5 New Dinosaur Discoveries that Reveal What They Looked Like in Real Life

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This most realistic dinosaur fossil ever found looks like a living prehistoric statue…
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Dark5 presents 5 incredible dinosaur fossils that show us what prehistoric dinosaurs actually looked like when they were alive in real life… including the giant head, hollow eyes, and spiked protection of a 110-million-year-old nodosaur, color pigment discovered in a Psittacosaurus fossil that was used to create the most accurate colorized dinosaur model ever produced, Leonardo, the mummy dinosaur, whose “mummified” skin and muscle tissue give us the best evidence of how Hadrosaurs moved, the amazing discovery of a dinosaur brain that shows dinosaur intelligence may have been similar to that of modern birds and crocodiles, and a surprising theropod dinosaur tail covered in feathers and preserved forever trapped in amber.

Josef Zack
good video.
unnecessarily long, watched it with skipping 10 seconds on mobile and still read everything
Riaz Malec
delete your channel cunt
Crazy Dino Dylan
i love dinos
Ethan Hensley
They also found out a T. rex never has feathers it would have looked like it did in JP score one for the movie lol
Mutulu Wilson
Yeah right dinosaurs lol😂😆👌
Nodosaurus looks like Deathwing in world of warcraft :D
Claudio Garcia
Why isn't my grandma on this list?
Daniels Mardones
all lies, just like when people faked missing links to humans, or religion in general. good enough to put anyone to sleep
Nathan Pelka
It's crazy to think that some people refuse to accept the fact that dinosaurs existed...
Nokuthula Sithole
dyy Fethiiyhn
Fake as believe. Another way to help the sheep believe
Sofia IAm
I bet Jesus rode that thing 2000 years ago.
Stu Blair
So shit the music on this vid
Y'know it would be better if you talked throughout the entire video, I'm not about to spend 5 minutes of my life reading about an extinct animal
Ariel Estevan
ha ja ha ja ja ja ja ja ha ja ja ja ja
Mony Torgan
I was watching with discerning interest and then the text said 110,000,000 years. That's a pretty precise assumption​. Next they'll expect us to 'believe' they know what it ate, where it lived, how it frolliced, who it dated, how many kids it had, it's religious and sexual preference, what killed it, and it likely tasted like chicken! They couldn't bloody tell me what my ancestors were doing 2000 years ago because they were allegedly stupid and didn't keep good enough records. Did the odd shaped rock tell you how old it was, or did it come with an​ effing toe tag or something? That sort of drivel is Utterly​ ridiculous asshat nonsense. Theory is not fact, math is not reality, you can't date rocks by bones found in them, or the bony rocks by the rocks you found them in. I expect it's just another hoax that'll be debunked like the vast majority of those that came before it. Gimme a bleeping break
proof dragons were real
High Like
brainwashed idoctrinated ppl that need other ppl to tell them what is..
Korppii Magala
music link?
Phillipe Alvarado
I came here for dinosaurs but I won't get outta here without the background music.
So the nodosaur had both a beard and a look of smug self-satisfaction.
styx aries
I need to sleep zzZ
For adding this music to a dinosaur movie u deserve death
ugh I have to read in a fucking video? thumbs down I'm fucking out
Alvaro Diaz
too bad you didnt wait like 3 weeks to make this. So many new findings.
Brandon A
You could honestly double your subs if you had someone interesting talking
Ragnhild MD
still having these great preserved pieces of dinosaurs, Christians against dinosaurs probably still believe that dinosaurs are a hoax.
no. 5 no wimpy feathers. wewww
I watch videos because I don't like to read
Jason Jones
C pseudoscience you believe it
shrone dobson
dino rave
"Jamie Hiscocks"
Dark 24
dinosaurs actually had feathers
Dinosaurs are one of the biggest hoaxes in history. Some pictures and thousands of people are drooling for this made up creatures. And if you don't believe me look up "the bone wars". It's a business, and it's full of fakery.
I'm from Alberta ;)
Aphrodite OnEarth
Huh..looks like I'm one of the few who doesn't like the music, oh well just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the content! Learnt a bunch of new things and I love that so thanks and have a great weekend!
Alleign The Fox216
Damn it I wanted to see the whole body of the tail that is in the amber
Reggie Watchowtnow
17 trillion , billion years ago when the universe fit in your pocket , a dino emerged.....bullshit!
Reggie Watchowtnow
Like all other dinosaur knowledge this is also bullshit....they just make guesses that have to fit in their worldview , and do it with fragments. For all we know they are mixing dinosaurs together. You know , putting some other dinosaurs arms on a T rex , and putting some other head on a brontosaurus....and whats with the stupid fucking names?
Pa Pinkelman
new record , ear cancer make me stop watching after 11 seconds , thumb down
we already know how they look like
Desk Bird
Why am I scared?
Just Ash
did anyone else get a Jimmy Jeffries Commercial before this video? 2 years a slave?
the background music is lit af :p
Explain dinosaur sex
Koby Smith
I live in Alberta lol
Just floating around
That huge ass thing was as intelligent as the sparrow that keeps crashing into my window, no wonder they went extinct
LionKnight White Lightening
They are not 100 million years old. more like 6,500.
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