Wow! Two Boys Catch Biggest Snake In The Hole By Digging | How to Dig & Catch Big Snake In Cambodia

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Wow! Two Boys Catch Biggest Snake In The Hole | How to Digging And Catch Big  Snake In Cambodia #89
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مصعب بكري ياحلوى
شو هد
Julia Soarez
podiam picar vcs eu iria ama
Giovanna Genari
coitadinha da cobra deixa se ela que seu bosta retardar dado
Alonso Molina
You can see the shadow of a man with a camera
3 months and 32 million views!!
Clorox Bleach
Woah that little kid got bigger balls than me
toxic brothers berteaux
u guys are jerks what if I came and ruined your house and picked u up leave the poor snake alone like this if u believe this is true plz there rude I mean come on that's mean that snake just wants to be leafy alone needs let's get this to 100 likes plz
Sorn Maly
Ohh I have visit your channel, It's awesome. Visit my channel I also upload fishing and catching snake too ...
Mein Kneger
Wonder if it wouldfeel nice in the ass
Julian Reyes
the one is bigg awsome
Julian Reyes
what the
its so small hahahhahhahhha funny
Gabriel Mendes
o pivete eo cão pegou a cobra
Jean Murray
Why do they do this? What do they do with the snake? Just leave the poor things alone! Ugh
Jaysingh Jaysingh
Darius J
Two idiots...
Ulker Eliyeva
Hunter stalnaker
you no that it isint the biggest snak
i _ cant _ think _ of _ a _ name
for people who says this is animal abuse:

Please stop with your whining and acting like you're a professional saying "what if that/what if this"
They dont live the way you do, their goal is survival, same as the snake, who ever wins, lives, who ever looses, dies, thats how it goes in this world, ranting in YouTube doesn't help

The snake chose to build it's home there, hm? are you saying that it built it's home first there?
You expect a kid braver than you getting used to facing snakes that good when they just moved in?

I would ofcourse feel mad if someone broke my house and ate me, but I did not trespass​ in another's landmpiving there without permission, eating their food which was in their fridge.
stephen curry
i am %99 all this bull crap is illegal
Sheryl Knight
beautiful photoshop
omg so creepy!!
Kyokushin Kan
isn't that the same snake from anaconda movie?? 🤔
mike costa
Only if the snake bit the little kids peanus
Baron 1999
Try this in Australia and Vietnam. In Australia, you could find an Inland Taipan or a Black Mamba. Or maybe a tarantula. In Vietnam, you can find a Chinese Cobra or a Krait.
Pandas Forever
Straight away if I was that kid ill be the hell out of there
Iqbal Khan
not good for this kid
you killed you jerk idiots murderers. Fricking idiots
Azhim Suhayl
Diyar :
ez kafasinı lan ibne
tu rd
The sun light is brighter then my Future
Link Da Gamer
i wouldve chopped that thing in half if i saw it
Official Goon Gamer
GPD511Famz SeruaLama
ah lama ini
Carlos Orácio Dvrwan Spokvich
The snake should have defended himself and killed this two cursed humans ... People cursed these Asians
Carlos Orácio Dvrwan Spokvich
могой хамгаалсан, хоёр esest, хараал хүний амь үрэгдсэн байх ёстой ... Хүмүүс эдгээр азийн хараасан
Dinha Silva
tenho alguém que fala português
that little kid is a savage
Jacob Miller
Hell yea kid gotta new pet lmao
Madeleine McQuaig
Click bate, but poor snaky snake, I feel bad for that snake, now he/she has to do all the work of making its holes again, those guys are mean
روان مباركي Mubarki
يمه الحنش يخوف
cut the BS
From a hole to a dinner plate!
Khmer Story
look like your video interesting How to do #amazingfood666
mimo Amin
Diva Barros
meu deusssssssss
platnum icecube
these kids are braver than me!
rosa landeros
they china hahaha me wow ch wo deo ya se me wo
Volkan Şahin
I feeling bad but snake die they idiots
Moaz Bbb
يارب اني اسئلك حسن الخاتمه اللهم ياالله ياكريم ياغفور يارحيم يامن له القوه والجبروت ياخالق يارازق يامدبر ياقوي ياعزيز اللهم لاتحرمني من رحمتك اللهم امين
pai salavessa
mjd sma
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