This is the reason why Kim Jong Un is not afraid of war with AMERICA?

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This is the reason why Kim Jong Un is not afraid of war with AMERICA?

North Korean troops say they will "wreak havoc with the United States" if Washington decides to attack them, amid a US aircraft carrier heading for Northeast Asia amid North Korea's ability to attack them. Is about to launch a sixth nuclear test.

North Korea will use a nuclear strike to counter a US-fueled nuclear war. In this regard, Deputy Military Marshal of the People's Army of Korea, State Councilor for Defense Ryong Choi Hye stated in a speech in front of the sea who participated in the parade of Kim Il Sung's 105th birthday. - founder of the state and grandfather of leader Kim Jong Un.

Mr. Ryong Choi Hye said: "If the US provokes, we will immediately respond with a devastating attack, if they trigger a total war - we will be confronted by a total war, if Nuclear war, they will receive corresponding response by nuclear attack.

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North Korea know his right hand men, he know he got 2 strong country back up him no matter what happen. Doesn't matter how much friendship we try to make with Russia and China they will stab us in the back or sure.
Ethan Ferreira
Well how is North Korea 🇰🇵 supposed to nuke the u.s if they can't even get one in the air😄😄
Joseph Taverna
he's a dog eating in the MFA
Doris Perez
All countries should join USA and get rid of this monster of North korea - he is menace to the whole world.
fred faridsedehi
lol, very funny
Oliver Gay
Their foreign agenda no more vile insidious monster remember super girl the clue is there 1981 they don't know we do no love ❤️ they will repent they saved the cyborg on bonfire prepare bonfire in Northern Island loyalists it may fe it will crumble like Soviet Union all in one go free hostages of delusional frequencies
Oliver Gay
It's all because of USA runaway effect they started it first warheads on American soil soon it has been written results for true God to dead great Satan
Jerry Cavanaugh
there teasers just for you and the far left, everyone with just basic info on tools and, well let's just leave it at that have a wonderful weekend
Kojack Ally
trumpet is a puppet
Kojack Ally
fat boy is not afraid of war he has done something secretly that America did not bargain for
Zavid Demon
END THEIR MISERY NOW...before they can launch!
Steven Austin-May
I can't believe we don't have the capability to assassinate this rolly pollie little sociopath...
David Penn
when your brain dead it stand to reason
Daniel Miller
just like most guys compensating for something with a big truck he's trying to compensate for the size of his......well let's just say it's not his head
Vikram Rao
US is not super power any more.
@nayanmalig wow really now your reliing on Russia bc ur own country can't take on the US,u got me fucked up to tell me that Russia is gonna be friends with NK maybe u should pay attention NK and their obese leader have already shot a missle firing right at them,and now if NK and US go to war,Russia will most likely jump in and they will be in ruins in days
Not afraid HA I'm dying,if they weren't afraid they would be attacking the US already instead of preparing for a US attack and evacuating NK cities like cmon really
Corrine Tsang
In the April 15,2015 parade 18 mobile solid fuel ICBM with TEL were displayed.( 6 Puksuksong-3,6 KN-08 and 6 KN-14 each capable of reaching the West Coast of the US.) 12 solid fuel intermediate ballistic were also displayed.Puksuksong-2 can reach Japan.The Puksuksong-2 was successfully launched from a submarine.These missiles has a higher altitude than the THAAD missiles and reentry at a faster speed.NK is known to have 50 liquid fuel Musudam missiles(KN-17) ,In recent test some of these missiles fail,If the US launch,150 Tomahawks at NK,not knowing the Tomahawks are nuclear armed or not.NK will launch 150 nuclear or biological weapons (50 for SK,50 for Japan and 50 for the West Coast of the US.We will all be dead, in a nuclear or biological winter.The wind travels East to West.The fat bot remembers Gaddafi and his 600 billion dollars that could have developed a nuclear bomb or Assad who had chemical weapons.A destroyed NK will be occupy by the 150,000 Chinese troops from China just across the Yalu River.
Jethro Bodeine
fuck these robot voices. im boycottimg every irritating fucking one. hey YouTube channel fuck you & your tard voice.
Sam Ahmed
North Korea going to use dangerous spunk that will spread the decease with magets have a wank Kim un Jung fat bastard retarded
David Penn
kim stop eating and feed your peoples is that true they had to widen the doors to get your fat ass through and stop showing
