How to Make an Elastic Band Paddle Boat

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Make a DIY Wooden Paddle Boat powered by an elastic rubber band. Use lollipop sticks or popsicle sticks and a glue gun to make a paddle boat. Great fun project to make with kids. Wind it up and watch it shoot off. Fun Science Projects:

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Kath Butt
This is just a note to let you all know as the previous plans I already have in my mind while building my boat would have been a failure to me until they came and rescued me [Check Details Here==> ] . And it ended up the best dollar investment. Thank you!
Tony Raj
Your glue gun is awesome where did you buy please send me link
Super festive glitch girl the Dragon
0:10 whole thing out of lollipop sticks when the thumbnail has a boat with a rubber band at the back of it
Manish Kumar
Arnav Naigaonkar
Lexusblast Gaming
ANd now...
kryptonite babe
you could of added an extra rubber band to make the boat go faster
Ashu Sonawane
Don't teach Pappa understand
Harvey roberts
Thank you so much. I made this and all my friends were impressed
Sumar Khan
pawan shinde
Very very very nice & very beautiful 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌
cornelius franklin
That One Teenager
P R E T T Y C O O L H U H ?
Rhys Beltran
Will a sand cube
Md Islam
Well kinda
Dalxa Ali
you boat sucks
im dank
Lots of lollie sticks were harmed in the making of this video.
Tian Bao Xu
it cool I try it
Muhamad Hamidi
in the world all everyone has talent
Ürgüb Leonardit
Nice sharing. Thanks.
Ürgüb Leonardit
so useful. thanks
What Even
What a waste of water using a whole tub of water to test a waste of time and wood. drown yourself theres a better use.
Liam Collins
Awful bad explanation
Parth Gadhavi
jio bhai joi
Vincent Guzman
I like whittling..........with a Swiss army knife
George Liao
Do you have to do the sanding part
Eagle Ghost
Every vid he makes he says, "Pretty cool huh."
Wenkang Tang
Aamir harisMSD
Thank you I made the boat. And it works very good
Kidz Vynz
Its cool. But it only works for few time
Minhaj Ahmed
Can you do more video?
3 Stars
I like to be crafty
Crisanta Karathra
Silagi Codruta
i am loving this boat
Sarita Mandavkar
it is so good it's awesome thank you
ganesh kotarwar
Very nice and simple idea I have try it nice result
Andrius Andrijauskas
i love the british accent
Cedric Brown
Samir HD
Gaming9ZX YT
Thanks dude
Master Gaming
I can make electric boat
Aamir harisMSD
You are really a lovely crafter
Aayan Raza - Ingleborough PS (1491)
zachary reese
If he does a give away it should be either ur phone number 🤮 or f*cking measurements
zachary reese
Where are my bloody popsicle stick measurements (I do not live in the UK so it is not offensive)
Gamers Indonesia
Awosome crations
Danielle Dominick
I have that excact same knife!
Kiarra Deal
How far do you think it will go??
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