Autumn Colors in Tohoku, Japan 4K (Ultra HD) - 東北の秋

4kJapan4k ultra hdultra japan4k hdTohoku東北egawauemonAomoriIwateMiyagiAkitaYamagataFukushima青森岩手宮城秋田山形福島仙台盛岡八戸会津

Learn more about Tohoku :
Find another Japan in Tohoku. Explore the seasonal beauty of Japan’s northeast.
Turn on subtitles and the shooting location will be displayed.

The Tohoku region is an area that consists of Aomori Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Akita Prefecture, Yamagata Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture.

Film directed by Yuki Eikawa
Music by Wolves Unite Japan, Inc.

Really really love this video. This is the one of those more than 3 minutes advertisement that I have watched from beginning until the end. It was really beautiful. I hope that TOHOKU JAPAN can upload more this kind of video more often. I have subscribed and hope to see more of it. Thank you very much for the video.
Annemieke van Leeuwen
Wonderful and interesting! Tohoku is a very beautiful place, the nature is amazing! Thank you! I have send you a message with a question. Greetings...Annemieke
Ophélie BINDJ
Amazing!!! There are no world to discribe this video.
Lost sheep
katherine allouche
Japan has so much to offer ! Thanks !
And always probably the same mysterious, modest and so talented composer ! Music is also stunning !
katherine allouche
Japan has so much to offer ! Thanks !
katherine allouche
Japan has so much to offer ! Thanks !
And always probably the same mysterious, modest, and so talented composer ! Music is also stunning.
ExQuiXII gLaDos
I want to know a name of Video production . Can you tell me ?
Michael Ward
How beautiful can one island's breathtaking !~ >>>>>M<<<<<
這廣告夠吸引人 美到無話可說
bitobito Japan
This is super beautiful! Amazing video!
c'est magique merci
anyone know what's the music name?
the first advertising i enjoyed watching. thanks for this peaceful video
Patrick Fai
FIrst time I enjoyed a youtube Ad and legit clicked on it. It's so beautiful in Japan.
This is stunningly beautiful, both of the music and video.
The video strike my chord so deeply that even with only the music, you can imagine yourself walking down the plain, passing through the forest, embraced with the great mother nature from Japan.
I have been to Japan for 5 times, and my next destination will definitely be Tohoku area.
simply beautiful!!
alep mohd
응 방사능 ~
Aren't you afraid of radiation exposure?
Chao Liu
Thanks for the video. It is really beautiful. But can you tell us, if it is safe to travel in Tohoku. It seems the radioactivity is very high in this area after Fukushima nuclear disaster. This video says the fish from this area has contaminated by radioactivity. ( It's your responsibility to tell us, whether it is safe at first place.
LaLa Music
Julie Laplace
Very beautiful music and video, I would love to go in this country
This is one of the finest videos for a weary, tired soul to listen and lift his spirits after a day of hard mental work! Tahnk you very much for the compilation...superb!
Brian Soh
whats the name of the BGM does anyone know?
anyone know the music title for this ads?
The most BEAUTIFUL advertisement I have ever seen. Determined to go visit Tohoku one day now. I'm in.
Ariesta Spark
3 minute ad, first time I finished it. I loved it. The video itself is amazing (props to the camera person) and the visual is just breathtaking. The music behind it is as good as the whole video. The uprising is just fantastic and thus why I'm repeating this over and over again.
這部短片 真的拍得很棒!!! beautiful video!!!! 這是日本東北哪裡?? 台灣有旅行團到這裡嗎?
Armen Dunamalyan
Tohoku is very magical, beautiful place and the seafood is the best in Japan......
S.Koriginal Fang
I was waiting for this to be some sort of video game or movie ad based on the music
Still enjoyed it
Gosh the music is beautiful! It really compliments the footage dang diggity!
Amazing Ads, I love it
does anyone else think that this song suits the hunger games?
Kiki Chow
the only advertisement that I subscribed after watching it
kim Flora&Fauna
I have been to Amori twice but I have not seen it in this way, boy what did I missed! So please tell me if I wana see such sights, how can we do it? After all, you are promoting the place right? Please let me know more or who can I contact to make this happen! Lovely place! Subarashi !!
Pig King
Meanwhile a video of some guy dancing and singing about pens and pineapples and apples gets hundreds of millions of views...

Seriously though, I want to visit this place before I die
กฤต เจริญผล
I like it
Pure beauty
Beautiful work! Lets work together someday.
The place is where dream meets reality; thank you.
Tetsu de Rothchild
Japan has all Muslims under surveillance despite not having committed any crime. it's inhumane, barbaric, archaic even. boycott Japan today. only u can correct ur world. boycott Japan today.
Christopher Chang
I literally just broke down in tears. Japan is such an amazing, mesmerizing cum beautiful country. God bless Japan and her people!
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