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"That's the definition of romance."

Sponsored By McDonald’s All Day Breakfast.

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Take It Easy
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Full Of Warmth
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Venida Hays
Ann Bridges
Tyler Williams

WHERE ARE SAF's Sunglasses from???
Calvin Le
Steven is such a nice friend i mean he showed his friends a new stage in there relationship
I thought the printing would be 20 dollars each
4:42 through 4:56 it looked like he had a dingaling on his shirt
Nad Hu
When you two getting hitched?
That breezeway Babe
Anyone doubt stevens girlfriends existence 😂
Maple Hetalia
Im only here because i saw Soph and Tyler
Big Dream
Steven is a lair he's girlfriend is not in Ohio because he doesn't have one 🤣
it need to pay to go on a beach on america?????
Cheema Boyz
The view looked so much like GTA5!
Tyler looks like an actor from the Philippines......
devil mishka
1 billion dollers later still hasnt got laid
Heate Bee
You can go to a more fun painting class for 35$...
Cincin Kawin Rully Silver
Next time maybe you should try to make your very own engagement ring in my place at Kotagede, Yogyakarta.. :D
Kelpo Gaming
they definitely fucked afterwards
Madison Castillo
1 dollar paint vs 99 dollar paints.
Sayree Belongia
Omg saf painted really greatly
Mo7sen _xd
Rip Rest In Peace some idiots may not understand wut does rip means
Poppy Hailston
Did anyone notice the artist lady kept calling Safiya "Sophia"
mateo pava
you KNOW it's pre-recorded when safia is in it
Megan Gifford
When will Tyler propose
do safiya and tyler have sex?
Madison Faith
when you're wearing the same t-shirt Steven is wearing right now.
Renne Shields
Steven:ewwwwwww me: AHAGAHA
Oanh Thai
The helicopter pilot called Saf Sofia not Safiya
Humera Khuram
the painting one was too much like if you agree
Why do they keep pronouncing Safiya as SOphia...
Kiri Yungne
Dan and Phil went on a Helicopter ride together in America O(≧∇≦)O
Kaitlyn Pleasants
The painting instructor calling her "Sophia" lol
Machete BJ
oh my gawdd the pilot is hott
theyre trying everything to get views now it was a burger NOW DATES?
Alex Jeffrey
I swear everyone calls safiya sofia
0:59 i thought it said panic at the beach XD
Maya Aitken
5:21 did she just say Sophia ???? TRIGGERED
Natalie Kay
Of course this was recommend to me on Valentine's Day, just a reminder of how damn single I am.
Anonymous #1
1:46 awww man so cute <3
Christina Downes
Is it me, or did people keep saying Sophia instead of Safiya?
luz mariana vargas cuevas
You should make more videos with Safiya and Tyler!!!
Adriana Martinez
You guys are the cutest couple
wolf girl 123
who is watching in the future (2018)
Taco worth it
Mira Lindblom Roslin
When are they even getting married??
Mira Lindblom Roslin
Tylers painting could probably become a really big one mainly because it doens't look like all the other paintings. BUT OMG I WANT TO GO ON A DATE AND PAAAINTTT
Fire Desire
Buzzfeed's budget has increased a lot
mom and son? ewww
Amy Clan
That outing date was over 100 dollars tf
Amy Yee
My family wears bright bathing suits but legit my sister shows up yo the beach wearing a black long sleeve shirt and black skinny jeans with a big floppy black hat and black shades. She's the pale person in the family. She identifies as "emo"
Meera Vinesh
Does Tyler Work At Buzzfeed?
Bernardo Villarreal
que hace reset en buzzfeed?
Boha B
50 shades of gray style lol needs to play love me like you do bahahaha
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