5 New Dinosaur Discoveries that Reveal What They Looked Like in Real Life

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This most realistic dinosaur fossil ever found looks like a living prehistoric statue…
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Dark5 presents 5 incredible dinosaur fossils that show us what prehistoric dinosaurs actually looked like when they were alive in real life… including the giant head, hollow eyes, and spiked protection of a 110-million-year-old nodosaur, color pigment discovered in a Psittacosaurus fossil that was used to create the most accurate colorized dinosaur model ever produced, Leonardo, the mummy dinosaur, whose “mummified” skin and muscle tissue give us the best evidence of how Hadrosaurs moved, the amazing discovery of a dinosaur brain that shows dinosaur intelligence may have been similar to that of modern birds and crocodiles, and a surprising theropod dinosaur tail covered in feathers and preserved forever trapped in amber.

jephunneh deniel santiago Radcliffe
your sound ruined it.
J Stewart Proulx
The first one is an ankylosaur not a nodosaur
Do you think that some dinosaurs could mimic other animal calls as some modern birds do?
Incredible some if not the best evidence for prehistoric life I have ever seen
As in the days of Noah
If the Miners only excavated the tail and either left the rest of the body behind intentionally or sold it to a private collector, would have been really stupid and selfish of them to do so, ruining such a rare opportunity for the whole world to see a fully preserved Dinosaur as it was millions of years ago.
Jenny Reinstadtler
How stupid are you morons to still believe in evolution and that the earth is millions of years old when every thing in the universe litterally debunks your theory first off all skin would not remain nor would carbon of any kind be contained in those fossils of they were millions of years old the half life of carbon is 5,730 years so time for you morons tongi back to school
Brandon Versoza
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Aaron Storm
oh and one more thing dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible. In the book of Job for heavens sake everyones telling us to do our research?! Do your own! Also its very unwise to talk smack about something you have never read and have no clue about! And while im here let me explain something to the many people who do not know the catholic church burned innocents the catholic church has pedophile priests the catholic church murdered thousands and went on quote unquote "holy crusades" to stop people from translating the bible!!! And killed many Christians after the reformation so whatever atrocities you hold to the "Church" you best realize that true Christians are commanded by Jesus (Yeshua) Messiah to be "as harmless as doves and as wise as serpents" there are many rapists and murderers that claim to be Christians that doesnt mean they are! These are the fruits of the Holy Spirit: Love Joy Peace Patience Kindess Goodness Faithfulness Gentleness and Self-control! The catholics lost the Spirit through their many traditions and they worship Saints and Mary as we are commanded not to ever do i worship God the Father God the Son Jesus Messiah and God the Holy Spirit and He loves you!
Aaron Storm
i myself am a Christian and indeed dinosaurs existed however the term dinosaur didnt exist until the late nineteenth century (1800s) what many need to understand is that when something drowns in a lake or an ocean it finally sinks to the bottom settling in the silt and becomes fossilized much faster as evidenced after the Mt. St. helens eruption the trees knocked down by the massive landslides settled in the lake below and are now fossilised and carbon dating has said that they are millions of years old but wait they were alive and thriving 40 years ago! yet they are fossilized now! petrified! ok so when the flood that scientists call the "ice age" happened they drowned eventually sinking settling in the silt becoming fossilized and thats why we have so many with skin on them to this day! yale university would have you believe that this isnt true they said that the skin of that particular dinosaur was 31× more likely to be preserved correct? well then how come we just found a t rex with not only skin still intact but blood and retrievable dna as well? not to mention the hundreds of other cases my goodness people Jesus (Yeshua) made such an impact on this earth that our very calender says that were in the year 2017 years after He died!!! people you may not like the truth but it stares you in the face everytime you see the night sky or a sunset! And the world is not flat for crying out loud!!! Jesus lives and loves you! And He set me free from years of opiate addiction and pain! Now im pain free and happy very happy! No meds no anti anxiety pills no and how can you who do not believe explain that? must i go on? have i become your enemy because i tell you the truth? You think its a lie then heres my challenge to you who think your your own masters! Stop cursing for just one week! Stop looking up porn for one month! Try being happy and kind and having patience! Im the worst of all sinners myself im no better than you or anyone else but ive been set free from my chains! Have you? Jesus loves you im out.
Roar spino
Uhhh i dont hear u talk at all is that a bug cuz i restartet the vid already
Michele Knox
Please give me the name of this song
Dann G
Annoying music. Drop it.
I was lucky enough to see the nodosaur fossil when it was still in storage and it blew my mind. Alberta's the place to be if you want to look into Paleontology.
Tickety Bounce
But, I thought that the world was only six thousand years old.
So they looked about like how we imagined them, except therapods may have been more feathered.
Lala Sinatra
Dislike ughhh if I wanted to read I would read s book ......
Nick Richey
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Dinosaurs are a myth
This music made my ears bleed
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great music !!!!!!
How will religion answer. "god" put it there to confuse us right.. fucking dummies
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They fake all shit these days. Unless it taste like dinosaur it ain't dinosaur, problem is, what does dinosaur taste like?
Dragons confirmed
Epic Screen name
5:08 Bummer bro
Nocturnal Recluse
Leave it to the chinks to destroy a priceless fossil.
Jason Voorhees
Bleah !
and trey fags think all dinosaurs had feathers
I've seen the thumbnail so I click then video started playing those beat got my attention I hit the volume upto max stand up and start to dance thank you dino thats one epic night for me..
Sookie 1X
Sick & tired of 'watching videos' that I have to READ. 'Watching' one of your videos makes me your slave because, I have to keep my eyes on the screen. When I want to read, I'll pick up a book. 2.1 million subs minus 1 is no big loss but, I'm done.
Only thing worst, is a dumb-assed computer voice
Armin Cal
How can they measure a creature's intelligence based on their skulls? Is it proven that brain size has anything to do with intelligence?
Martina Rzepka
Wtf dude in the pic of number 5 you show 2 diffrent dinos (dont bitch about the spelling im german)
jeffrey dang -The bottle of bleach
Hadrosaurs are thicc
Green Spinachos
Creationists have thicker skulls than a Pachycephalosaurus. We could create a damn time machine, shove them inside it and they'd say it is just a Virtual Reality game as a velociraptor chews on their leg.
Matthew Theobald
For the first dinosaur, I've hear multiple people saying it's an ankylosaurus and others saying it's a nodosaurus. So which is it?
Chicago is gay
This is probably his least scariest video
Мариян Иванов
These accurately reconstructed dinosaurs should be in jurassic park 5 or jurassic world 2 because it would be the first time in history that we can see movie dinosaurs as they would have been. Someone tell the movie makers to include these dinosaurs.
Jeff Harkins
You humans are a waste of life. Bones will never last a million years let alone brain tissue.
ST.Rovic Valle
Hey I live in Alberta, Canada 😀😀😀
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