Wow! Two Boys Catch Biggest Snake In The Hole By Digging | How to Dig & Catch Big Snake In Cambodia

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Wow! Two Boys Catch Biggest Snake In The Hole | How to Digging And Catch Big  Snake In Cambodia #89
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Berkay Özen
vay amk cocuga bak
Armin Arlert
Anybody else pissed off by the constant fake thumbnails on YouTube??
Daniel martin
Laughing World TV
Ppph Khan
كس امك اهب
No Bl
Naima Ali
0:54 Holly crap!!😳 it scared the shit out of me🙄
LAYT channel
Marita Drake
Oh no... They killed that poor snake... I hate humans.
Marita Drake
What a terrible creatures, torturing a such poor snake...
Marita Drake
Now i'm gonna call peta
Marlowe Rizada
ihate baby
Marlowe Rizada
real or joke
Marlowe Rizada
Wyatt Dalberth
The savageness is so high
onang cruz
C.W Gammer Ammer
that kid is a good catch
Chris Barth
Jeez, the boy puts his hand in there like it's nothing! I freaking hate snakes! When I was 16 I was bitten by a Copperhead on the hand while stacking firewood, the pain was incredible! It took a while to get to the hospital, my arm swelled like a balloon and started turning black, they drew a line on my arm and said they would have to amputate if the black color got above it. Luckily the four vials of antivenom worked and the color and swelling went down.
XX sweetie_lapis XX
i hate snakes but after watching this i feel bad for the snake...poor snake 😞
Kit Kat Baudanza
Clickbait wins every time
Youssif Demdele
I literally just clicked on the video to dislike it because of that garbage thumbnail
Justin Sias
Marcos Souza
que foda
Gabriel Gabriel
is bigger in video than the image..
Danna sutherland
If they kill that snack there sick as fuck
Oriru Bastard
Oh jeesh with these "OH MAI GAWD TEH POOR SNAEK!" comments.
Okay, considering how the kid was handling the snake, they're either local and dangerous pest to cattle "In case you didn't know, a lot of the snakes are quite poisonous" or local delicacy around there. Probably even both.
And around those parts of the world, it is safe to say that there's more than likely not many families with loads of money let alone hamburger joints at every corner like you 1st world ignorant sympathizers do.
Conner Strickland
they where calling it like a dog
Vasile Danci
Zach Guay
I thought he was holding a rifle
Destiny Elizalde
just joking i would be screaming
Destiny Elizalde
that so fake
Mario Martins
this is for all the uneducated morons who keep saying put the snake back! the snake is food, and its skin is used for medical purposes, it's good for fevers and it also make for great at the same time! in these countries there's no such thing as a pharmacy with a whole range of cheap medicine, so poor country people catch snakes for these uses, if you don't like it then go out there with a arsenal of trucks full of food and medicine to give to them and I'm sure they'll stop killing the animals you protect and love so much behind your laptop and 10th floor rich baby apartment! fucking morons who say shit like this need to have the same fate as the snakes !
Fresh Jay
they're retarded
Frozen Vain x
Just fuck off and leave the poor snake alone.
Rune Juice
That's just terrible how would you like it to be taking away from where you live and get smashed with a shovel
Finlay Wilson
Fuck off and leave the poor lad alone!!!
Tech How
will I get 1k subs?
I made it to 0:02 and was like "NOPE" and clicked away.
Maisha the Marvellous
That kid looks like he is used to playing with real snakes...
So he want's to rap it around his body and make want's to make money by showing "snake games" 🐍... 😢
poor snakes...
Konsam Tomba
Jhad Laurilla
wow two boys was so brave!!!!!!
American Horror Story 7
I hoped every minute they bit them.
Patrick Korm
snake can be big like that
Patrick Korm
uhhhhh guys this is no clickbait
Keo GG
I came to see how many dislikes this video had because of the obvious photoshop thumbnail. To my surprise they're Cambodian (I'm Cambodian). Scrolling through the comments made me chuckle lol. "This is so cruel", "This is so bad" really? I'm not gonna go in on those people but for the logical people out there, I'll just leave y'all with this. Don't judge their choices if you don't understand their reasons. Like some other dude here said, they don't have a McDonald's around the corner. This looks like the poorer side of Cambodia, some shower in dirty water and actually have to plant/find food themselves. Some would kill for your toilet water. Think about that for a second. God bless!
that snake is smaller than gary coleman's penis
you misspelled copyright
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