us your rusted out war machine they so old there turning grey i,ve seen fire crackers with more oomph than your missiles which
dont fly .
I would tell to eat a nuke sandwich but bloody thing wouldn,t go off made north korea . ha ha ha .
Joel Wilkingson
He is the real man
scott adams
Wow, depeche mode intro music with Atari vocalizations.......nice.
Can Truong
un's days are numbers! 05/01/2017...
Crap vid.
Sounds like made in China.
east gate
Anybody knows what USA wants from N. Korea? Just live them alone and go home.
james strong
He looks like a angry bird
David Williams
what a numbnuts... Do you not realize that if we ignore them that they are gonna nuke California? Wake up you ignorant douchebag.
How can I get hold of Kim jung um to tell him he's a a$$ hole?
al johnson
Harry Hathaway
They only have a guestimated 8-10 nukes and can't confidently deliver them on a missel.Also 8 nukes on missiles are easier to take out with the THAD,or Patriot missile system vs 20-30 .However I was just talking to an acquaintance of mine who works at "Philly Craft Beer" in Fairless Hills,Pa. He's from S.Korea,great dude and I asked him his opinion of what's going on over in N.Korea. Even though he's from there I don't think he's got a grasp on what's at stake.He seems to think its Trump causing the problem.He thinks Kim Jon un isn't equipt with all these missiles and he's just bluffing but Gill came over to America when he was a child.He has absolutely no accent at all and I don't think he understands the real threat.Is Kim Jon Un going to preempt ? No but he did say he was willing to proliferate nukes to anyone with the cash.This means Isis or Al Qaeda could get their hands on nukes that could be smuggled into the USA or Israel and set them off.
John Roberts
Douglas MacArthur won the Korean War hands down, first decimating the North Koreans, then the Chinese. And Truman gave it all up and made every American death there for nothing. It was so abysmal that we decided to use the same strategy and policies in Vietnam (and we know how well that worked out)! Lots of American dead for NOTHING! Our leaders are either traitors or idiots, and we're paying the price now. It's one reason I voted for Trump.
carl Vinson will be next 911, scarify so that US can openly rage war on NK. old tricks by US.
Rattanarerg Onyaem
Cuz he is insane.
Chuck OBryan
If Kim isnt afraid of war, he will wish he had been
felix mendez
Which was the first place US troops went when entering Baghdad in 2003, i.e, their highest priority, their main military objective? Was it one of Saddam Hussein´s palaces? some military installation? Power plants and water treatment plants? No, the first place they went when entering the city was, wait for it...The Iraqi Central Bank, to plunder Iraqi´s Treasury and gold! It goes to show how the main concern of the Washington and Wall Street mafias were the lack of democracy in Iraq and the WMDs of Hussein and how the "foreign policy" of genocide, plunder and conquest of the Western powers hasnt changed a bit in four centuries. So you better keep an eye on your gold, fat kid, or hide it in a safe place.
Dave Oz
NK is simply mad at the USA for boycotting sales of Kimchi to America. We made a deal with Chung King of China for producing mass quantities to US shipment instead.
mimoocho dom
What Fat Ass needs to factor , is, whatever damage he does to the US through nuclear means, they will reciprocate 10 fold.
Jubber Ronnie
Fuckin robot voice
Yosef Dhugasvhilli
Hes not afraid because China is leading the way
louis swanson
he is not? must be dangerously retarded then, with delusions of Godhood,or a pathological lyar. RUSSIA can flip China for the honers in putting him down, their way.<
c Johnson
While I hope that this situation could be turned down by several notches..... should Kim Jong Fat Ass decides to lob something Nuclear at us...... I am pretty sure in the next 28 minutes after that..... they aint gonna be a North Korea. Only a glowing nuclear piece of real estate thats contaminated for 50 thousand years.
David Walker
We cannot let retarded little FAT BOY to threaten our allies. Time to teach fat boy a lesson and free his starving people.
What happened to our media integrity? All they want to promote is sensationalism. America the great is falling. My family has been in every war .
HGM Productions
Seems like a legitimate and reliable source for news.
Guarding your6
RWC 063
You morons who think that shit people from a shit country have the balls to stand up to the U.S.A.Can't wage war with military equipment from the Korean and Vietnam era.Their missiles have the accuracy of a guk behind the wheel of an automobile. That's if they get off the launch pad.Keep starving your people​ Kim Jong.When you have nothing to live for or nothing to look forward to,you tend to be a little bolder.
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