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Free Full Movies - Thriller / Drama " Intuition" - Free Wednesday Movies
Intuition takes place with workaholic relationship therapist, Dr. David Francis, who tries to help Kenny deal with his trust issues. The Doctor fails to realize his patient is having an affair with his finance Karen.
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yusif idriss
I did not watch the movie yet,but the comment alone got me confuse and now dt feel like watching it
Levi Otis
loved this movie
Lu Lu
I'm confused.. so they wasn't really sleeping together?
They acting skills a little off .. like the way they talk seem so rehearsed
Epiphany_• Haze
Kenny is very handsome 😍
Denise Thomas
gd movie but im super confused with plot
Nea Lee
The movie should have been called, Was it Worth it? Crazy, how Dr. Frances asked the same thing of his client earlier in the movie. Everything came full circle at the end. Well played, although the camera quality could have been improved in certain parts. Overall, I enjoyed it!
Kyanna Hadley
I need some serious answers here, good movie but the ending though 🤔❓
dwaylene buford
Temmy Osobe
tory 😍
Veronica Campbell
I don't get it...!
Island Honduras
Kenny is soo handsome
I'm confused. didn't Karen and kenny meet at the bar when she told her fiance not to wait up for her??
Chukka iTalk
Hmmm, very slow, but I watched it.
A few hiccups but an film.
One scene the doctor tells Kenny he has a wife, then at the exhibition he says meet my fiance..
Also heard camera being fiddled with late on in the film for a few seconds
Lavette Wood
A lot people are saying they are confuse. I wasn't confuse at all. I catch on to things very quickly. ☺😜😝 The movie was alright.
Lavette Wood
I never seen this movie before. But I always read the comments. To see if it's a good movie or not. 😑😕
Wrongly accused
I never subscribe stop sending them to me please think u peice
good movie with good lesson to be learn.
Charles Williams
Why did he go to jail??
I'm lost lol
Harold Thompson
mother ofsons
OK after reading the comments I'm not so lost. I kept wondering why #1 why it so easy for to involve with Kenny if she wasn't "that kind of woman " then I kept noticing the hair... karens hair is longer then sweetie but I thought they were the same person so I'm like wtf do her hair keep changing. even when she came in from getting the book... notice different dress n ponytail. but now I know Karen had a twin #ripTwin
Abdulgani Adam
i heard the guy said he's working too much and always coming late and no time for sex, than she found someone love sex 😂😂.
Merkeb Solomon
1:36:36 anybody knows the song? hit me up pls.
Leigh McGinest
You don't have to watch this movie. Just read the comments. They'll tell you everything that freaking happen.
Katherine Morrison
Ginettecruz cruz
the therapist is the ONLY one in this movie that sucks as an actor.
Lion of Judah
Why is he goading that Dr. and giving him advice about his own wife, who he is cheating with?!😂..I was with him till he started doing that! Ohhh, just saw why...
Jada Noi
The "doctor" is the worst actor I've seen on Maverick lmao. I'm still confused by this movie.
Tiffany German
Clearly the good Doc has never met his sis-in-law. Otherwise he would have had a clue
Alicia Williams
Great Movie👍
Tamar Terrell
i do that too
Michelle467 Naledi
Sheree Harris
Im too confused....if the wife wasnt messing with the guy and the twin was then why did he ask her what was she going to do with her husband and she said she was going to take care of it. I am very lost lol at first i was like maybe the meds got him going crazy but 🙄 Overall the movie was good im just confused about the ending bc he asked if she had her stuff packed
Jenna Misiedjan Baker
There was no twin. When his fiance and Kenny met she didn't give him any name, so he decided to call her sweetie. At the end of the movie Kenny summarizes why she stepped out of the relationship. At first he wanted to pay him back for cheating with his girlfriend then.
B Raju
Larry Banks
That was a good make sense that you have to take care of the one that loves you before someone else will.
Chloe Ballard
the ending is so horrible 😢😢😢😢
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I'm so happy that I ran across this again I had forgotten all about it. Thank you!
Johan Gonzalez
Psychology is mind-blowing
Kumara Kumara
Kumara Kumara
Ps, not trying to be a negative critic, jus looking from my "directors mind frame" point of view. Now I'm hearing a question which was asked before about having any family which he and she mentioned before.
Nice movie guys. Very good effort. How ever,I seen some scenes that didn't make sense. Like the one where she left her husbands house in a towel and ended up with Kenny in the same towel, and the one with them talking where Kenny use to sleep and the car pulled up looking like it was jus a little distance from where they been sitting, and of course he'll have to know it was his wife's car. That's jus odd. Still watching and seeing faults.
Kelli G
trash acting huh
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