Bad Baby Clown Gumball Prank - Toy Freaks Out Naiah and Elli

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Bad Baby Clown Prank Gone Wrong !  Dubble Bubble Gumball Machine - Toy Freaks Out Naiah and Elli !

Travis Baker
purple and pink
Travis Baker
Marilyn Vega
I guessed purple
jaycy hall
Kailey StarTube
Dean Omeir
Jennifer Knight
i think blue is mu color guys by the way u guys are awsome chat me back on this channel
Ashley Johnson
Amanda Smith
Morgan You i. Love. you guys
I can stall the man that was freaky when the clown kid
nicka osby
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Angela Young
pink. and. purple
Barb Kaut
it is a clon
Tukiyah Gulley
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Le'Zharia Johnson
I think pink
denia s caceres
Tanesha Jackson
I think sparkly purple I love that color and the other's too
Patrick Reid
Normal Castillo
I saw kitty corn and puppy corn toguether and i lova naiah and elli show because is funny
Darielle Miller
i think blue
Theo Gibson
that ciown looks bad
Theo Gibson
asr williams
B. Be
Sunil Thomas
red devil racing
Jamie Benson
I think Ellie going to win
Pretty' Vlogs and Tutorial and toy videos
I ❤️ ur videos
Kashif Ballance
Rena Upton
I guess purple
nika smith
my guess is purple
Serenity Roper
pink and blue
Jenny Ixtos
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Amya Short
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I did.
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Tammy Horne
Maleny Moreno
me and my cusin think purpul
My daughter loves these cuties youtube channel. Very creative, but I have to comment now. The sounds of the mom screaming on almost all of the videos is disturbing. I know she is helping them have more of a storyline, but can we go back to the days it was mostly the little princesses? I am happy to see how successful this channel is, but God knows I am tired of running into the next room thinking my baby accessed a dirty video some how. My adult mind of course, but wow
Erika Rodriguez
I g
Stanley Unuigboje
l Think sparkly purple
Cay'la And Ashley's Never Ending Fun Show
me and my sister love your show
Crystal Castillo
Elli and naiha at ameziiiiiing
Crystal Castillo
I saw puppy corn and kitty corn.
Crystal Castillo
I Sade purpol or pink
Lyric Willuams
I gusse purple
Lyric Willuams
I gusse purple
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