Here's Why the Maserati Ghibli Is a Terrible Way to Spend $85,000

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I think the Maserati Ghibli is a terrible value -- and I think it absolutely isn't worth $80,000 or more. I rented this 2015 Maserati Ghibli from Turo to explain why.

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Anthony Mcdonald
Maserati HAS been making cars like this for the last 40yrs . It doesn't seem to have effected their cachet as yet ! What do they say about a fool and his money ?
Larry Calloway
What the Hell ! Why bother ! Sad !
Luis Prumbs
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please open the above link to know about that how u can buy your own maserati
Håvard Hardy Jørgensen
that car in Norway goes for about 120.000 dollar... but you can get diesel for 85.000 dollar.
You are paying for a status and engine sound numb nuts. A maserati owner don't give a shit about buttons . it's all about the engine you fucking idiot.
John Pittoscia
First time caller, long time listener. I was wondering how anyone can make it through a video with this guys lisp? I made it 14 seconds in and got so mad I punched my neighbors carved pumpkin.
Nathan Beasley
Can you lease a 550i for $371/month? No. I'll sacrifice the lane departure, collision warning and mediocre res camera for an insane deal on a car that's fun to DRIVE. If you're a shit drive, sure take the beem.
Panos A
Fine all that comparison of the Maserati with the BMW but in Europe, where these 2 cars are produced, the BMWs are overwhelmingly purchased, new or 2nd hand, by Arabs and Turks. You see a BMW you know its an Arab or a Turk inside. And yes, that drops the 2nd hand price quite a lot, in fact you can get a pretty good BMW at a pretty good price range, but why would you want to look like an Arab?
Agreed on quite a few of your points... That said even you admitted it was fun to drive and it has improved a bit for 2017 and lots of great lease deals around... So I just traded in my 2013 F30 BMW 335i M-Sport for a 2017 Ghibli SQ4 lease of $499/mo (+5K down) for many reasons : (1) Merc E class, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 are all anemic 4 cylinder boring mobiles in the $500/mo lease price range. (2) While my 335i M-Sport handled a bit tighter and was about as quick despite being down 100hp and 2 gears (I do miss the manual), I have hated iDrive in every iteration despite them continually attempting to put more lipstick on a pig and I much prefer touch screen(Maserati fixed the ugly surround since 2015), and also the BMW 3 series this generation and E46 I had both with sport suspensions are punishing on potholes while the Maserati still handles well but is much more compliant. (3) Rain sensing winshield washers and auto-high beams are so much better on the Maserati I actually use them all the time... Also lane sensing works very well on 2017 Ghibli. (4) That exhaust note is intoxicating, and the sport/manual shift mode works quite well. I do have complaints though : (a) lumbar support on driver seat is quite bad, (b) while touch screen/Android Auto helps a ton, it needs physical buttons elsewhere for heated seats and radio stations. I would have gone for a $379/month (+$0 down) lease of a Jaguar XF 3.0 or XE 35t for a bit less as those are stellar lease deals (low mileage) but my wife hates Jaguar...
For $85k I agree it's a joke. For the lease deals out there, it fits nicely between the anemic 4 cylinder turbo Merc E/530/A6 and the AMG/M5/S6 but not as boring and a lot less $$ to lease. Thank you for the eviscerating review though, as I'm sure that helped me get a good lease deal on a pretty cool car, albeit one that has too high a sticker and some quirks!
“Does the Ghibli?!” made me subscribe
James Joyce
Great review. Glad he slammed it. Looks cheap, certainly functions cheap.
I'd like one at Thanksgiving......pass the Ghiblits please....
Christopher Bojorquez
I'm buying a Mazarati Grand Trismo. They do need to update the interior tho.
bink jj
dude your neck beard. pls kill youself??
It looks like a Toyota Corolla
U_dormir sgs
I just found on autotrader a ghibli '14 for 15 000$ CA
Doug, IMO you should relax... .
If you were not satisfied with that car, you prefer other ones and want to explain why, that's fine; I actually find your review useful, because you have pointed out its weaknesses and said interesting things.
What I consider quite amiss is that you've showed hatred for this beautiful car.
The reasons for which someone wants a Maserati is that he/she wants a thrilling but classy car and usually also a status symbol. Who cares if a competitor is faster on a drag race? Those cars are not for competition and I can't believe that with 404 HP you won't have fun! There won't be anyone sitting next to you with a timer checking how fast you are; what matters is how fast, exciting and special it feels like. And if you really want to check which car is faster, bring them on tracks and I have a hunch you'll find different results according to the tyres, the track, the driver, etc..
For what you have showed in the video, I understand that there are some parts of the cockpit that should be improved, but don't the other competitor sedans have some plastic, too, in their cockpits? Are those cockpits perfect? Usually every car have some features which may not feel user-friendly to someone. Besides, the cockpit of the Ghibli looks beautiful to me.
The approach I expect for a car like this is "I like this, it's thrilling, I'll go out in the evening with it and enjoy it because it's so cool‼" I wouldn't worry too much about the ratio between the price and what you get... it's also a little like appraising a painting: it's difficult to say how much it's worth, becuase it's difficult to assess emotions! I'm not saying one should be willing to pay it 200k, but that car is for people who don't care if it's 20% more expensive and has 10% less power. It's not an air compressor or a drill!
And anyway, the price of a car is only a part of its cost. How much does it wear tyres? Is the engine reliable? How expensive is it to service it? And so on... .
Bottom line: after your review I like the car a little less, but I still like it a lot.
Steven M
The 550i totally kicks ass. Does the Ghibli?
I Am Meme Dude
4:48 if I had that problem I would TAKE my hands of the steering for a second to switch on the turn signal
Gail Raby
Doug... please google torque, you sound like an idiot every time you say "pound feet" it's measured in pound "foot"..

