$12 Date Vs. $576 Date // Sponsored By McDonald’s All Day Breakfast

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"That's the definition of romance."

Sponsored By McDonald’s All Day Breakfast.

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Take It Easy
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Full Of Warmth
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Monkey Funk_30Edit
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Venida Hays
Ann Bridges
Tyler Williams

Caio Lins
load 'em up!
She was looking at pictures of babies... Tyler, take a hint bro!
yay swag
Don't be sad Steven, may God be with you.
Misxkee Sartorius
They didnt get to go to Vegas because Saf quitted Buzzfeed
Mabs xox
10$ weed vs 100$ weef
Niallie Gomez
I found it funny how safiya was sitting in the back the whole time. I'm not saying that it is sexist but why can't a girl sit in the front and a guy in the back? Not attacking anyone tho
Sora Hearts
I'm a college artist I can do my own date with that just buy the supplies
When people say "We're gonna take a couple pictures" and it's a couple, I kinda get weirded out. Do they mean 'couple' as in a few, or couple as in the 'Couple' lovers?
Jazzoya Alexander
I laughed every time someone called Safiya 'Sophia'.
Artzy Kayla
Maybe a Worth it bagel edition?
'i cannot stress enough the value of Groupon after seeing this
5 dollar dildo vs 375 dollar dildo
John Cena
$ Sex vs $$$ Sex
Ariana Muharem
I was waiting for the date at McDonald's
Steven Skinner
steven mentions his girlfriend way too often, starting to think she doesnt even exist and he's in the closet lol
Morgan Max Mitchell
Next episode 30 dollar Italian vs 400 dollar Italian
Param Patil
That computer totally wasn't a Mac
sammy romero
You guys are lucky 😶
Wendall Gull
Safiya's so fine
Yim Soohee
im so sad safiya left :(
why wine and dine,
when two can dine
for 6.99?
2 asians together...
It warms my heart
Robert thomas Bell
this is just one big expensive date lol and no amount of money matters if its cheap or expensive when you get to spend time with your favorite human ☺
Jesus Christ
$20 blowjob vs $1000
Why was the painting one $120?
Anyone else notice Steven's high five get rejected at the end?
Everyone is pronouncing Safiya's name wrong lol. It's not "Sophia"
Michelle Paige
Tyler should propose to her on one of these videos
Lin Pham
Why did I think that it was going to be about renting people who will pretend to be your date? 😂
$120 to paint three Pieces of fruit?
Bob Cattapan
CreepyShark 101
i like beach the better
Zin Yoon Htet
Hmmm.... I wonder what happened after all of this....
Mary Abbate
The beginning- everyone knows that's a MacBook why did they cover the logo
Roisin Waters
That helicopter tour made me cry because England has no interesting landscape
eazy cheezy
$10 buffet vs $100 buffet
*Confused Screaming*
I would have been excited to see Will a Smiths house because that's where the House of Gold music video was shot
V. P.
I shouldn't be so invested in someone else's relationship but it just gets me because they're so happy ❤

never break up 😢
Lord Marius Grim
the girl is wearing white underwear you can see it at 5:06 lol xd
They saw will smiths house and I'm jealous and fangirling bc that's where tøp shot their house of gold music video and I'm happy abt it
im such a cheap date I would pick the beach everytime
Remy Mafia
Who else thought that the expensive date would be a fancy dinner?
Devon Trujillo
Try cheap weed vs expensive weed
Rosie Bug Man
he should have just gone on the dates with andrew it would have been 10/10 entertainment
Poker Faced Ghost
crying in the corner (i am a introvert)
Bacon Smola
Damn I wish this were me
Brynlee Hassan
could somebody tell me what the name of the helicopter ride date place is i would love to do it sometime
Natasha Radke-Biersack Sykes
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