Starbucks — A Year of Good

Last year, Starbucks customers helped us provide full tuition to 6,535 college students, help over 8,000 US veterans and military spouses find work, and helped support over 301,506 ethically sourced farms. There is a lot of good happening out there—thanks to you.

Jannik Abt
this video almost made me cry
super sav sundays
i am drinking starbucks
A2Weelr Gaming
My cousin Kaylin Worked at Starbucks until a life taking act. What a great brand
R.I.P. Kay kay
Huu Huy Anh BUI - Year 08
This vid make me so emotional
I drink three cup of Starbucks Frappuccino every single day!?
Team Antonella
العنزي ءء
اطلق قهوه ذقتها بحياتي من ستاربكس
McKenzie Hess
You need to bring back the unicorn frapachino please please please!!!!!
Siena B
Can you come to Perth Australia please please please please please please please please like if you want starbucks to come to Perth Australia
this is why I refuse to stop going to Starbucks or Starbs as some of my friends call it. Boycott and all the good this company does goes to waist. as for me here's to many more lattes to come
Northwest Wonderland
Great video
Josh B
That touched my heart so much, I think I'll go drink some water so I can have my heart longer.
Dodd mitchell
Well done
Jonathan Zhang
This gives me chill
Aria malulani
This makes me cry everytime! I'm so emotional right now! 😭😭😭😭
Cristian Moro
THANK YOU THNAK YOU THANK YOU STARBUCKS. I will always purchase your coffee, I will always spend money on a company that dedicates their business to include everyone. THNAK you for standing for what's right. AMAZING COMMERCIAL AD!!! 👧👴🏾👳🏿👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏼‍🎓👮🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏾👵🏽
sammmy moreno
Boycott Starbucks and support are Veterans . Put Veterans First!!
You know you're emotional when a Starbucks commercial makes you cry. Damn, dude, wtf.
Dre Vaughn
What song
Wanetta Ghisiawan-Whittaker
Awesome video, awesome company, awesome coffee and food!
Kaider Rolen
Helen Jiang
This is how you brag
What song is this?
Why do I keep watching this over and over again?
I'm not a coffee guy, never really tried the stuff even. But I have to say, really well done advertisement. Really captured a touching feeling ^^.
Dat Cat
dang. that definitely will make me go to starbucks more
Imani Allen
Only reason I watched this is because I thought Starbucks would provide a code that gives you a free drink since I've spent probably 2000 or more being a customer here for over 5 years but ok :)
Andy Stebbins
Starbucks is exceptionally good at doing good, and making coffee. And ads. And jobs.
Matthew P. Mattson
This commercial is so well put together. It's beautiful.
Why does it say that it has 9 comments?
Omar Albarghouty
Best coffee shop in the world and all of its stores served me with great quality from Jordan to Texas to NY to Canada to Madrid to Barcelona to Saudi Arabia. Best of luck and keep it up!
Sierra Liley
I love this ad, and I love Starbucks so it works out.
why is this such a good video
I love this!
Synthra Official
Thank you. That was amazing.
Loretta Lynn
I've listened to and watched the video 3 times now, I can't...for the life of me, name the song playing in the background. I know I know it, but can't spit it out. Perhaps you could help? BTW, great spot! I don't care for 'commercials, and I even record/DVR everything I watch so I can fast forward through the ads, but this one caught my eye and ear. Love it! You do an amazing job year round. Thank you for all you do.
Jose Cabañas
lot of coffe around 30 to 40 was me
M Fl
M Fl
This video literally made me cry😭❤️❤️❤️
Isaac Walker
you keep track of how much coffee your customers order?
Where is that Starbucks located the first shown in the video?
Dat Hoe Ero
Chris Lambert
Love this. <3 #orlandostrong
Summer Rae
Starbucks is bea! Starbucks is LIFE! ☕️ ⭐️ ❤️ yum! 👅
Vex and Chill
we need Starbucks in western Australia!!
check out the Starbucks time lapse I did. "my wall street Starbucks time lapse"
Nero of Rome
The piano version of Sam Smith's "Stay With Me." ^^
Gina Tice - Tracy
I had no idea!
Allen Johnson
Judy Hunt
Good Job
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