Samone Bass
Why was the doctor so adamant for Kenny to tell Karen that he is seeing a therapist?
Samone Bass
I see a psychiatrist and this doctor is HORRIBLE!!!!!
he got trust issues & fckn w dis lady who cheating on her man's .. I hope they end up together for all this
Katosha Marie
Who did he kill ? Why did he get locked up if they are still alive ?
R Broussard
This dude 🚫 me on instgram. I guess I liked too many pictures. Good 🎥 still. shrugs
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Dominador Bergonio
Kory Benn
This is a sorry bad movie
Kory Benn
Iam sorry im going to make my own movie this shit is stupid
candeece lucas
Ok, I'm trying to figure out if the young lady had a twin or something! I have to watch this movie again, I'm confused!
terry torres
Im in
keva kinsler
Okay. I scrolled and everybody is confused. The writers must have a field day with this comment section. ;-) Sure they read our immediate thoughts on their movie. Keep up the good work, but I've still gotta watch it again to get better clarification.
keva kinsler
Am I stupid? I'm confused but missed nothing. I kinda understand but I don't. Guess I'll have to watch it again...Rare when you have to put on your thinking cap to watch a movie. Nice.
Not so bad if a movie, i like the twist at the end. I fotgot the sis was coming in town
Shedna Philogene
This movie looks good to me
Aaminah Ataman Arwah
What is the name of this movie
adrie najoan
Kayliee Loww
First of all how y'all know he killed the sister
سعد الخثران
زب 😘👍
Daddys Queen
this movie was fucking awesome !!!!!!
it was good asf ! just have to pay attention
Amber Sims
I have watched the movie twice.. fast forward.. rewind and even started paying attention to the scar on Karen neck.. hair length.. styles.. have figured out certain parts but not everything 🤔🤔.. crazy
I do the same, i watch if the views are goid.
Hair By Jewel Salon
I liked the movie until the end the twist was that the ex prisoner set out to get into the therapist head. I don't think that he really had any visitors. Kenny fucked with his mind his nightmares became his reality.
Melissa Mark
Great movie but the end has me totally lost.... Was following the plot just fine then the end threw me way of
vannie stevens
Same here T L
Robert Williams
You are not the only one I do it too
John sounds like a classic Haitian dad haha
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Elvis Taylor
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Coll b
SIK movie HHOT !!!
Another great movie Wow!
Dashawn Pringle
What I'm trying to understand is if Kenny knew that was the Doctor's wife why keep sleeping with her 🤔
Stacy Lurry
OMG kenny😍
ronny taylor
it show u that bicth r not shit on me cuz
India Brower
My favorite movie! 👐🏽
Doriana Hill
Tameka P
that was a great watch
cynthia chinonso
Absolute nonsense film
Sheila E
Good 🎥..
NeNe Shavon
27 mins in and this Dr. David dude seems weird AF!
Muzy Muzzi
1st mistake that the Dr did was to spend too mooch tym on his job and ddnt pay mooch att to tue wife 2nd he is bussy preaching abt communication bt him he is failing that to put it into practice with his wife

Graet movie addmin keep it up
Jaden Blake
Nice movie
عبير السليمانية
Nice movie
Justin Fleming
There is either a mental disturbance or issue(s) presented as he entertains relationships with friends and others where he may need assistance. Close 1 door before opening another
Chariah Moss
Kenny😍...I love him in close friends too
Novella Shelton
no he not talking about communication and he don't even do it himself!
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