Kuba OGrady
Great Video! Thank you heaps!
Liyan Xu
Rigo Aparicio
I know that finger.....ANDROID CRITICS
Andrew Wadsworth
Looking back at the edge, that thing was so ugly. Now the s8, that's pretty sexy.
Sarvesh Sakpal
Great phone
Ahmed Amin
Guys I found a way to remap the Bixby button even after I updated the software the app still works so now when I press it opens my music app or whatever app I want
Brian Riesterer
is anyone else having issues with bixby voice not working/updating on the S8?
Tzm Tazim
Samsung(hardware) feat. Pixel(Software) =πŸ’—
The fingerprint scanner is totally fine.. but i look at these comments and i see people complaining about the placement of it? Like stop whining just because u cant afford itπŸ˜‘πŸ˜’ (im an S8+ user here)
logan price
Where did you get that wallpaper?
Arpan Majumdar
What's that music player Marc?
Itsjaiden deinstadt
Hi from Canada
Itsjaiden deinstadt
I just messaged him
Itsjaiden deinstadt
Who else saw his phone number
Std Isd
I'm watching this on my S8+
Brian ZO2
Why is there even a plus model for this? The phone is already big
Demauri Mitchell
I just got this phone not as slippery as I thought it would be the only problem I have is accidentally covering the speakers with my finger but it's cool
This, Pixel XL 2, or wait for S9? Because this and Pixel XL 2 have the exact same specs
The only thing that bugs me about this phone is that it is definitely the ultimate fingerprint smudge magnet!! Kinda ready for something new at this point. Awaiting the arrival of my Pixel2 XL blk&wht
It took me some time...but I finally moved from Apple.....and it was the best tech choice of my life !! This phone is amazing...Apple is 4 years behind
Rodney Christiaan
Would you still buy this phone today? (As a real question, because i can get a new phone next week) so i want a real good phone, or do you recommend another phone?
Young Sachi
S8 over Google Pixel 2 and iPhone X. Why?

Oh let's see Samsung isn't autistic and removed the headphone jack. Fuck Google for following apple after making fun of them.
κΉ€λ―Όμ •
I'm going to buy these. Because of the earphone jack
Shuhaib mc
superb review πŸ‘Œ
Good review as usual, but it would be great if it included discussion of call quality. The device is still a phone, after all!
Stephen Chang
S8 Vs. Pixel 2 XL comparison?
Benjamin Quiroga
This is a great review! Thanks!
Tyler Godfrey
that designated bixby button is such a turn off
You weren't satisfied with the battery? I hardly go under 50% with watching videos.
Sara Aibar
Who's mkbhd ???
glo sprit
Excellent Review!
jude abrigo
The front facing camera on this phone is absolute garbage in low light setting. Same goes for the rear cam, doesn't even include portrait mode. No wonder MKBHD skipped those things. An iphone 5s front facing camera can easily beat it without a problem.
Who else is here after seeing the disappointment that was the Pixel 2?
Ngwainbi Johnson
Your reviews are really the best
When you're waiting for your s8 plus to arrive
Prdro Varela
Now that you made the comment yourself, can you please record with wider camera lenses so we s8 users don't have to crop in and loose some part of the frame. Thanks Marques
the new HTC U11 shits all over this Samsung Shit 8 phone and then some
I have a review for this piece of Samsung S8 fucking joke of a phone total fucking shit full of bloatware crap, people pay over $1000 and get a phone full of Samsung crap that you can't disable. don't these fucking phone manufacturing fuckheads know that google play store exist and that people have a choice to download what apps they fucking want not what is forced upon them you fucking scum cunts, fuck you for life Samsung, fucking god damn last fucking Samsung product I ever fucking bye go and shove this S8 phone of yours Samsung up ya fucking arsehole cunts
This may come off as mildly racist, but it's always so god damn satisfying to hear a black American speak proper English.
Why is this age restricted?
Duncan Wiggin
They just wanted to take distance from Huawei with the fingerprint
So if I drop this phone in the toilet it will survive? And could I also use it underwater
Love my S8.
Mambutu O'Malley
I personally think Apple can learn A LOT from quite a few Android manufacturers. I even tried to change to Android a few times (Galaxy S2, Galaxy S7 Edge, Axon 7, LG G6, Galaxy S8) but never "succeeded". Maybe I just always had bad luck (which is quite unlikely) but I can't use phones with almost daily crashes, apps not working properly, poorly optimized OS in general, etc. Guess I'll have to stick with Apple and just hope for the future... and that they eventually stop rising those ridiculously high prices.
It's a bad phone to me. Very slippery. The curved display is honestly bad, looking at videos etc looks very bad near the curved edge. The touch is often very bad as well. First and foremost it very often don't register certain buttons, such as the return button. Furthermore, it slides forever, so if you want to slide vertically for a bit, then slide horizontally, it will take like 1-2 seconds for it to stop and to be able to register the horizontal swipe.

I've dropped my S8 one time and it immediately broke the screen. Veeeeery fragile phone.

I do not recommend this phone to anyone, other than someone who just wants a good looking phone and will never drop it.
Himnish Ashar
Hey which s8 would you like to use
Tech Star
I am in love this phone. Chi charging is awesome
1080p Squad Show Up!
Where did u get the wallpaper?
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