Well, it's official, I'm not buying a Maserati Ghibly....
Turo sucks.
Chrissie Ayres
Maserati MC-12 was best Modern Maserati basically a faster version of a Ferrari Enzo
Wallace Eltus
I owned a Ghibli, and the day I got rid of the lease was the happiest day of ownership. You missed a couple other design issues. 1. The trunk opens with no slowdown mechanism. Felt like a 1990 Tercel. 2. Not that I used the CD player much, but you had to have the car in drive in order to insert or remove a CD. 3. Materials inside (especially the leather) wears very quickly. Plastics lose their sheen and look prematurely worn. Stay away from this POS.
Ssisar Bianchi
sei un coglione made USA
Spisode sponsored by BMW.
Good points about this car are: engine, driving performance, driving sensations, interior leather, exterior desing
Bad points: practicality, minor interior parts too cheap, old infotainment.

Would i buy this car? No.
Should you laugh at it? probably no, because it is still a good looking car and has some presence on the road so... still better than your crappy camry or whatever.
Julian Eriksen
What a boring looking car as well. Someone here wrote it look like a Kia. It's similar. Search for Kia Cadenza 2015 rear, and have a look. Remember the old Ghibli.....
Flurest Epic
Damn this car is rubbish
Wisnu Nugroho
This car just got straight up roasted
Might drop a diss-track
Graham X
But how does it compare in value to the Cadillac ELR?
Dagis Apo Thek
Do you know anything about italian Sport car Feeling?no.
Josh B
My 14 Grand Cherokee Summit is way more luxurious, they should've borrowed more stuff from that. It actually has most of the things you said the thinking doesn't have. It too has the annoying heated seat controls, pos shifter, poor resolution rear camera, and the same buttons. I agree 100% this car ain't worth 80k and for a Maserati it should be more advanced but I also have to agree that a used one in the 30s is very appealing I think i might want to scoop one up once they hit 30k even at the end of the day it's a gorgeous car that sounds amazing and puts a smile on your face every time you or someone else looks at it. Seems to me it's a really nice car but the problem is it's priced like an amazing car which it's not. This car isn't worth more than what they're going for used.
Paolo Battisti
So critics for a 2016 car when thsi was published in 2017 ? SCAM !!!
Aseel Ashfaq
My 2003 Kia Spectra is better than this
White Panthers
Your trying too hard to be funny just stop
Turbo Charged
Still want one 😂
Gerald Fleming
This is about the most ANNOYING presenter I've ever seen. He only whines about what HE likes, and, quite frankly, I couldn't care less. I'l stick with my o;d friends Jeremy, James and Richard, thank you! No subscription for me. Whew! Hang out with some REAL experts and come back later, whatever your name is! And please work on that whiney, abrasive personality. Don't call us...
This video is proudly sponsored by BMW
6Speed Productions
Is it just me or does this Maserati look incredibly similar to a Tesla model s. atleast from the side
Taha Ashar
Levante is a better car
Javier Najera
Dang these dudes voice is getting annoying
Does the Geeeeebliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii?
Kieran McHugh
I think this car would be best in class if it was about 25-35 grand cheaper.
Kieran McHugh
The BMW has black paint. Does the Ghibli?
Big BLOCK life
assassinating a brand takes guts
The name is queer. The engine sound is nice though.
Yash Puranik
My dad asked me is he should go for a Ghibli or a used m5. I showed him this video.
Trey Biller
I literally wouldn't buy it because of the name. Even if I had the money and liked the car
chuimon slp
He destroyed this ride wow.
chuimon slp
I am not really a fan of Demuro, but his assessment of this car is very spot on.
Thomas Fracasso
People that listen to you are seriously not conscious about cars. In my opinion your job would be selling street food.
Panagioti Kontos
so a grand tourisom review
Khairul Anuar Bin Bakhtiar
At least this car is very sexy
Once you said Dodge is the manufacturer, suddenly it all makes sense.
Edy Dj
$85 000 including tax and everything?
Mac McRae
this guy sounds so much like jay leno it is uncanny. are they related? also say what you want but this car is beautiful.
8:49 i can see how this would cause actor Anton Yelchin's Jeep (another fine FCA product) to roll away and crush him to death after he got out of his car.
Thot Cop
My neighborhood has one, thinking he's rich as fuck :/
δημητρης παπ.
Does the ghibliiiii?

Kostas Psomas
Why is he roasting a car 😂😂😂
The BMW 550i has a bmw in the name, does the Ghibli?
Brian Jackson
The panel gap on my 97 ford explorer xlt was tighter than that
jonny davis
does the ghibli??? lol 😂
Maseratis are no longer rare and gorgeous... they're common and blend in. They're like those boring 4-door Jaguars you see all over the place. Also, what the heck did they do to their dashboards??
No Maserati made after 2012-ish is worth it. 2003-2006 were the best years. By now, Maserati has expanded to become just another Porsche. They have become more trendy and are making uninspired and boring cars. These won't leave behind the legacy that the old Quattroportes have.
Looks like a shitty version of my mom's grand caravan
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
I thought the title of single over priced car in the automobile industry when to the Cadillac ELR?
an italian car not build by germans. a recipe for disaster. Looks good though.
Hank Ulley
Fiat owns Maserati... Nuff said.
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