Eminem - You Don't Know ft. 50 Cent, Cashis, Lloyd Banks


Music video by Eminem performing You Don't Know. (C) 2006 Shady Records/Interscope Records

Gee i'm happy that vevo censored the word "blades" i don't think i would have been able to handle that
Smiley Dude
Eminem is best living rapper
Vitoria Alvez
2017 alguém aí 👀
Gül A
This song never gets old!!!!
Makayla Lynn
Crap i forgot that life is life and school hates songs like this crap that
Ronald I st fan
Good video
DopeBoyJayy Jr.
Banks So Underrated
Dota Forever
Binweevil Escape
Funny thing is, this song and so many others are actually more popular than they were when they were released. How do I know this? Click statistics after you click 'More' under the video, youll see this video is blowing up in views and so are many other old tunes like this. People want real music not the shit that's coming out today.
Joseph Schiefer
Eminem sounds like he does in hell the sequel
Шахзод Хакимов
Я фанат Эминема не могу скачать клипы
2017 ?
Hot as fuck!

Кумарбек Муханбеткалыйуулу
обожаю эминем
Carlos Alberto
2040 ALGUEM?????
2017 ?
KrayzieBankz K
Lol i thought 50 cent owned this song😂
Drax47 5h
No marshmello ni Martín Garrix esto es música de verdad 😎
Yui Jhhk
Why is he wearing jail suit?
Jumanne Ally
hard lit shit ever !!!!!!
Guanakillo Lokillo
Is a good rap EMINEM
Poland 🇵🇱
thomas crook
heinz b
DAMN i miss these years! AfterMath was tha motha fkin juggernaut of the Rap world back then!
Back when jail was seen as hard, and not this gay shit.
Pirates, Doctor
What happened to the good music like this?
Antonio Elia
Ravissav zuca'
cameron burry
This song...would go harder....than any new rappers music.
Robert Gittings
Wow the VFX are so bad!
Glauber.araujo Araujo
cara Porã esse clip e dimais
Glauber.araujo Araujo
cara Porã esse clip e dimais
Nikos Thewnas
eminem you re the best
Poor Cashis was censored so hard he had his lines changed :(
Александр Luthor
Я тоже из Russian Pidoration
Cássio Amaral
Damn, what a beat! I don't think there's a 50 Cent and Eminem collaboration that I dislike, it's my 2nd favourite collaboration duo, after Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.
canal bosta
Camila Cerdan
Miguel Sanchez
2038 n this shit is still dope afmfbah
keke official
2017 represent
Edy Thaly
Landry Maguy
La matrix est très sensible donc il faut la traite comme un oeuf car la puissance de DIEU est monstrueuse
usama lashari
All those ppl who disliked this song

acts like they dont like this
Anibal Heredia
Pedazo de mierda ni para lo que se te penso servis, porque para otra cosa la verdad que es fantasia
Anibal Heredia
Adoptada hija de re mil puta! si tenes dignidad si tenes un poco de dignidad te quedas viviendo en otro pais basura!
Diana Bulnes
Can we get a new album Em? We really fucking need it.
Hosannita Oyi
kader benattia
love you 50 cent
Вадим Елжов
И у этого запиканого цензурой говна 245 лимонов ,Мир ебнулся...
Nolly Noid TV
hiphop is back like u don't know! @iamichaelakande
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