Drivers of the highest skill driving a road train

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Drivers of the highest skill drive the road train

In this interesting and exciting video, you can see how the drivers of high-end professionalism manage the road train. Looking at them, we can say that for them, large trucks with several trailers, it's like cars. They easily go back, go into any narrow streets and very skillfully unfold. What would be so easy to manage a truck requires many years of driving experience. After all, it is important not only to be able to operate a heavy machine, but also to feel it, to feel its large dimensions and capabilities. Even more interesting and exciting videos about the work of cars, tractors and trucks off-road and not only you can see on our channel. We wish you a pleasant viewing!

Often, when you have to help each other in difficult situations, when cars, tractors. Excavators and trucks could not choose from mud captivity on their own. In such situations, gaining the skill of driving cars, tractors, excavators and other equipment. Driving skills and professionalism of drivers are always appreciated on the northern roads of Russia. Interesting videos of extreme Russian roads gathered on this channel, as well as other videos related to heavy vehicles and off-road vehicles. Extreme driving on the Russian roads is always interesting for viewing all people. Especially drivers of professionals and truckers.

Auto, trucks, tractor, graders, excavators, off-road, off-road cars, car, Russian road, winter road, extreme. The channel shows the courage of truck drivers and their professionalism, trucker. The absence of roads does not stop the drivers of professionals in the fight against nature. No wind, no rain, no heat, no frost, nothing can stop the technique, which copes with any difficulties of severe off-road. Most of the video was shot in the forests and taiga of the north of Russia, and it helped drivers on Russian machinery and machines such as: KAMAZ, KrAZ, Ural, ZIL, Niva, MTLB, GTT, tractors. Machines, tractors, excavators, bulldozers and graders cross river fords, swamp, winter showing unimaginable possibilities of technology, cars and trucks.

plenty of room at unloading point, solid directions to get to their destinations, dedicated routes, new equipment, company drivers,sure they are so whatch my next trick, I will make this old 99 pete with a beat up steel flatbed, shady engine and tranny with my registration about to expire and bills piling up MAKE A PROFIT!!!holy shit now this is what is called fucking skill👍👍👍👍
Tom g
There was only one roadtrain in there. a couple decent reversing jobs. but nothing exceptional
Christopher Read
am i the only one who seen this and wanted to rip half the drivers out of the truck and make them replace the wheel bearings and suspension bushes they are fucking but screwing them around so tight.
Steve S
The only one of these that was a road train was the Australian one, the rest were just semis.
4:36 how it Not tip over?
containerman 68
Most of those weren't even road trains! 1 trailer and a straight truck is not a road train. Road trains are more than 1 trailer!
Oz Outback Family
Weve got the biggest trucks here in australia!
paolo milan
splendida manovra
Boyd W
2nd video segment at 1:23 see the rear axle of the trailer steers. Not many trailers in the US that have steering axles as the Big Tire companies don't want too many efficiencies to take a cut in their business. In the 60's my friend Norman Colander or maybe it was Kolander, got patents on a semi trailer with a new suspension design and a rear axle that steered. The trailer had shorter braking distances. They got a contract to build them by one of the big trailer companies. While going through testing they noticed a double digit decrease in tire wear. Shorty after that the contract to build the trailers was canceled.
Bahsan Yaseen
سايق روعه في الابداع
감탄입니다. great. .... 이민가고 싶다.
I hate trucks
Stormy Whether
I agree.
Chapter Young
marcin sadsa
i opony w piz du jak załadowany szybko sie scieraja
Ian James Middlemass
The side emptying grain lorry's a bad idea. Firstly he's driving over the grain as he tips it out and secondly, there's grain piled up on his mudguards as he drives away. The only advantage I can see is that there's less chance of tipping the trailer over.
最後の赤いフルトレは迷子になったんかな?でも、あの逆バックは普通の人では出来んで 超神業やわ
05:00 what is this for yellow truck and trailer? never seen before. great.........
Joshua Doll
So going around a few corners-with a trailer that has steering tires no less-is skill? And most of them are only pulling doubles which is nothing special. Show me a driver who can back triples around a corner and I'll be impressed.
Nvidia Shield
1 day 600k views with 1k subs? wat?
Najwyższe umiejętności? :) bez przesady. Doświadczenie w tego typu przewozach jak już. Ale robi wrażenie!
first clip was somewhat skillful...
all the others were nothing to see,
if you can't do any of these, then you shouldn't be driving a truck...
Just looked like normal everyday truck stuff to me.
Agreed not high skill just great 👍 trucks
Dave Bogusky
I regularly back up with 8-10 trailers and dolly's, and each trailer has 6 axles. I have to back up through 5 S turns, uphill. These guys do have skills, it isn't easy backing up with 3 axles and a trailer on a dolly. Hats off to you guys.
we don't have hi tec trailers with steering axels like some of these guys have
Jun K
I have trouble backing up my jet ski so kudos to these men and women
Kris Nicholson
How those guys drive them things the way they do is simply amazing!. Such a scary concept is being able to see your own brake lights!.
arthur lewis
The real skill is in how many hitch-hikers they manage to murder.
Ronnie Halonen
ONLY the first one showed any skills! Many farms don't have proper turnplaces for big trucks. This is also an well known practice for logtrucks. The rest is an everyday occurance for all truckers.
Sidenote: There is only one roadtrain in this poor video...
10.58 ,Dirty no good car driving bastards not letting the guy compete a difficult reverse .
Those trucks are a lot different than the ones we have in the USA. Those drivers are damn good drivers that have been around for a long time. You just don't drive like that out of Truck Driving School. And these guys and most experienced get it on the first try.
1:21 highest level skill? lol...
Frank Stein
After skipping through to about 9:33, I gave up and decided to read what others said.Seriously, I could do must of what you've shown up until this point. And driving a truck forward, no matter what's behind you, in a straight manner, on asphalt? Wow. Amazing. <yawwwwn>
gregor ink
Nie umiejętności kierowcy lecz dobrze zaprojektowana przyczepa i łącznik.
the only truck in this video that class as a road train just did a right hand turn.. soooooo fucking hard to make

noe of the other tucks on this vid is even called road trains...
12:47 after all that he hits a low bridge haha plus fuck all those car drivers sneakin past him, I'd hold everyone up to let him turn
Grégoire Gancarz
Koolers Aquatics
Click baited again... The truck in the thumbnail isnt even in the video.
Jelcz C 424 Detroit Diesel
Wszystko sciagniete z youtube I zmontowane w calosc, widziane po kilka razy na youtube.
Алексей Григорьев
Австралия там длина не ограничена правилами
Petter Von Virta
Vik Vikvik
Sorry for a question. What is the highest skill on this video?
before this i watched some fail videos and when i watched that yellow truck i thinked '' no no don't drive during when it is up ..''
Eduar Salgado
The title gave me a headache
Thumbs down for a fake thumbnail
Też mi umiejętności. Każdy w miarę rozgarnięty siądzie za kółko i będzie podobnie jeździł. Kwestia praktyki.
as far as i can see most of the viedo's are from nederland
pete a
these little things aren't road trains
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