Silly Baby Clown Gumball Prank - Youtube Kids Out Naiah and Elli

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Silly Baby Clown Prank Gone Wrong !  Dubble Bubble Gumball Machine - Youtube Kids Out Naiah and Elli !

Calvin Barton
Dejuan Weaver
I think purple
nicole rowe
I I'm Airianna I'm 6 years old i think purple
Talisa Blanton
Talisa Blanton
Roxane Ramirez
I think a clon
Shannon Olson
Blue lights shine Bee
I think purple
Patricia Hernandez
I guess purple
Wanda logwood
Gold or silver or purple or pink
Samphas But
Samphas But
We do you live naiah and elli
Sharon Armstrong
Macey Vlogs
I think the color is green
Shakita Scott
Onnie Tv
Brenda Torres
I guessed Purple๐Ÿค—
Caprica Senderson
Big Brother And Lil Sis
I got it why I said
Yasmin Akanji
I think pink
Princess Ashmia Verdugo
Sandra Johnson
Ariana Chandra
Ashley Hagen
Trayvon Alexander
Tyrone Mcwilliams
I think it is Pink
Yasmin Akanji
I think.purple
Yasmin Akanji
I picked red
Princesskimora Pace
Bernadette Koroma
Dylanni Butler-Jones
Kadedra Harrison
Sparkle purple is my guest
Maya Cutieru
I guess purple like Wen the clown appear so I guess so did I better right? I love you so much your the best of the world love you
Jacki. love. your. hanol so. muckosch
I gest prpolp
Stan Powell
Stan Powell
I love your vlog they are so cute that why I like your show
Breanna Catojo
Mia Gomez
I guess the gumball purple
Evelene Benson
Awww Elle talking is so cute
soccer girl07
i guessed it right... purple
Megan Ward
Richard Bundu
Herschel Pratt
I got the color
Duane Johnson
Raj Singh
I think it's purple
george gh
Brooklyn Michael
Sharon Lee
I think purple
Willadean Smith
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