svoboda simon
" the system does not work for people who cant afford to defend themselves". all said.
svoboda simon
american prisons are filler with people innocent or not it s immoral that the so called democracy USA leave people in prison for all their life just waiting to kille them. it s insane. as it s insane that the country and in its constitution there is the bloody right self defense so buy guns so people have guns so cops shoot as soon as u move cause they think he she may have a gun and so on. but weapomns industry and the money they make is much more important than the life of pepple. this is why it will never change. fuck that
v t
I heard this story on either This American Life or Story Time. Very moving.
Rodnye Theoc
Very good movie
Nigel Fortune
Just watched it and teared up at the end
Ms Clarke
coming from a carribbean background the accent are brilliant.
Don't support this movie. It's made by A WHITE MAN.
Erikson Dos Santos
That's that nigga from get out. He's different.
Hi_ Tamera
Must see!
Hagaishi TV
Sad that even in 2017, blacks are still getting locked up for crimes they didn't commit.
Charles Wilsenach
Just Listened to the NPR 1 hour podcast of the real story - Amazing reporting of a system not working .
BadAsz 23
He's a great actor. The next Denzel
I'm definitely going to see this film! This guy is so talented! Good for him he's on his way to stardom I can tell! I'm a new fan indeed. Check him out in Netflix original movie Deathnote, a good thriller for those thrill seekers!
Just heard this story on " this America life" wow!!
They not advertising this on tv wow I want to c this
Listen to D.I.Y by This American Life
Naureen Khan
Who's here because of the story on This American Life??!!
NPR just did a great podcast about this case....titled D.Y.I
Kilah Rowe
They couldn't hire actual Jamaicans though
Christian Landa
Thank you to NPR and "This American Life" for the podcast episode of this event. Please do yourself a favor and listen to the podcast or wait for the film if you don't want to hear any spoilers.
🔵 🔴 Crown Heights 【HD】 [ ]
sojourner duhart
I watch trailers for fun how have I never come across this trailer before.
Nnamdi Asomugha is the producer!
Nina La Bella
My uncle is in jail for a crime he didn't commit. He's been locked up since the 70's.
Piotr Kamiński
I don't understand... Warner knew Simmonds (the real murderer) when the crime was committed?
El live
Big up!!!! Looks great
Victor Akinfenwa
My nigga Nnamdi Asamogha in this?!!! #raidernation
thats motherfucking Nnamdi Asomugha!!!
Can somebody tell me when this hits the theater?
Hesham Mohamed
Reddit brought me here
He Shot the Sheriff but he Did not Shot no Deputy
magna blemur
lakeith is hot 😍 and a great actor
John Otis
The friend of the guy in jail is played by nnamdi asomugha. All pro cornerback in the NFL now acting, hope his acting is like his Oakland years and not Philadelphia
Leon Davis Jr
I mean shit they couldn't find one or two real Jamaicans to play the role
their accents were horrible. I can't Mmm Mmmmm, hopefully it will be a good movie but the accents thats a no
Looks good. Interested in seeing Kerry Washington's husband act.
Lakeith is so underrated
Marteen Projects
Lakeith Stanfield will have an Oscar on his mantle within 10 years. What a talent
Joy A
Lakeith Stanfield is an amazing actor
Kyle Ackermann
I hope this movie does justice to the real case it was inspired by. I also hope this comment doesn't make me seem like too much of a douche...
Kk Johnson
I'm ready
Titan Blaximus
dope as fuck.
cool cool
When is this released and where do I watching
KW Panda
Damn. Lakeith about to win oscars
Ryan Cortez
Brace yourself, Oscar season is coming...
Darius Lima
This is about reality! This is what we need in movies! Not some movies about single moms (comedy) or teenage parties...
Rafael Ortiz
that is the guy from Get Out movie'
Chess Not Checkers
Its about damn time. we need 10 movies like this. Stop making movies about Hitler and Nazism. That shit goes on today in U.S. of A. But Holly Jew-Wood wants to act like they are the only victims of oppression. OPEN YOUR 👀 EVERYONE! 😯
Sasha Alex
Its the Get Out guy !
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