Totally agree. My neighbors was in the shop all the time. He eventually traded for a S550
The only reason I dont want this car is... ITS CALLED FUCKING GHIBLI!
Richard Janay
im glad my dad has a grandturinsmo
Ameen Shageer
Next time i see a gibli......i run !
Traian Matei
you are idiot
Raas Tanquor
Can you just tell us the features of the car? No one really cares about your opinion
Ghibli Dougscore: 0
Aldo Sam
None of you can afford a Maserati.
None of you can understand a Maserati.
None of you knows what he's talking about.
Buy a Toyota, drive 55 and be happy.
Justin Joseph
he's supposed to plug in his phone to the circular outlet
To be honest... 85k is probably the cheapest Maserati ever, isnt it?
Huairuo Ren
OMG most funny car review video ever, can't stop laughing. But one thing I want to comment is the panel gap you were referring to, I do have a competitor for that, which is my 2014 Audi S4 (previously owned), the panel gap is less but almost as big, I can literally see the white paint on my door from inside lol. on the other hand I do spent less than $60k so I guess it is ok XD
Eric Shipley
Plot twist. He hates the 550i
Moises Sequera
Man you're so bad, until today I thought Maserati was a serious Italian car maker, can't believe that everything you say it's true, the info system looks so cheap, the icons look like the ones in a cheap cheap phone, wTF!
Raceraddictted Plays
All the issues

But that sound tho.
Moises Sequera
isn't this the one that gercollector has?
LMAO THIS CAR IS GARBAGE!!! A guy at my school has a brand new one that he already put up for sale !! They are still garbage and tbh no one cares about Maserati!
In the Netherlands this car costs about $120.000,-
Daniel Rico
Only that sound engine costs 85.0000$ , viva Italia. Pay!!
So thats how you say the car's name.
Justin Rios
Justin Rios
the 5 5i is a piece of trash is the ghibli 😌
robin Alter
For that money i can buy a 2016 m5 competetion with 15.000 km and With 575 hp better looks and lots more options and features
Cosimo Benini
Maserati died a long time ago. These cars are rebadged FCA stuff with a bit of Ferrari tech in them. Now, the Ghibli IS gorgeous, but BMW has the edge on technology (albeit most of their infotainment systems do not still have full support for car play and android auto, something you'll find on a much cheaper VW Polo MY2017). So it's style vs effectiveness and technology, some people prefer style and badge, but if your thing it's the italian thrill I'd go for the Giulia QV which in most aspect is the same car, but in a more sporty way (and practical also).
colo mbuz
maserati is the best car
Brian Hoefer
The car also shares it's main bearing caps from the Chrysler Pentastar 6 cylinder engine.
Bharath Bodepudi
Hands down the funniest bastard on youtube😂
Doug seem like the kind of guy who stuffs toothpaste tubes into his ass and then giggles like a little girl :3
how else do you explain knowing the panel gap trick
I never liked Maserati. If you removed the emblems/badges off of it and told people it costed $45k, they'll believe you.
Nick Patate
wtf i heve a 2005 kia rio and i have less probleme than this...
savage kid sk
ugly ass car
The BMW looks like shit, does the ghibli? no. The BMW is souless is the ghibli? no
Nabila Czapraga
Vaffanculo bastardo forza italia e forza maserati
Scott Watkins
Damn he just embarrassed the hell out of Maserati
wasabi jones
does the ghibli?
Ganapati Hegde
Car on steroids ???
I love that car, realy sporty ride, engine ferrari, very nice brakes and ZF automatic is realy quick and nice too. It dosnt have some stupid systems what cars have now but i dont care if you are looking for awd family cheap ferrari go for gibli its realy fun to drive. and presents on the route where are mostly german cars like MB, Audi or BMW, Maserati will always winn. Its italian beuty :) Its mayby more expensive but it def extraordinary. Maserati is Maserati
I was more excited to see different animations for "No"
Andreas Nilsson
Yeah, but it's a Maserati. Just listen to that name making it's way across your tongue out between your undeserving lips.. Maserrrrati
F.A. M.Z.
For this review... I am subscribing.... with the bell turned on too.
What the hell is a geeeblee? the last time I checked this is a ghibli. You don't pronounce igloo eegloo!
Benjamin Kennedy
What a joke of an automobile
Other than the night vision and maybe auto stop, all of the other features make me want to find the off button.
Nav Kum
Does the Ghibli???
Jays Play
i'd buy an older Nissan GTR More then that piece of trash. Yes they are older Nissan GTR up to 79.999k and they still look good.
Tero Lunkka
ghibli is one of the best sedans
Ricky Hosier
I feel like the 550i is the Ghibli's more successful older brother and you are the parent that lets him know constantly
Noah Wang
If u want a 80k sport sedan that really rare to see on the road, why not just get a alfa romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio? its better in every way while being that rare cachet Italian sport sedan.
Tommy Croissant
Why do you complain so much
Great review!!!
Finally someone that didn't get paid off to tell whatever the manufacturer wants -.-
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