Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The Ultimate Smartphone?

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Samsung's flagship smartphone for 2017!
Bluetooth 5.0 Explained:
Galaxy S8 skins:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Baby by 20syl


Phone provided by Samsung for review.

Kaelan T
trippy I'm watching this on an Samsung 8
Blackhammer Gaming
waiting on the note 8 !!!
My S8 is on its way to my house!
legit question here. Between the s8+, the Pixel XL, and the Nexus 6p, what would be a better choice. I've had a 6p for a while now and love it, but it is showing its age and is giving more headache the older it gets. Do I get a new 6p? Or do I going with the other heavy hitters?
Miguel Vilchis
where can i download your wallpaper ?
Jie Guo
I like how you get around battery issue.
Jose Liera
will there be a plus review or is this just for both?
mohammad alomari
Where to find the wallpaper?
jefferson bragais
hi MKBHD may I ask what's the name of your screen saver behind you I super love it
do u have the s8 or s8+?
Greg Field
you said GIF wrong ahhhhh :P
Christian Chavez
I'm a lefty and the S8+ is perfect for me
hi! New to this channel, absolutely loved your review. Your video quality was crisp and your info was really to the point and not overly technical!

I'm thinking to upgrade from my older Samsung S5 but very worried about the screen - I'm kind of a klutz so end up dropping my phone a lot. Is a hard cover the only way to go in that case? Do I need to buy the dreaded old-people folding phonecase in leatherite?
Arif Hossain
i need a suggestion or help whatever you say um using iPhone 7+ 32gb..
but i wanna upgrade mine so should i get the Samsung S8+ or iPhone 7+ 256gb..
which one would be the best ...please do reply
Arif Hossain
i need a suggestion or help whatever you say um using iPhone 7+ 32gb..
but i wanna upgrade mine so should i get the Samsung S8+ or iPhone 7+ 256gb..
which one would be the best ...please do reply
Donny Girl Caleeh
<3 <3 <3
The DangerBay
Samsung galaxy s8 is currently selling for 820€ (aprox. 870$) and samsung galaxy s7 is on sale for 495€ (478$). s7 edge is around 600€. which one is the best deal?
I had no Internet for almost 3 months and now this is the first vidfeo I watched
Carlos .L
Meanwhile, I'm still on a galaxy s3........
Jagadish Brahma
Believe me or not, he does the cleanest reviews.
D brand πŸ˜’
Awlad Hossain
Galaxy S8+ is a pretty ugly phone with a great display... That's it. htc u 11 seems to be the most promising phone in 2017.
Mohamad Rafa
Great review, the only 3 things that i don't like about it u mentioned it too, the fingerprint sensor positioning, the speaker, and the annoying BIXBY physical button, other than that i love this phone so much that i'm glad i chose it over the upcoming XZ Premium
Abbas Srour
if Google (for software) made this exact phone but changed the placements of the finger print sensor, and this would be the perfect phone!
Tim Parker
watching this on my s8 😍😍😍
Ninja koala
Is there any way I could access music and movies that I have previously downloaded on itunes?
Chicken Sandwich
I'm I the only one thinking that this edge screen thing is the most pointless thing ever in smartphone history?!
Great video, but your pronounced gif as "Jif". That is something I just cannot tolerate lol
David Buenrostro
what's with the 4:3 aspect ratio for the highest megapixel settings on both the front and back cameras?
Ananny mishra
Casey is not even a pro reviewer and he has 3.4M reviews on his S8 videoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
MKBHD love the way you present could make a guy wanna buy the Nokia 3310 by your cinematography πŸ˜‰
Cheeky Cherub
my eyes are constantly changing dimming from green to grey cause of depression so can't use iris scanner yet :(
Adrian Cabrera
what text messaging app is he using?
Sahil Shanghai
can uh please give us any update for iPhone 8 ?
Darion Boyd
whats the game hes playing at 4:48
Seals4Life Pros
I wish I can get a ᏚαŽͺᎷᏚᏌNᏩ ᏩαŽͺᏞαŽͺXY Ꮪ8
Between this and google pixel, which would you recommend?
did you just say gif with a j???? thought you were better than that
Great review and phone! However, the problem and challenge with these edge phones is protecting the screen from damage. The folks that repair these phones insist on replacing the glass and LCD( $250 and up) as part of the basic screen repair due to the difficulty of just replacing the screen by itself. Also some of the tempered glasses don't work with cases or fall off. What would be your best recommendation to protect the screen on the s7edge and S8?
Prakhash Rao
have you watched baahubali 2 dude?
Gar Nelson
<3 the Nikon bracelet. :-) Oh, and to be topical, just bought an S8+ in Thailand, so thanks for the videos.
La Chitu
S8 vs iPhone 7 plus which can play 4k video?
legit player
When you buy a galaxy s8+ and you look up reviews of people saying how good the phone is so you can make yourself happy! XD
Bleeding edge?
Sam Lebreton
Anyone get a good tempered glass screen protector from amazon?
Jeffrey Mejia
Anyone switched to S8 from iPhone. What is your input?
Ahmad HAMZA Arif
thats a brillant review especially because its against all odds
Paolo Gonzalez
do you use it on FHD or QHD???
Rahul Jaireth
how is the Snapchat camera on s8?
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