This is the reason why Kim Jong Un is not afraid of war with AMERICA?

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This is the reason why Kim Jong Un is not afraid of war with AMERICA?

North Korean troops say they will "wreak havoc with the United States" if Washington decides to attack them, amid a US aircraft carrier heading for Northeast Asia amid North Korea's ability to attack them. Is about to launch a sixth nuclear test.

North Korea will use a nuclear strike to counter a US-fueled nuclear war. In this regard, Deputy Military Marshal of the People's Army of Korea, State Councilor for Defense Ryong Choi Hye stated in a speech in front of the sea who participated in the parade of Kim Il Sung's 105th birthday. - founder of the state and grandfather of leader Kim Jong Un.

Mr. Ryong Choi Hye said: "If the US provokes, we will immediately respond with a devastating attack, if they trigger a total war - we will be confronted by a total war, if Nuclear war, they will receive corresponding response by nuclear attack.

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carl Vinson will be next 911, scarify so that US can openly rage war on NK. old tricks by US.
Rattanarerg Onyaem
Cuz he is insane.
Chuck OBryan
If Kim isnt afraid of war, he will wish he had been
felix mendez
Which was the first place US troops went when entering Baghdad in 2003, i.e, their highest priority, their main military objective? Was it one of Saddam Hussein´s palaces? some military installation? Power plants and water treatment plants? No, the first place they went when entering the city was, wait for it...The Iraqi Central Bank, to plunder Iraqi´s Treasury and gold! It goes to show how the main concern of the Washington and Wall Street mafias were the lack of democracy in Iraq and the WMDs of Hussein and how the "foreign policy" of genocide, plunder and conquest of the Western powers hasnt changed a bit in four centuries. So you better keep an eye on your gold, fat kid, or hide it in a safe place.
Dave Oz
NK is simply mad at the USA for boycotting sales of Kimchi to America. We made a deal with Chung King of China for producing mass quantities to US shipment instead.
mimoocho dom
What Fat Ass needs to factor , is, whatever damage he does to the US through nuclear means, they will reciprocate 10 fold.
Jubber Ronnie
Fuckin robot voice
Yosef Dhugasvhilli
Hes not afraid because China is leading the way
louis swanson
he is not? must be dangerously retarded then, with delusions of Godhood,or a pathological lyar. RUSSIA can flip China for the honers in putting him down, their way.<
c Johnson
While I hope that this situation could be turned down by several notches..... should Kim Jong Fat Ass decides to lob something Nuclear at us...... I am pretty sure in the next 28 minutes after that..... they aint gonna be a North Korea. Only a glowing nuclear piece of real estate thats contaminated for 50 thousand years.
David Walker
We cannot let retarded little FAT BOY to threaten our allies. Time to teach fat boy a lesson and free his starving people.
What happened to our media integrity? All they want to promote is sensationalism. America the great is falling. My family has been in every war .
HGM Productions
Seems like a legitimate and reliable source for news.
Guarding your6
RWC 063
You morons who think that shit people from a shit country have the balls to stand up to the U.S.A.Can't wage war with military equipment from the Korean and Vietnam era.Their missiles have the accuracy of a guk behind the wheel of an automobile. That's if they get off the launch pad.Keep starving your people​ Kim Jong.When you have nothing to live for or nothing to look forward to,you tend to be a little bolder.
joseph henry
no more computer voices
Kim Jong Un and please , either bow down Your physical head to JESUS CHRIST or welcome heart attack
Steve Wilcox
He really is a chubby dumpy pig of a man for sure.
Steve Wilcox
He is not afraid cause he will be in a deep concrete bunker watching american porn smoking American cigarettes drinking American whiskey and eating American bbg while his armed forces are being wiped out. Whats to worry?
Ak Gh
NK is not capable of any attack. scared of us attack.
Arlos Anderson
Good Lord, I can't take anymore of that computer voice...
felix mendez
Watch at 0:57. This looks a lot more like a WWE Smackdown promotional poster than the collage of two national leaders. To that we have come.
