Autumn Colors in Tohoku, Japan 4K (Ultra HD) - 東北の秋

4kJapan4k ultra hdultra japan4k hdTohoku東北egawauemonAomoriIwateMiyagiAkitaYamagataFukushima青森岩手宮城秋田山形福島仙台盛岡八戸会津

Learn more about Tohoku :
Find another Japan in Tohoku. Explore the seasonal beauty of Japan’s northeast.
Turn on subtitles and the shooting location will be displayed.

The Tohoku region is an area that consists of Aomori Prefecture, Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Akita Prefecture, Yamagata Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture.

Film directed by Yuki Eikawa
Music by Wolves Unite Japan, Inc.

Really really love this video. This is the one of those more than 3 minutes advertisement that I have watched from beginning until the end. It was really beautiful. I hope that TOHOKU JAPAN can upload more this kind of video more often. I have subscribed and hope to see more of it. Thank you very much for the video.
The place is where dream meets reality; thank you.
Christopher Chang
I literally just broke down in tears. Japan is such an amazing, mesmerizing cum beautiful country. God bless Japan and her people!
Super Gorrila
buzz lightyear
Great video ! I have shared your video on dizivizi by tagging it on, Tohoku, Japan
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wanna go traveling
Aijaz Ali
what a beautiful country Japan is!!
Very cool ! Christ bless you guys ! He loves you ! Greetings from Vitoria da Conquista - Bahia - Brazil !
Very cool ! Christ bless you guys ! He loves you ! Greetings from Vitoria da Conquista - Bahia - Brazil !
beautiful video...I like the mixture between beautiful sceneries and people in their day to day....
Chuck Norris
This just gets me excited to finally move to Japan with my Japanese wife and beautiful children. God bless Japan. At 1:25, where is that?
Tohoku is safe!!!!!!!!!
Yuehai Qi
so beautiful
Happy Rapunzel
the importance of music
Anson Yong
Really really love this video. This is the one of those more than 3 minutes advertisement that I have watched from beginning until the end. It was really beautiful. I hope that TOHOKU JAPAN can upload more this kind of video more often. I have subscribed and hope to see more of it. Thank you very much for the video.
jonathan guiho
Superbe video
quiero ir ahiii pleaseee love love it
89 coffeetv
Thomas Allen
After watching Winter Lights, I excitedly found my way here to Autumn Colors. Like the other video, this is so very stunning. I find myself very jealous of the talent and opportunities you demonstrated in making this.
Vo Dinh
I love Japan,beautiful country,proud of Asia
Jon Wong
First time to finish watching a 3 minute video and then search for it again! Beautiful!
Tony Wang
Usually I will direct skip the advertisement, but this is the one I am glad I didn't miss it.
I live in japan. There`s great nature in Japan.
please come to Japan.
Nangid Kram
Those three minutes and twenty-five seconds were just beautiful. Jap Lives Matter.
Chandler Bing
I just wanted to watch 5 seconds and then skip it to watch what i wanted to watch,but I eventually watched the whole ad.
Dennis Saathoff
I hardly watch any advertising on yt. But you totally got me. Greetings from Germany. subscribed your channel.
DIANA andréa Touyéras
Gorgeous. And the music...
Chao Liu
Dear Tohoku Japan channel, it is a really beautiful video when I at the first time saw it, it made me want to have a trip in the region Tohoku, but I also concern about my healthy. As we all know the Fukushima nuclear leak now stays also at a high level ( So can you tell us, what is the radiation level in the area Tohoku now? Is this area really safe for such a travelling?
Mastina Masood
can i know the title of this song... its very make so relax... i love japanese song
Igor М
Naturell und Schön
Necro Tony
Sehr schön dort. Und keine Islamisierung keine Moscheen keine Terroranschläge und kein Drohender Jihad oder Scharia. Ein wunderschönes Kulturell hochstehendes Land. Aber Europa stirbt leider
Martha Bradley
amazing absolutely amazing
Leo LI
If only every ad on youtube is this entertaining then no one would use adblock.
Xuntao Cheng
Nice music.
Inyeol Ryu
Simply beautiful.. breathtaking.. stunning.. great work to those who created this ad. Really good job..
David Wilson
One of the best ads I have ever seen. No words needed to promote Japan , just beauty and tradition. Amazing !!!!!
This is probably the first advertisement that I've really wanted to watch from beginning to end.Hats off to who ever put this together.
what is this BGM?
This is the first time i did not skip the ads in Utube! LOVE IT AND I WANT TO CRY BECAUSE I WANNA GO NOW!
God, I love Tohoku. The winter ad made me want someone to set an open-world RPG there.
Ivens Saber
Wonderful ! I hate ads but this one...I want more !
Who's with me ?
Myriam PAYAN
Ce fut un réel plaisir de regarder ces images du bout du monde....un dépaysement total et une autre dimension de ce que nous avons la possibilité de voir. Il se dégageait de cette vidéo une tranquillité et une beauté que les simples mots de mon vocabulaire ne suffisent pas à exprimer.Bravo à celui qui nous a proposé ce film, et un grand MERCI.
yang suzumi
i suck carry pls
This is one ad I really can't skip
lou trafalgar
i love video
Edward Tiah
The Winter Ad brought me here and I'm glad it did!
Hor foo weng
really dont know used which word to describe ..... is too Amazing and beautiful. thank you for your good job and well done. speechless
Seiji Fuji
Visiting Tohoku this month!
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