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Free Full Movies - Thriller / Drama " Intuition" - Free Wednesday Movies
Intuition takes place with workaholic relationship therapist, Dr. David Francis, who tries to help Kenny deal with his trust issues. The Doctor fails to realize his patient is having an affair with his finance Karen.
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Yaallah Bismillah
xxx ponp video
هيناتا جونق يونق
Neglecting a man pays women for treason
Jameeka O'Briant
So he killed the estranged twin sister. They needed to reference her presence of arriving and what not to remind the audience. I noticed they used hair length and texture to kind of differentiate.
Reginald Person
This movie is a trip.
Marsellar Ndaire
keeny so handsome meeeen.........NYC movie
Shalom Simons
What an evil girl.Ladies please don't kill your man like she did.Pray and seek the Lord for wisdom to be a good person.
Black movies are so dysfunctional when it comes to love and relationships. It's really sad.
Denis Lefranc
l like to watch this movie on YouTube video
Ok Close friends and No Love Lost in the building. I love web series ❤️😍
Joe P
TEL I do the same thing
Imran Khan11
nice movie👌👌👌
Lim Hee Seng
Truth Taylor
the crew back together again
Truth Taylor
this they second movie togather
علي الكعبي
فايبر العلاقات السكسية07708962357
I hate cheater
Supriya 123
Mrsextone Rock MC
good ass movies show more skin
حمدي المقطري
ممكن مزاه
Destiny Ramos
she didnt have to cheat on the poor guy just brake up with the person. The guy had problems n he could have made an excuse to cheat but he didnt cheat. N disrespect the mans house by bringing another man. she was just looking for something no man or human being can give her n she took it out on him. yeah he was wrong too not spending enough time with her n neglecting her feelings but all that stuff she did was not needed he made one mistake n everyone wants to kill him smh...
TaRon Thomas
it was some fine chocolate brothas in this film. lol
Rahimhas Him
Taylor 2000
Kenny's lips are juicy as hell
Kunal Banseriya
Tenisha W
trina marie
thts one crazy ass ending
Cheryl Albright
Karen and Sweet's are sisters. Their fashion styles are very different including the hairstyles. Karen was taken back on how strong Kenny came on to her at the art exhibit. I do wonder if Karen was dating the docs colleague. Remember the one who inquired if he was taking his meds. The doc was suppose to call Karen to make arrangements on their anniversary night but he forgot. Kenny wanted revenge so he thought he was with Karen but it was Sweet's. The doc would not have recognized the car Kenny got in because it was Sweet's and not Karen. Folks in the docs house were like ships passing in the night. He was probably too boozed and medicated to realize Karen's sister was there. Notice the messiness in the house when showing the sister vs Karen. So many other hints. That's my two cents. So enjoyed this movie. I love mysteries. So worth watching on the big screen.
hyasmine bossé
53:26-53:29 is that kreyol!! Haitian people🔥
Sahaya Wright
I see why these are low budget movies the actors suck...they sound like they are acting instead of being the character...this is terrible...
Lisa Surles
This movie was good kept me thinking at the end however wether that was her twin sister or not while acting out the sisters role was in fact his fiance that was cheating in his head! however we as the ordinance was looking at the movie in his head also until the end! when I first got suspicious about the twin role I was confuse until the end! BRILLIANT FILM. What a messed up guy! talk about crazy but good! thank you for making me use my brain! Loved it
Japhet 92
raw rah
Sofia Hassan
This movie had me kind of till I reviewed the comments.... and realized it actually was her twin.... sweetie has a tattoo on her back and Karen doesn't
Elzy Blanton
this movie suck
Nwobi Chioma
Kenny is really handsome. the doctor should have arrived at a conclusion yet bout his wife.its not done DAT way,and as his wife he is supposed to know everything bout her, ha fmly and others .that was why he never really get to know she had an identical twin sis which was d main problem DAT caused everything
Antoinette Morgan
The only way this movie make sense at the end if he killed the sister and her lover ( not Kenny) because Kenny and his wife WAS having a affair..... So basically they NEVER showed the sister.
Heaven Garth
New subscribers here !!
Laylay G
Kenny is fine omg where can I find this man
Dominique Green
Sassy sas
#closefriends Tory && Nathan work so good together
Rose Lavi
Im a therapist and i couldnt help but cringe at every advice that came out that "therapist's" mouth 😂 he aint cut out for it but good movie though
Ok I'm still confused!!! Was he messing around with the doctors fiance? What she man by that was her sister?? Somebody explain PLEASE
GAC CellAdmin
Great movie
Mary Jayne
Dwayne Martin vibes like crazy from Kenny the whole movie.
Kafuko Aishah
Raheem is looking different
Kafuko Aishah
Julian u played well
Lee Jones
After reading some of yal comments I finally figured it out wow this was a confusingly good movie
Lynda Rose
Poor acting, poor effects ie sound, and poor plot.
Michael Arthur
I like this movie
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