The wilshow Show
That burger makes me hungry
John Elmonuce
Ice cream pank
Ronaldo Bhagwandeen
Balls prank
RomynAndNick LOL
Debbie from Shameless as in this at the door when he knocks
Chris Watts
Omg I have to do one of those!!
The beast Boy
Noah Frasco
I love crazy Russian hacker accent
Cheyanne Edwards
At 9.20 is that Audrey from that YouTube family
Bill simmons
Make easy ones
Chris Tech
If you really want to be mean put food colouring on the sponge with the water so there face is covered in food colouring
The oil in the butter helps your lips still
Angel Tapia
I would of hate the cheese burger one
David Ackley
That mayo! Moneyshot!
Myleyah Jones
u need to watch your mouth because kids can be watching this
Hannah Howells
Did u notice at 3:08 Dennis was just dancing
Joshua Ebony Pangihutan Sitinjak
i love mayo
Arturo Cisneros
I knew you guys were friends
Pj Saylors
The pillow
Denish Nogara
shoes tied together?????
Roro The riveter
I canโ€™t believe itโ€™s butter!
Evan Ferguson
Mayonnaise Ice Cream Sandwiches look gross!
The man that knows to much
I know where that is
Anthony Dunn
Guess the difference
Thomas spano
Like be awesome
Comment your savage
Subscribe find 100,000,000$
Recycle Bin
no thanks.
Ime C
lol Denis in the backround on 3:10
Amy Barajas
I subscribed!!!
bro b doc
Loved it
Jake TJC
5:05 mianasies
Ramzi Midou
but i have no girlfriend
Daniel Bubalo
Put warheads in the hollow part
Naomi Brokenshire
Says " I'll just do a square or something "

Does rectangle
xiuren huang
I like the burger prank
At 3:08 Dennis was dancing in the background XD
Tyrone jenkins
Daniel ElkinsJr.
3:10 Dennis killed me!
Put a glue stick in the chap stick container
Tyrone Jones
Hey Dennis do we put everything on the edge lol๐Ÿ˜‚
Dylan Ems
Wake up call
Why dont u just ring em really early u don't need to tell reception to
prank twins
I would rather put a paper ball in the burger
sans 887
I liked the last one ima try it
Zoe Doherty
The last one for me
Patrick Newell
i did the butter one one my sister she was mad
cassandra cantu
Know I have to check my ice cream sandwich
Devin Scott
Stephanie Fisher
Ice cream sandwiches is the best to me!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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