$12 Date Vs. $576 Date // Sponsored By McDonald’s All Day Breakfast

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"That's the definition of romance."

Sponsored By McDonald’s All Day Breakfast.

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Take It Easy
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Full Of Warmth
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Venida Hays
Ann Bridges
Tyler Williams

Meher Chand
"Just lookin at pictures of babies"
Zoe horselover
I am real god damn afraid of hights!
Amelie John
They're couple goals 💑
Leo Queen
So cute 😢
Jose Muniz
Leland Coleman
$10 beer vs $500 beer
Kayla Drozdowski
For $576, that's pretty awesome!
Can you Not
Am I the only one that doesn't really like safiyah? Also no hate
Thank me later
Nikki Zhong (Nicole)
Steven's face in the thumbnail tho... XD
Cool Girl
I totally ship Safire and tyler💟 but did anyone notice at 7:40 tyler wiped his 👄
Simoun Gagan
I thought the title means renting a girl to be your date lol
Collette Cupcakes
i should not be watching this after my bf of 5 years just broke up with me cause im like on the verge of cutting and bawling my eyes out atm
The Ruby Gamers // TRG
Why do they always hide the Apple logos in tv shows? ( please no mean replies I just don't know and want to know )
her panties were showing👍
Jayh Flapper
Hi grian. I think your amazing, and to your buildings. You helped me with hints how to improve house's and things. Hope you read this.
Sæmundur Alexander Cardenas
Cheshire kitten
I'm almost positive I'd pass out during helicopter date
Louis van der meer
"the date is going to be so much better because steven's going to be up there with us" LOL
Nadia Bhatti
"Me, Tyler, Steven in Vegas. Confirmed!" Three people, Vegas and a tripod...oddly cute triangle relationship
Nadia Bhatti
I just realized, he kind of Enid's me of Dylan Sprouse!!
Nadia Bhatti
He coot
George Awad
This reminds me of my love life.

The video is not loading
George Awad
When I read $12 date vs $576 date I thought of a date as in the food that grows on a tree.
they kept calling saf Sofia... ARRRRGHHHHHHAHDJFKABDUABA
Arianna C
did anyone notice the helicopter wall art in their apartment, just as they said they never thought about it
beast mode
"in ohio" surreee😂😂😂jk
Not expensive Chinese food vs Super expensive Chinese food
Josh Fuego
Lol he was probably going to ask her to be his date in the beginning
lets all admit it stevin is cute and adorable af!
Melenie590 A
The helicopter date was where Kendall Vertes had her music video!!
I see London I see France...
lia b
is it just me or safiya's boyfriend sometimes remind me of cole sprouse idk y
Macedonian Gamer
Do a ?$ Guitar vs ??$ Guitar vs ???$ Guitar
5:03 you can see her vagina
Carrie North
When they went on the helicopter it reminded me of 50 shades of grey scene.
inner artist in me dies
$60/hr? The acrylic painting date was a ripoff... :'D
- provide a canvas... the paper/cardboard appears a tad flimsy
- provide higher quality acrylic paint and clean water
- alternative: oil paint (imo, 10x better for beginners because the medium is thick and fluid >> easier to conceal mistakes)
- 3:49 There's no pointillism in still life. You dull the colors by dabbing. I am nonplussed as to why the instructor did not suggest strokes, picking up more paint, or switching brush size.
- 2:51 I don't see how the painters can imbue their personality into the subject(s). If the event is supposed to be memorable, why not challenge them to drawing themselves or one another?
- 4:10 Shading is poor and the figures aren't defined. Did the instructor even supervise or offer suggestions? R.I.P. standards... but if they had fun, I guess that's okay. .-.
OMG what beach is that?
Ellen Storrs
They are sooo cute together😍😘 aww
James Fishburn
lol date 2 is stuffed if your color blind! lol
summer lee Jackson
sofiya and tyler need to get married ❤❤❤❤
Shane Hood
I'm sorry but I think I saw Safiya's underwear ._.
wow, surprise surprise the super gay Guy's "gf" is in a different state...
Fangirl_ Potato
#ThirdWheelGoals XD
Michael Montgomery
They got paid to go on 3 dates
Dorie Bixby
where did u put adam this episode
is he in the trunk
Yeah make the hoe sit in the back
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