Kat Dahlia - I Think I'm In Love (Lyrics)

Kat DahliaLyricsi think a;m lovai think im in lovekat dahlia terbarukatdahlia lyricsi think i'm in love lyrics

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Valeria Cardona
I sang this song to my friends and family and they all know i have a new bae 💙(Tyler)💙soooo......
Arumi Herman
Lagu nya keren
Matt Cleppe
me and my girlfriend song ❤ march 5 2017
Girls Can Be Perverts Too!!
Didnt think I would relate to this song so much...
Laxmi Farrell
lol a friend of mine hears this in his head when he sees me and my boyfriend together
he introduced me to it yesterday when he and I were it class.
Keshyra Gormany
Me when i had a long day:😞
Me when i am lestning to this song:😍😘
Laura Harris
I still can’t believe the lyrics have more views then the music video.
ahmad hakim semburan asap
i like this song!!!!!!😘😍😍
Jibril Harras
Ça me fait penser à apex gost
Good song but this was too way too slow for me I prefer the faster version by nightcore/sinon
Literally every comment in this video:
"XXX likes and I'll ask out/hug/kiss my crush!!"
"Who else single?"
"I'm not listening to this song because *insert reason here*, just cuz *insert different reason here*"
"*Insert current year here* anyone?!"
"Love this song!!!"
"*Insert time/lyric in the song" Awesome <3333"
...how did I do?
SamanthaK Rains
Yes I love 2:07 to 2:38
This reminds me of my friend August for some reason my sister ships us together
Angélica Dorisa
I don't think I'm in love again!
I'm in love again😊
-Drizzy- -Corn-
my crush sended me this.... what does that mean 😊💜
Rebecca Mccafferty
( _ )
<[ ]>
| |
Jose Gavan
My real name is antonio and im 10 so 70 likes i will sing it to my crush
Jersey Rios
"Baby I'm fallin', I hope you catch me when I land"
Queen of awsome prinzezz
I pranked my friend with this song
Rajobrata Das
You have way more views than the official video
Gracie A
Reminds me off him
Gracie A
Reminds me of my bf
Gabrielle Oliveira
omg i've been looking for this song for 2
years and i finally found it
Tabbyann Atkins
I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!😍😃✌😜
Issaaalion !
waited 1 year for him to ask me out , finally he's asked me out !!!!! 10/25/17 <3
Country girl
to my boyfriend matt:) :)
Leighanna Candelaria
Guys i idk what to do anyomer 😢
vinnie hamlet
vinnie hamlet
Asian Maniac
Jeez talk about trynna trynna sing this to my girl, my voice is way to deep for this shit lmao i could try but id sound like a fucking squeaker losing his voice
Jasmine Gutierrez
20 like or more I will kiss my crush (since everyone doing it
Shareem Thomas
This song reminds me of my ex and my ex he still got feelings for me and i got feelings for him but he got a gf and I don’t wanna break them up😖😖💔💔💔
always we are
When your in love with the best best friend of your boy, bud that is go wrong...
Foxy Fails
You asked me how I feel I say no-
me: D E P R E S S E D .
Sir Crocodile
the start makes me think about "Call Me Maybe"
Me when I see my favorite toppings full on a pizza. 🍕🍕🍕
"I think I'm in loooove with you!" 🎶🎶
Carlos Roberts
It's 3:00 am still no sleep . Ive. Been crying all night
Meryem Aksoylu
mohanad mourad
Forever single ...... just in love with my animals😍❤
Carla Playz Minecraft and Fortnite
Here's a replay button 0:00
Carla Playz Minecraft and Fortnite
Indy Jones
I came here from my one of my otps playlists and now I love this song.
Alyssa Aicajg
Sabrina Hassan
I love it so much thanks for this song it makes me feel good and calm😍😍😍😍☺(+_+)
Fallout Boi
10 likes i will kiss my crush
Morgan Clark
This explains all my thots
MonkeyPanda 10
Why is it so hard to stop loving someone when you know you can never have them because they're dating your best friend? He honestly makes me feel a lot better but oh well I guess that's just that😕.
Queen B
99.999% of the comments: (amount of likes) and I'll tell my crush I like him! :3 <3
0.001% of the comments: I love this song!
Pat Hoobler
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