Chris Arredondo
Randall blue
Don't be fooled the dice can roll anyway he can get bombed they can also hope for peace
Gerald Smith
Did Trump kill his Uncle how about his Brother? This Rabbit has killed both. The Korean people are really afraid of Kim Jong Jong, that's why they are bowing down to him. There is not enough words in the dictionary to describe this madman.
Surendra Shahi
War is not against USA or N.Korea, it is against humanity. No more economic sanctions against N.Korea. Stay away from war.
ron broadwell
we dropped the MOAB and only took out 36 people lol
such stupid fake propaganda coming from china...yawn! where are all these fake staged pics of liddow cup cake fat boy with mao hair cut coming from? this is china promoting liddow cup cake fat boy with mao hair cut... they are the only ones who are capable of presenting such stupid propaganda since all foreigners are not allowed to take pictures...
Sajid Muneer
Total respect to North Korea, at last somebody has the balls to stand up to the bully.
Judge OvyoursoulvO
That's the ugliest little fat girl I've seen since hitlary clitless.
Anne Live Life
Hey all, check out a prophetic word posted by Charles Shamp on April 10, 2017 re Nth Korea & Sth Korea = amazing prophetic word - same as prophet Kim Clement prophesied that Nth Korea & Sth Korea WILL become ONE, united by God. This prophecy is the same but in great detail. God's doing something & using all the 'leaders' & people to bring it about. Google it or go to Elijah List: "On this email you will be "hearing" from Charles Shamp, Kim Clement 7 Dennis Cramer." 3 great prophets saying same thing. "Korea Will Become One" and "The Madman From the North Will Be Disarmed!" By Charles Shamp.
Andre Aladdin
A suicidal nation is not a country america Shoukd taunt, off shore, and out of area. I mean really, anyone want american fried chicken .
Richard Kotecki
Just take KIM JONG UN OUT kill him only.
He thinks he's the smartest and toughest guy in the World.. and he is. Because his world consists of a nation of subordinate starving people. The US will introduce you to the real world very soon.
James Fine
this dude is a ass hole
Robert Coleman
Kim may not be scared but China is what destruction of the far east that would cause. a total loss for the world
His 'army' splits time between doing slave labor and forging for food... They will do EXACTLY the same what Iraqis did in 1991, SURRENDER IN MASS! Of course there will be some units of absolute fanatics but they will number maybe a 5% of the total 'army strength' North Korea is a scansen of stalinism with stalinism era weapons!
I knew kim wasn't afriad. because he's what you call in touch with reality and knows he can stand and fight. and that Trump will not start shit. and if he does he will create a war, which he doesn't want
its not only USA? why say AMERICA? or maybe all continent go to war?
David Dutt
You are sick in the heard.
Remko Jerphanion
Hot News is more like fake news. Rubbish.
Mercedita Espinola
this is dangerous ,very dangerous ,this could lead to a mass annihilation by both parties , China and Russia is just being observantly wise ,and that could put Western allies at a risky situation , countries could switch sides ,so this is dangerous, China can be squeezed in, in a situation that might put Americans and it,s allies at risk , this is not middle East ,where you take a hit then run and hide , this is confrontation face to face, let us not forget that , Koreans are not stupid, maybe their leader ,but not the Koreans , Koreans are. good. people , they were. just caught in a very. regretful situation , Sherwin. t. of. the. mountains
Daz Boot
Unlistenable because of the speak n spell commentary
Jeremy Merrifield
Hey the great American Armada is no where near Korea. Perhaps they got lost or are confused but they are in the Indian Ocean.
jozsef orgovan
Kim Jon Um failed hahahahahahahhahahaha
R. Trimble
Kim Jong-un is a tyrant with short man syndrome. He is compensating for something and it is probably not just his short stature. He probably has a micro-penis and he shows off his shiny rockets to symbolize the egocentric phallic prowess he is missing with his physical "short comings".
tng guap
I'm not trying to die.
feeh so
Not afraid ? ..He is pissing his pyongyang underwear. Fry the Pig !
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