Here's Why the Maserati Ghibli Is a Terrible Way to Spend $85,000

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I think the Maserati Ghibli is a terrible value -- and I think it absolutely isn't worth $80,000 or more. I rented this 2015 Maserati Ghibli from Turo to explain why.

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Norberto Solis
do a video how to recover 14 minutes of life....
Renae Morgan
But why compare to BMW? BMW's are maintenance sink holes. The name is what keeps them in business.
Gregory Timmons
While you are comparing to BMW I recollect quite a few videos about the nightmare of engine fault codes on late model Bimmers that make the later model cars a nightmare that won't run right and must go back to the dealer...again....and again. Even BMW enthusiasts hate them after about 2007.
Gregory Timmons
Door gap where the door hinges isn't really panel gap but we get your point generally..
Tune In
What does this car have?
You are the biggest idiot i ever saw
Niar Liu
At 0:48 when the man touched the car, that's when quite considering buying it
Ghibli?!! Is that an homage to some forgotten hobbit?
Buy the Alfa Romeo Giulia instead. $82,000 and it has 505 HP! I've seen it on the road it's a rocket.
You could buy a Porsche 911 for this much. Pretty disgusting
I Don't Care
Every "Maserati" owner crawled out of the woodwork to hate on Doug. :(
Compare this to the Giulia Quadrifoglio!
Rekt communist
Maserati is pure shit, period
E Am
"Does the Ghibli?"
Nissan GT-R
Worst review
david pedron
Wow.. that's insane. Thanks for this video. What a piece of crap.. lollll
Raja Grewal
unsubscribe cuz video is sponsored by bullshit bmw (bullshit motor on wheels) 👑"MASERATI"is MASERATI"👑
go fuck yourself
Terry Chan
Your buying the Badge! Those who knows cars! Knows you didn't buy it for it's luxury/ Performance!
Jay Sevan
Felix Asamoah
But Fiat owns Ferrari too?
Alex Hood
its made by fiat what did you expect fiat is bassicaly ruining every car company they get thier fuckin hands on...
Robert S
I saw the review on this after I saw the review on the Alfa Giulia. Between the two I would definitely want the Alfa.
peter g
great review
keep them cuming
damn hes ripping this car apart lol
Chris Molyneaux
insert stock iMovie sound effect here
Eric P
Hey Doug, if you think the Ghibli is so bad, how come you drive around with it ? I noticed you used it on the vid with the tank. Probably not so bad after all :-)
G wie Gaming
Is this a review or are you just bashing on a car?
Arctic Blade
we need videos like this
"Here's Why the xxxxxxx Is a Terrible Way to Spend $xxxxxxx"
& you gained a sub from this video
Those rims look like they're aftermarket even though they are from the factory.
Fleur van der Bijl
Clerk walk view score schedule while prefer.
Alessandro Di Paola
You know what I find annoying. You.
Jeremias Lussueki
LOOOOL this guy is so funny and I love the sarcasm
Mamamama Mamamam
what a piece of crap....this model is so crappy it should be barried...hey can u start showing what the keyfobs look like from these cars?
Brandon Pozramir
This guy is putting way too much dressing on his salad! He's downgrading this car more than the accurate. I owned a 2016 Maserati Ghibli and it was a great car. I had no problems with it whatsoever, and I had no problems with the turning signal as well. Now I own a GranTurismo and it's almost twice the price, but it's also a great car. I would like to know what car he owns and have him talk about that one.
Worth $80000 for the exhaust note alone
Why do you keep throwing up the 666? Did you sell your soul to YouTube?
Mark Payless
Be honest... this was a Dodge Dart with a Maserati Body kit wasn't it? You trolled us good...
Mohammed meshal
Really some of the cons are not really cons.
what happened did ford pay this guy for GT and Maserati didn't?
Zachary Garn
It sounds good....not 80k good.
BMW will not get you laid. Does the Ghibli??? YES!!!!!!!!
shea harbo
You're missing the point... typical American
You should make a video on the most terrible way to spend $70,000 since you bought the car for it.
Isaac Clarke
My stepdad and I had a 10 minute laugh at this- now we laugh at people in them.
Gee Muzo
u r such biased.
Talha Ali
Does the BMW 550i have a MASERATI badge? NO!!!!
Rayner Tan
Lmao a toyota camry would kick its ass
Richie Chou
So pretty much an overpriced car with a shitty interior (and that Italian build quality/reliability *cough*) but with a great exhaust and engine perfectly made for badge-snobs who dont know better. Love the look and the engine note but if you're buying a car purely on image (which from the salty comments here, there's a lot of you shallow folks out there) you deserve to get ripped off. Much prefer a Quattroporte myself. 550i over this anyday. If you want Italian, get a Ferrari, Lambo or just an Alfa Giulia.
Scott Hamilton
Drivers that are used to using paddle shifters are accustom to having their fingers behind the paddle not in front of them when approaching a turn.
Panel gaps are an exterior quality, not so much interior. The Panel gaps look fine to me.
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