Crown Heights Official Trailer #1 (2017) Lakeith Stanfield, Nestor Carbonell Drama Movie HD

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Crown Heights Trailer 1 (2017) Lakeith Stanfield, Nestor Carbonell Drama Movie HD

Darius Lima
This is about reality! This is what we need in movies! Not some movies about single moms (comedy) or teenage parties...
Rafael Ortiz
that is the guy from Get Out movie'
Chess Not Checkers
Its about damn time. we need 10 movies like this. Stop making movies about Hitler and Nazism. That shit goes on today in U.S. of A. But Holly Jew-Wood wants to act like they are the only victims of oppression. OPEN YOUR 👀 EVERYONE! 😯
Sasha Alex
Its the Get Out guy !
RetroHipster 94
For those of you who may not know, this movie is a very true story. It's not a fictional piece of work. The guys the film is bad on literally worked with the actors themselves to make sure the story was told right.
Huey Freeman
Clinton Administration: that's what they did to the black community. Anyone ever heard of "super predator", Clintons used those words to refer young black men.
Xavier Michael
This looks very good.
Lakeith is sooo beautiful. Really loving his presence in the world of cinema <3
Yanna Rayos
this shit why atlanta s2 aint out yet?
Russell Carter
Spoiler He did it!
Amin Haha
pian gelap skit
I can't watch movies like this one. There would be nothing worse than being sent to prison for murder when you never committed the crime!
Carnage 718
That dude is such a good actor. I see many awards for him in the future.
? goúd?
Gotta c it.Thx u. 🙌💀😤♎
Truth be told... if he didn't do it... then sooner or later he would do something. .. better lock him up now.
Hayate Gekko
Lol all the fake accents. They sound so unnatural. But then again most of you wouldn't know how they're supposed to sound.
Tevin Alston
Well I'm seeing this
did i just see Kerry Washingtons husband?
H Karimi
I thought this was Mumia Abu Jamal
Britney Campbell
Yo, if this guy from Get Out, Lakeith Stanfield, keeps this up, he's going to be up there one day!!
Daniel Vasquez
The black guy from get out and started bleeding from his nose?
Izzy Winchester
Who let his ass out of the sunken place?
Dutche' QueenLyfe
yo this guy is an amazing Actor, he is going to be great..
Alchemy Child
gotta see this
Looking forward to this!
Blue Treble
I need to see this
jerry j-cool
Powerful ✊🏾
Maikel from Europe
More polarization for the ones who take the bait...
Mass J
this is the movie lakeith wins an award for
Damien Goh
black life matters
IC Henry
This gave me chills!!
Phillip Leong
Well, he was lucky the police didn't just shoot him.Merrica!
the chill hasid show
where's the hasids bro
Shawty Gamer
I fucking hate Americas criminal system
Their accents are terrible.
Alex Delgado
L from Death Note?
Rein Kaos
Everyone in prison is an innocent man, didn't you know?
who is this movie based on?

75% all black men
mtm depa
It's a G0D D@MN3D shame how people in this day and age continue to get abused by the 'authorities' and those who are 'to serve and protect' get away with it. It's totally frikkin' scary!!!
So many still today locked up just for being different and poor in the land of the free and the brave....
Tej Mushede
L taking an L.
Frank Olivarez
IFC reads the scripts given to them. That's why they make GREAT movies. damn... that movie Earth sucked.. lmao
Aj Martinez
The dude who wants to help did the killing
Nestor ❤
Even though I'm annoyed with these race-baiting narratives, I always thought Lakeith Stanfield was incredibly underrated.
My worst nightmare, getting locked up for some shit I ain't do!
looks kinda funny
Wow. I can't believe a movie about this subject is finally being made. For anyone who would like to learn more about the impact of incarceration, I encourage you to read The New Jim Crow. Will open your eyes. So ready to see this!
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