controlled the people with the media. CNN sucks
Iris Baldwin
K. Conway, answered Anderson questions very well. She spanked his ass so eloquently! Such a lady😍 Got to love her. It is obvious that Comey was under pressure from Hillary and her cartel
andy mo
She looks like a corpse.
jekyl lynch
becoming a trump supporter ages you thirty years
jt bass gambler
she's a WITCH.....
Ivoy Luo
she looks stress
George Available
I love the look on his face on 08:33 , on 10:18 or on 10:38 !!! He has the face of a man trying so hard not to get insane by what he hears!!!
Sapan Munsur
99 CNN
J C88
She a dumb bitch....she is clearly a crackhead😄
Gitonga Mwaniki
the fall of america
Some Guy On YouTube
I know you guys at CNN are into those wacky conspiracy theories like the "Russia Did It" one, so I have some important news for you. Just recently, I came across video footage showing Anderson Cooper was a Shape-Shifting Reptilian Lizard. Now, I know this isn't actually "Proof" (but who needs that anyway...right?) Anyway, the footage is very compelling evidence.
Also, I heard you guys like to wear tin foil hats! That's awesome. And I have an idea for you. Hold light bulbs in your mouths. That way, when you get a signal, it will light up! I know....neat, huh?
I have heard, (but please don't quote me on this) that you can get signals possibly from Jupiter or Even Neptune! So that way you won't have to just rely on getting all your info from Uranus.
Howard Manley
Luv this lady!!
Marshall Kocher
The walking dead
Marshall Kocher
David Williamson
Jesus Christ, this moron makes Bush look good. I think Conway and Trump would make the perfect couple. I don't know, maybe it's just me.
Debborah Holly
It's almost like she doing a skit on Saturday night live or something lol. There's serious credibility issues.
Oliver Mitchell
I think she and Trump slept together at some point during the campaign.
Michael Sonn
Did ya'll notice the cocky wink Kellyanne gives AC at 10:16
Check out that white snowflake.
No Venom
Conway did a great job of schooling this big money, fake news, anti-American CNN organization. People call her names and launch verbal attacks because they can't argue with her facts. CNN Anderson was laughing at Conway in a previous interview with her but he wasn't laughing this time. Never under estimate an American patriot like Conway!
dave skerritt
KellyAnne is telling Anderson that he's going back to the campaign. Yet Trump himself seems to act as though he is still on the campaign trail. And then Trump continues his Hillary and media bashing to distract attention, because the idiot doesn't even know what he's doing as president. Nice try KellyAnne, trying to defend Trump again. You seem smarter than Trump, but then you end up sounding stupid trying to defend Trump.
Muslim Muslimov
Dolores Leyva
No credibility ,clearly lies, uneducated ,never answers questions, when she cant make up another lie blames the democrats. She used to hate Trump she had nothing good to say about him. She probably goes home to her vodka bottle and laughs her ass off while staring at her paycheck!!
The Dems wanted him fired..,remember
CNN is to blame for putting this woman in front of America. JUST SAY NO. She adds nothing but lies and ratings for you. Show some damn journalistic integrity.
Andy Tang
what we Canadian do for fun? Follow the American politics.
The more you all mock Trump the more powerful he becomes! Comey was Clintons little bitch during the elections.
Crystal D
wink at 10:15
"Rod Rosensteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen"
New Wave Comedy
Conway looks like a man hahaha
Real Time Politics
Kelly Anne looks exhausted
tamperresistant mind
this job is taking a bat to her face...holy shit.
bronson r
kellyanne is so hot, i would suck a fart out of her wrinkly pink asshole and hold it in like a bong hit
Bomb Cherry
This woman will be putting out a great book about the Trump Administration in a few years. We all will want to read it just to find out can she be truthful. 😂😂😂🙄😳🤔
Gabriel Peniza
You know what I see here? All us liberals seem to want President Pence, and I think he's nearly, or probably even worse, than Trump
Republican Trump
a shower can not take away the sins you done to America
Republican Trump
Kelly Ann let's take a shower together I can not reach my ass
She should never play poker.
I bet she would have gotten off to be the defense attorney for Charles Manson, you do you Kelly Ann!
Leonard Collin III
she may be lying but my question is where was all this concern when Bush stole the Florida votes when Obama got elected with not one but three birth certificates
LOL, eye rolls were great. Love it! definitely thumbs up
Mabra Fule
Kellyanne "Conwoman" Conway
Main difference between Cooper and Conwoman: Copper can talk about a topic for hours, Conwoman doesn't need a topic.
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