torque = weight moved "one foot" ... one "foot" from the axis... no "feet" in torque.

after all we don't call it "horses power" do we, or do you think a car can have 385 horses power ? fool
Good review. Same issue with Porsche Macan when compared to other top end suvs eg's a Porsche and you will pay extra for everything that is standard on other cars...go figure
Buck Buck
When is a German company going to fix it?
Buck Buck
Hasn't deen anything cool from them since the 70's.early...
John John
Very enlightening review I must say
Excellent review Doug. This is what we need to hear.
Jon B.
Fart Everytime He Says Ghibli
This must be the stupidest car test I have seen. The guy deslikes a supercar based on gadgets alone and not as a driving machine as it should. He must be selling BMWs in his life. What an idiot
wow this car is appallingly pathetic :o
John Vu
What you're saying in this video is what I've been suspecting about why more people aren't buying Maserati cars. However, i do see Q4s but that's it. I don't see Ghiblis or Gran Turismos and i wonder if it's because of things that you're saying..the car is over rated. Or is it that Maserati isn't even rated anymore?
piotr feder
You sound too German...
henry Tuallawt
Good review dude
I’m very proud of my Kia K5(Optima, in America) after watch this review.
young nappa
You could buy a 2014 for 30k
LoL this videos are killing me :-D
It's greatest sin is that it's not very pretty to look at.
Mel Kalaj
I like how it looks and sounds, but you can not buy Maserati, and think you're getting quality.
Robert Blankenship
WOW! What a CRUSHING analysis of this car. So interesting, entertaining, and educational. I want a Maserati but will need that $20k discount for the reasons Doug expertly exposes. Wow man, what a VIDEO!! Thumbs up!!
Paco Perales
Yeah, for $35k I'll get a fully loaded 2015 Ford Taurus SHO with about a thousand more features.
i watched this high and almost hit a bad trip
Fearsome Warior Of Darkness_1999
BMW is definitely less prestige than Ghibli, for an average chick bmw 550 is same as 330 pretty much, just a bmw sedan, good car. While Maserati is something considered more luxury. I agree that it is a less rational choice than BMW, but if you want to impress bitches Maseratti is a better way to go, every bass-boy can afford to buy a used bmw
Hi, am POS that earns money for driving cars. Come visist my BMW dealer.
I don't know about most people in this comment section, but I think this comparison concept is a good idea. Doug shows us perfectly what you are paying for. It is just that this is no concept that will satisfy fanboys. I mean, look at that stitching, and convince someone else to believe it's Italian manufacturing
Unprepared Hero
Thats Why i drive bmw

Yeah its the only reason has nothing to do with the money 😅
Don't reply to me cuz I literally don't care.
Damn he dragged Maserati by their fucking weave, hard.
El No7oro
There is a saying "never judge people by their clothes" ..... I think Ghibli best fits this saying :D
Farhan Abbasi
I'm so not buying this car.....huh like I was even planin on it ;)
Miguel Branch
At 8:28
"You really have to jam ur finger in there to turn it on... "
I think my ex girlfriend was a Ghibli... 🤔
Million Dollar Bogan
bhahahaha this is such a true review, firstly I love your VLOGS !! - I own a Ghibli S 2014 and hate it, (my daily drive) everything is true, one thing you missed is - with the reversing camera as soon as you put the car in reverse the camera comes on, but it has a black bar for about 5 seconds that obscures the view ??? so you have to wait until this disappears ? which is just bizarre, I will be punished when I trade it. - mine has now done 38,000 Ks - it is full of squeeks and rattles and is going into the dealer for them to try fix this. I hate this car. Best wisheds from Australia !!
Jo Blo
Also, General Motors uses shared parts for all of their car lines for decades!
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