$12 Date Vs. $576 Date // Sponsored By McDonald’s All Day Breakfast

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"That's the definition of romance."

Sponsored By McDonald’s All Day Breakfast.

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Take It Easy
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Full Of Warmth
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Venida Hays
Ann Bridges
Tyler Williams

I read Panic at the beach lol
Kayla Groeneveld
Anybody else try to look for jake Paul's house when they were in the helicopter
Roy Batty N6MAA10816
Callme Daddy
it fuqin disturbed me when she touched his pubes
G Cool
Everyone calls Safiya "Sophia"!
Medolo Bebetoc
i thought they were all gays
"I think Sofia and tyler will do great
Alex Andrei
bro theres is something strange in the water 6:58 on the down left part of the screen
Kandy the cat
1:26 XD
Gáming Drágon
Kia Leahy
The pilot said Sophia haha
Lady Clarissa Malfoy
The art lady called Saf Sophia
Best Channel On The Planet Y'ALL
going painting for 120 bucks BYEEE
he said it look like someone from 5 years did it. but im 13 and i can do worse...
did anyone else noticed that everyone called safiya sofia
Didnt expect tyler to be that hairy :0
Crazy Unicorns
1:27 steven is like eww im like awww
$576 is still a really cheap price for a date though...
Maegin Williamson
Vegas Baby!
sup sate
The thumbnail looks like Steven grinning while saying "I wish I bring my gf." on his head... . XD
Caty Waffle
did he say "danke danke" at 5:34? :D
The scars from Saf's leaving of buzzfeed is still healing
Aswira Siraj Pasha
just wondering............... What does Tyler do? Is he from Buzzfeed as well?
Triple Double0reos64
It's a good thing they didn't fly over Fort Zancudo
She hot, He uggo
Basically Steven was paid on this particular ep to be the thirdwheeling cam lol
When you live in SoCal and know exactly where all of these locations are lool ... because you drive there almost everyday lol
Isabella Johnson
any one else wanna punch that girl in the troat when she said "sophia"
Sasha Banks
go ohio!!!!
Jihan Tausif Arian
What nationality is Safiya?
All of the instructor people said sOfia not sAfia!!!!
Jared Easterling
Haha this is gonna be so awkward when they break up and know people watch this.
Official Pymical
What does Mcdonald do with it
joan natalie
voltage lover
every ytuber is located in ohio
Sabrina Koops
Clicked for Saf
Hmm, I don't think I'd do a helicopter flight as a romantic date. It's really loud, cramped space, and you definitely have to watch what you say as everyone is connected and can hear you. Considering the location I'd have rented a boat to take us out to a island(doesnt have to be much of a island, really just big enough to put some chairs and a table or just on the beach) for a nice romantic meal alone, just the 2 of you.
Cindy Liu
wait the yellow fruit is a lemon but tyler painted a pear?
Jordyn Stevens
Sofia...... um no. SAFiya. Alright? Alright?
jajaja el qlo tocando el violin
William Ekborg
6:31 anyone else thinking about GTA?
I swear Steven wanted to date her without her bf
Wind Wizard
I squealed so hatd
Really it's more about the person that you're with not so much the environment and or activity that's involved. Heck with the right person you could make going to the DMV a blast.
Naama Katz
when the art teacher and the helicopter pilot called her sophia I almost threw my phone on the ground.
Doge Brown
I luv worth it
curlygirl grace
"Ohio" AKA i have no girlfriend
Kohaku Takahashi
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
1$ weed vs 10000$ weed
wyatt bomber
Please see my YouTube channel Wyatt Bomber thanks
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