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Free Full Movies - Thriller / Drama " Intuition" - Free Wednesday Movies
Intuition takes place with workaholic relationship therapist, Dr. David Francis, who tries to help Kenny deal with his trust issues. The Doctor fails to realize his patient is having an affair with his finance Karen.
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Sassy sas
#closefriends Tory && Nathan work so good together
Rose Lavi
Im a therapist and i couldnt help but cringe at every advice that came out that "therapist's" mouth 😂 he aint cut out for it but good movie though
Ok I'm still confused!!! Was he messing around with the doctors fiance? What she man by that was her sister?? Somebody explain PLEASE
GAC CellAdmin
Great movie
Mary Jayne
Dwayne Martin vibes like crazy from Kenny the whole movie.
Kafuko Aishah
Raheem is looking different
Kafuko Aishah
Julian u played well
Lee Jones
After reading some of yal comments I finally figured it out wow this was a confusingly good movie
Lynda Rose
Poor acting, poor effects ie sound, and poor plot.
Michael Arthur
I like this movie
al allday
I need an official account for the ending. All these comment theories of what happened, make me feel like those Star Wars geeks trying to figure out spoilers for the new Star Wars movie. Just come out and explain this damn ending. Lol
Sammi B
I hate how the doctor acts and look
Tasha Jones
very good movie 🌋
Tracy Wishom
Loved this confusing movie 😲
Everybody in this movie seems like they are on valiums or something. They are all speaking in monotone voices and walking around like zombies. And the movie is way to slow. Hopefully it gets better--about one third of the way through.
Lakeisha Lake
Kenny sexy 😊
Rhamu Nixon
Dude remind of damian lillard. This is a great movie though.
Blessin B
He must have killed the sister and her boyfriend and thought it was Kenny and his fiancé because he was drunk plus the dream he had added on to what he thought he saw. How ever his fiancé and Kenny was really cheating with each other and they just let him know by his fiancé telling him that it was his sister and Kenny telling him it was never planned. Karma bit him in the butt
tivia joseph
the irony of this movie felt so funny to me. his therapist telling him all this info about what he needs to do with his girl but little does he know. His patient sleeping with his girl. smh
tivia joseph
I remember them from the web series "close friends" been waiting for ever for this movie. always made you try to pay to watch it
Heidi Rucker
This movie is so slow and acting is so fake
nacey carlisle
I liked this lil movie close friends next
Texas Entertainment Network
Finally..a 'hood' movie with BIG RIGS and Exotics! Click on my avatar to access the official
and teaser trailers. Joined at the Heart RELEASES Summer of 2017! Thank you.
I enjoyed this movie. A very profound one at that.
Kamil Johnson
These hoes are for everybody. Great movie
Born Again Christian
What i don't get at the end is, if the twin was in the house why wasn't his wife white him at the celebration? Was she with the parents in the hotel?
Well good movie, i saw the end twice still could not believe it.
adventureswithelaine Flowers
Umm... why is a secretary reading what should be confidential information? What kind of practice is this?
PW Fountain
This was a good one better than most Mav flicks lol
Nissi V
Hes gonna always be Nate to me 😂😂😂😂 #CloseFriends
Awesome movie
June Viarruel
Well i tried to read the comments to get an understanding or the end but nope that didnt help. Semi good movie if it was laid out to make sense. We dont how long the twin been in the pic. Which girl was with what man... its all over the place when trying to figure out the end... I need the writer to comment the breakdown of this movie..
Jennifer Williams
WOW! Is all I can say.
וַלֶרִי Yisreal
why his forehead look ike sombdy hit him with a bat...still sexy chocolate tho ..ijs
Healthier Me Now
Ok...I think I get it now. Kenny was sleeping with the sister the whole time, and I'm hoping that when David saw Kenny in his room he was hallucinating. Because I heard the gun go off and Kenny was nowhere to be found when the sister was getting killed...and there was no indication that either man had been shot. Good movie overall...great messages...awesome plot twist. Very original and well done. The acting was phenomenal. Good job guys!!!
Schanellica Nell
and if you think back on the movie the girl Kenny was with hair was a little different too her hair was more feathered.
angela carrion
after reading the comments, I feel I don't need to finish watching it lol
Plain Jane
Great movie! Im still wondering why he was still hanging out with his "cousin" after he robbed n trashed his place. Its obvious that his cousin did it, bc he was known for stealing n how he was preying on everything when Kenny let him in. They should most definitely make a part 2.
he needs to take his own advice, practice what you preach.
Mashebe Ngula
the close friends cast repping in this movie, I like it already lol
bianca dasne
pay attention! it's great😍
Nantasha Burgs
I'm confused. so if that was her twin, his fiance n kenny still together now right? some movies i wish I hadn't came across! lbvs!
Tiana Thompson
,so it go
Jessica Weber
Horrible acting
Im so damn confused lol so kenny not dead?
Dat Guy
I have to say she's sloppy when it comes down to cheating and he's a idiot for not seeing that she was.Ray Charles could've seen that she was cheating on him her signs were obvious.
Veli Cossa
nice movie
who want these
could of sworn I was watching but I must miss sum shit cuz im 😮😮😮😮😮😖😖
Dena Yansaneh
I don't understand how Sweetie knew to invite Kenny over there ? He was messing with both sisters and didn't know? Or writer just put that together at the end to complete the moral of the story. GOOD movie anyway.
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