this is how stupid someone looks when they play this song

skrillex guitar hero insane customguitar hero acai28acai28acaiacai guitar hero

read the pinned comment before commenting. jesus christ

895k is a pretty good score considering I completely forgot how to play the 2nd drop since this is my first run of the song since like September of 2013. s/o to darkly for beating my high score by 20k a couple days ago

chart by my boy Spunky

I FC'd this song here:

THANKS FOR ALL THE VIEWS EVERYBODY. Also please stop telling me to play a real guitar, I do ( and it gets old when it gets commented over and over again both ironically and unironically. Either way your comment WILL MOST LIKELY get filtered out. I enjoy this game more so don't worry about me or how I spend my time.
this was undercharted
Mad respect
Legend has it, they never played rock and roll.
His Highness Prince of the Sea
stepmania or guitar hero?
How are you still getting that combo when clearly you can see missing some of them? just watch the bottom part and see that some of the notes go through.
The Entire Earth
How is this even possible
Good lord I mean I'm decent at this game series but all these custom songs like this just makes me think what the fuck
I can barely do it on easy
Aiden Law
I don't get how people like rock band
Gray Johnson
The level of skilllll
Bearded bacon Double bacon
wtf happened to guitar hero?
I have friends
Katie Crown
this is some Asian level shit good job man
how the fuck is that possible
Mad props to this guy this shit took me three day to barely pass
abdulaziz E
anyone who plays guitar hero looks stupid
Courtney Smith
I wouldn't have fingers if I played that song
douglas wahid
sounds like he is tap dancing with his hands
gh is harder than actual guitar
Tanner Brungart can't even do it that fast... you are talented my young Jedi
Myasaurus • - •
Imagine this as a anime/cartoon...
Ryan Callahan
Might be an odd question, but where did you purchase the guitar? It looks wired, but it could be running to a wireless receiver. I'm still running Phase Shift because GH3 is incredibly laggy for me for some reason. I'm also still on an X-plorer, like the one you have on the ground.
Andrew Gonzales
what is this song called it's awesome
Seriously. How is this even possible?
Juicy Pear
How tf do people do this...
Steven Lewis
Cool cool
I wanna meet this guy
Maja Snorradóttir
Why was this in my recommended????
Bas V
its been a while since i watched a gh vid. they sure thought of some messed up patterns haha
Marcus Thorén
What kind of shitty song is this...?
Alyssa Gonzalez
Talented but why would they put this song on guitar hero.....?
Geeks, nerds And gaming
which version is this?
Ethan Boulger
so is this expert difficulty?
Andres Donias
Damnn, this song takes me wayy back. but this guy has some kills though👌 not stupid at all
Jeff George
this video should be titled "how to never lose your virginity"
Neeho Belik
dudes a wack job
Zach Barr
Why is this on guitar hero when this shit is done on computer/techno. Smh. That's the actual stupid part. Not dudes playing which is majestic.
Lone WolF
well fuck
Hunter Burgess
I wouldn't make it past the first note, wtf
DeRpY xNiNjA
That song brings back so many good memories........ 😌
Timothy Amarok
The dude's obviously a real skilled guitarist that guitar hero is just kindergarten to him.
jb42jb b
My eyes can't even keep up
brynn elizabeth
how tf
Ben Mayfield
if u look at his hands it's not the same as the music FAKE AS FUCK
Chaddy Kruger
Congrats, you play a dead game.
Pat Zotti
A guitar hero song with no guitar in the song. Great.
goodjay69 gaming
ur a fucked robot😂
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