5 New Dinosaur Discoveries that Reveal What They Looked Like in Real Life

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This most realistic dinosaur fossil ever found looks like a living prehistoric statue…
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Dark5 presents 5 incredible dinosaur fossils that show us what prehistoric dinosaurs actually looked like when they were alive in real life… including the giant head, hollow eyes, and spiked protection of a 110-million-year-old nodosaur, color pigment discovered in a Psittacosaurus fossil that was used to create the most accurate colorized dinosaur model ever produced, Leonardo, the mummy dinosaur, whose “mummified” skin and muscle tissue give us the best evidence of how Hadrosaurs moved, the amazing discovery of a dinosaur brain that shows dinosaur intelligence may have been similar to that of modern birds and crocodiles, and a surprising theropod dinosaur tail covered in feathers and preserved forever trapped in amber.

Thanks for covering the pictures is large white text. Brilliant move.
Daniel Embree
That Psittacosaurus is adorable-I want one
All fiction, they never existed period.
look at psittacosaurus tail
John Le
Whats the song, sounds trippy as.
So, when is the Nodosaur coming to Ark?
Daniel Napitupulu
Brian Carpenter
The music is lit!
I feel fantastic
honestly the Old videos were way better. tf is that music
Charles Hopkins
110 million years. its LAUGHABLE. More like approx 4400 years ago.
Rain Wolf
Here for the Eurobe-- I mean Dank5 beat
Vincent Famulag
no. 1 looks like little godzilla
'Anti-Racist' is just a CODE WORD for Anti-White.
Jordy Van Stuivenberg
Sorry, couldn't focus for shit with that funky ass classy song, just had to get my groove on.
Damn prehistoric nature, you scary!!!
Ever since I was a little kid, I've been obsessed with Dinosaurs. I'm 19 and still obsessed!!
reeglyson escabal
thank you Shell
What do you mean "in real life" they haven't existed in real life before?
That was a nice tune playing in the background. I wonder what it's called.
Dominic Cruz
Nothing like a taco.
LordOfThe Flightless
Duuuude, that's bloody awesome ........ but where's he rest of the Dino lol, ah ok that makes sense. But the nodosaur is exceptionally interesting
rod rod bon
i would love to have a doritosaures rex yas?
No Anchiornis? :(
Marxism is a dinosaur that the Jews keep pushing on us via Feminism. Why? Just let it die.
Fake Reality
please don't play this music ever again
Dark 5 i remember a creepy and serious video you made and there was techno music in the background lol
Wholesome XX
gregor krek
it looks like a dragon!
Nice video, but what's with the porn music?
Raynor Foster
The Psittacosaurus is the only dinosaur that smiles.
Alltime Conspiracies
That Nodosaur Head fossil looks incredible! Imagine if they were still around today! 😉
Dan S
I heard a theory that the t-rex, could've been fallen angels, think about it, seripham angels are reptilian and the are suppossedly tall . so why not?,, not really sold on that one, but it is an interesting perspective
Xabi M
I found a different one
Brachylophosaurus looks like a duck billed dino....Hndrosaurs had crests on their heads....actually.....if you take a look at the Thames Monster footage 2016 ...you may well see a crest on its head
yea dont believe this video for the fellow reasons first random pictures picked up from internet second all written in text no talking to explain third the skin wouldnt fossilize just the bones..... wich mean we still have no clue how they looked like just speculating like with every other dino.....
I don't know about anyone else, but I don't really like these videos without commentary.
Brandy Ferguson
I CALL BS ON THIS...Nobody found dino fossils until a guy in 1800's therorized they existed...WTF not indians,aboriginals,or any human find a fossil until dude said they were real LOL
No one ever finds anything cool from my favorite dinosaurs. XD
no commentary, thats an automatic dislike. i came to watch not read
Mr Beysik
this is probably the best video you've ever made dark 5
Jake Jones
We didn't come to YouTube to read stuff. GET A NARRATOR!
You always use the best music
Tigger NC
wow what a shame! video of real science comes out, and all the religious retards crawl out of their caves to make retard comments
How is this dark?
Dumb music.
Alvin X. Yang
25% - dinosaurs didn't exist it is bullshit
24% - nice music
25% - that is not a dinosaur it's a dragon!
1% - others

Btw people that doesn't believe in dinosaur please go research and go to the museum please I don't like ignorance
Josh Dunn
110 million years... lol more like 6000
3:27 wait is that guys name, hiscocks, worst conversation ever "hey man look at his cocks, i mean hiscocks" XD
SavageLion ™
If you weren't a little bitch and actually talked it would pretty good video
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