Aman Raj
Totally mesmerizing .. I can feel the song ..Just speechless ./.
niraj lagwal
Shreya your eyes are beautiful 😍
abhishek bhattacharji
You are so beautiful..
Hi shreya
Pravinkumar Patel
song beautiful and also you like so sweet and beautiful shreya
Tejas Singh saggu
miss do not want to hurt u in any way, and do not take it seriously pls but what is true it should be said, ur eyes are very beautiful
ramani kant Thakur
It's owsome
ramani kant Thakur
Only eyes expression tell full story
nikhil Agarwal
I will kiss ur cheeks vry quickly and run away... and will cum back in ur next reaction an do the same thing..😉
ravindelhi heaven
Take out time to visit my channel
ROY InDiscovery
Hi Shreya...There is a request ...Would u react ..
Ipsita D. Roy
The song is so beautiful that it made a girl like me, very emotional. The music was excellent, pay a little attention to the words. The emotions were portrayed with their eyes, their love was transparent. It was a gorgeous video, I love this one more than Ghoomar. Also, you have beautiful eyes. Great reaction
Mansoor Mobin
Superb reaction girl...😍😘👍👍👍
Asad khan
Whats the intro song
Mohsin Raza
Reaction coke studio Pakistan
Roshan Chhetri
I want to react on ur reaction :)
Subhanjana B
Can someone pls tell the background music in the first part of the in the introduction part
Ashu Arora
Pls react on KHAAB song by Akhil...
Udit Raizada
Vo shaheed ho jaata Hai uske baad. Shahid did a fantastic job
All good names were taken
Dp's zone
nice i really liked ur reactions....wanna more👍
but try speak in hindi more- just what i want😁
Shivang Haryal
Your eyes look great
Prayag 93
loved Ur reaction Ur eyes really beautiful😉😊
ravindelhi heaven
Please comment on this song
ravindelhi heaven
Sub + like
Deepchand Ram
React south Indian song (top lechhi poddi) pls
Raj Entertainment Ajmer Pushkar
War time
awesome video reaction......keep it up my support is with you...
Aditya Abhishek
When you are coming to India
Vivek Singh
Shreya , OMG . . .u hv good knowledge about Cinema . . and believe me its just a teaser . . Bhansali movies make people cry . . and Since this is a Real story .we Rajputs have Immense respect for Padmavati for her sacrifice . . .she is our Inspiration .. we would love to see ur Movie review also once it gets released . anywz this was best reaction . . .good luck
Best reaction the way i connected to song i think u too did connect that way shahid and deepika killed it totally their eyes speaks🖤
Your reactions are REALLY GOOD everything What you Say is totaly right !
थोड़ा धीरे बोलो फटाफट मे कुछ समझ नही आता ?
Justice League
tbh React with your american friends ... if possible for more views.
But if they are not interested its fine... you can continue yourself..
you don't need to speak hindi.. just get your white gang with you... for more views ...
Justice League
tbh React with your american friends ... if possible for more views.
But if they are not interested its fine... you can continue yourself..
Please do trailers with your friends
Avni kaur
Sudip Das
So perfect reaction
Sagnik Choudhury
I was looking at u the whole time... Ur cute af ❤
sobi Sharma
Lovely reaction
De_Alpha_generatin_ boi
To be honest your eyes are lit🔥
Twinkle singh
Ur Hindi accent is like ours...U Mst speak Hindi at home
Hardik Shah
so perfectly on point for shahid !! he has nailed it and one expects this everytime with movies like haider udta punjab rangoon !! his filmography will be at another level when he quits ..
bakchodi generation
React to bhag milka bhag trailer
Dont react to new song and trailer
Shailaja Nayak
Very very beautiful song handsome Shahid n cute Deepika.
Akash kadam
hey Shreya I loved your videos reaction and yes I m also love this song , it's amazing
i agree too. their eyes speaks louder than any words, i totally can feel the love between their characters. sizzling chemistry between them two thumbs up
Abhishek dhane
Shreyaaa just love your day you are going to be a youtube sensation..God bless..Lots of love from India.
Devanshu Kashyap
nice review.
Can you please react for this beautiful devotional Telugu song :
Rexx Bailey
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