thats a camera
that is the paddle from the lost gopro
Khoa Huynh
Can i have some bait
Elbene Dylan
Je trouve Γ§a vraiment bienπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
GA Bassin
IA this at a white water rafting place in GA. it looks familiar to one I went to
Wyatt Mcbrayer
Jayden Playz
How can u take ur breath that long
Ario Tungribali
saya boleh minta
Apple Valley Police Department
Love the video
I went there before one time I got a 10 pounder and it stole my rod XD
Kobe Kern
I always go fishing there and I caught like 5 pound bass and one time a had like a 10 pounder and he pull my fishing pole right in
Christy Perez
Hi 😺
Jayden Parker!
You inspired me to search for river stuff
#1Spidermanfan !!!!!
Those glasses looked like my old ones
karen clark
That's nice to save the turtle
fishing with Seth termin
Phil Gebler
when do you get your braces of?
slash boom
where the fukin gun ?
Chris Barrett
I had to sub you because you had the Chigg with you! Yay!
Bryan 15
Who got the balloon ad and watch it all
Will Phillips
ive been whitewater rafting ther. there at the chattahooce
Elijah Vinz Gregorio
Scuba gear
Tyler Sheffield
RudeRedRat Productions
Can someone please tell me what watch Jake wears? Thanks everyone!
hayden Locked and loaded
Minee Mina
4:50 aww.. how sweet.. 😊
abderrahman dalloul
ehab shehadeh
Can you please send me a phishing lure I'm in jordan Amman can u
Dade Shrecengost
He didn't show the coolest thing the gun
Vilho VΓ€nnilΓ€
buy minnow spoon and minnow ratlin spoon
Jadon Henry
I know right best way to have fun
Dezzy Major
good luck
How to never pay for lures
Loretta Mallard
dallmdy I love your videos
Sixten Svedberg
he doing*
Sixten Svedberg
how ar he sooo best one Youtube and all
Cory Kraker
those "Blade things" as you said are nicknamed spoons for the shape. They mainly catch bigger fish like huge catfish and Pike.
natalia momo
Robert Buckles
ur poor choice of music ruined the video
Dexter Trafiak
The necklace is suppose to be shark teeth
your taste in dnb is sick
Bailsong Assassin
Those blade baits are spoons
Let's game with Ty
I was fishing earlier and my brother grabbed my lure and got stabbed πŸ˜‚
Artsy Games
he fpuns Jim's broken pther half of his paddle
Alicia&Bill Bright
can you please send me one of your lurers
angel figueroa
How long do you guys hold your breath for ?
Abimelec Chagoya
cane you send me some lours you find I sub
mr. fisherman
will you please send me some of the lures you find
little betta fish
Andrea Mason-Waterhouse
Give me some of dat gear DALLYMYD cos I'm looking for river tresure is scottland
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