Vanda Pereira
Vanda Pereira
The Black Rhinocercos
Stabbed in the ass
Timmy Turner
How did i end up here
Wave Rider
Pain in the arse
Got butt rape
Melo Fran
amazing creatures
kx xxio
did the other one got gore in the arse
It's so painful to think how critically endangered the rhino is. Western Black officially extinct with the rest teetering on the brink, the Sumatran and the White following. All because of illegal poaching. I would love to help, I already donate to the WWF and have adopted a rhino also, but I want to do something more. :/
wayne wang
Shot at the back?
Vincent Leblanc
Runescape brought me here.
Binu Thomas
Cat Lover
Black Rhinoceros are not extinct. Rhinoceros are fast and agile, despite their bulk. They can turn on a dime. It takes little effort on their part to kill a human being. The Black Rhinoceros and Javan Rhinoceros are both critically endangered.
Thanks for posting. It seem likely then that Danny died later from fighting / Stress?
if you're in their way then you may become the part of the fight LOL
sp co
Now extinct.
tore that rhino a new one... literally.
Are this man and his job designed to be difficult to pronounce? Hahaha, great footage; wish we were shown when the rhino inflicted the wound on the butt.
Thunderous Breeze
I did exactly what Marc D told me to, and I beat the piss out of a fully grown bull rhino. After I kicked his ass, I rested my balls on his eyelids, and pissed in his butt. We are now good friends, and I owe it all to you Marc D, Thanks buddy! :D
yo Marc D... he should try what you`ve written, but to be honest, i`m pretty sure, he wouldn`t have survived, if he did what you said...
.... Yeah, okay.
Walter V
Exuberio Roue Gottems
ímpresíonante estejam bem preparados sem comentaríos da qui é fasíl de asístír muínto obrígado parabens os sínegrafístas
I'm not sure, but don't you wonder the same thing each time you look in the mirror?
K Donovan
you smoke some seriously illegal shit dude
Jessica Price
sure because that'll be the first thing you think of when you have a pissed off 2 ton animal charging at you
daniel mohamoud
why it is so ugly ?
Jacob C
He has a stab hole on his ass
danny nasic
hahahaha man you are funny lol
willy wortel
would pay money to see you do it
willy wortel
sad to see em go
Ali BV
Hold my beer, I can do that.
Shane Fraley
The black rhino is probably not endangered as the Javan rhino.
yeah and finish him with a batista bomb right? -.-''
Does your advice come with a training video?
seriously? XD lol
Hahahahhahahah you made my day man "throw a solid punch to its body"
Naeem Haque22
did the rhino teared the other rhinos butt with its horn? Nasty.
"According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Africa’s western black rhino is now officially extinct. After being a victim of increasingly devastating poaching and seeing little to no conservation efforts, the species is now gone, " - So sad :(
Dingle Dangle Berries
0:15 Now that's tearing someone a new one
cool story bro
I'm saying go for it. I'll pull up a chair and some popcorn and a six pack to watch the show. I'll be laughing my ass off the whole time.
sure. when you hit that 2 ton animal with your boney feet, it will giggle a little, but not more.
LOL good luck with that.
Look at that rhinos but!!!!
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