Yanari Mink
You have never been so relatable ")
Nettie Stanfield
Dude I'm so friggin awkward. I hate handshakes so much. I always mess them up. It makes me want to die.
Kathryn Raymond
Jack was teasing you, he said so in one of his videos.
Major Nightmare 7
Who else noticed the pink belt 1:54
Nuts Nuts
Of course handshake does not suit PewDiePie they should do the codename BroFist
Tolga Mert TEMEL
OÇ BERKİN? Kardes tamam iyide cevirinin arasina sikistirmanin manasi ne aq?
Cup O' Coffee
Hitler... awkward handshake
puppy kid
One time me and my team (thats what our different sections of the school are called) were doing "something fun" as the teachers called it, and it was pretty much a little quiz from all my classes, and one teacher made me and my friends bow before we gave him the answer, and honestly it took me a second to realize that he wasn't joking so I just starred at him for like 3 seconds directly in the eyes and then I saw that my other friends were actually bowing so in my mind I was like "Oh shit he wasn't joking" and as my friends were already almost done with their bows I started to do my bow to my teacher. One of the most awkward/embarrassing moments of my life.
Soul Titan
You are a click bait bitch
I love how when Jack and Felix try to shake hands, Felix is just like "No, no, no" and jumps behind the couch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
MΓ‘tyΓ‘s KomΓ‘romi
10:37 you need to shake his foot
Matias Γ…strΓΆm
Felix do you ever do handshake right
Devon Persing
I honestly thought that the cringemass shake was on purpose because it was about cringe :/
Marjorie Ayala
Cringed on the first one
tiefling demon
jack said in one of his videos that he did that bad hand shake on purpose because he knew you hated awkward hand shakes
hitler wasnt able to handshake with his right hand, cuz he had some moto disorders and everbody laughts while he was handicapped. Gj^^ knowlege of the americans xD
Random Commenter
I had a bad handshake once. Someone wanted to fistbump me but I hand shake him.
Aye U2
Pewds... you're the problem
Arraval Productions
Pewdiepie: is that hitler ?!

Cristofer S.
Mexican or Italian?
Janka Cseh
OrbΓ‘n Viktor is Pewdiepies fav. ! Welcome Pewds from Hungary!
Aniket Dandge
πŸ™ namaste don't get awkward q
jack fucked up the handshake on purpose apparently, because he knew it would freak him out. he said he thought it was obvious.
Ben Wilde
I had friends over and all of a sudden when my friend was going out and I was about to handshake with my hand out for ever
The fucking start
Damien McKinley
Watching these videos while stoned makes me 🀣🀣🀣
Yam Z
hello random person in the intent , have a nice day
Hasan HΓΌseyin HD
a muns 1k gamin
Ur coming with me boi
a muns 1k gamin
My ears sss ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Lord Dovahkiin
One day I saw a kid walking across the street that I thought was my friend so I waved at him but when he turned around I looked at him and realized that was not my friend..... That was the cringiest moment in my life...
Carson Hunt
jack didn't fk up he was pulling a joke lol
normal fears:snakes/spiders
felix's fears:HANDSHAKES and HANDSHAKE
i was at a party once and i saw my "best friend" across the room with some people i didnt know, i could only see the back of her and it was very dark but i tapped her on the shoulder and said "hey ugly bitch", turns out it was not my bestfriend. i wanted to die.
I remember Jack talking about his awkward handshake w/ Felix...
He said he did it on purpose because it was Cringemas, y'know? I couldnt stop laughing when I figured this out XD
kate shaw
i like your shirt!
3:03 xD
Γ‡apraz Oyun
Lan bak adamla ne gΓΌzel vidio yapΔ±yor birde bizim enesbatura bak aq :D
So we know Hitler did at least one thing wrong
TheBlack Kat
can I have a hug though it doesn't require hands just arms
Julia Rose Bates
Please like this random comment for no reason πŸ‘πŸΌ
Julia Rose Bates
Lol... when I hi five I usually miss their hand. This emoji πŸ™πŸ» looks like a hi five instead of peace✌️ LIVE IF U AGREEEEE
"My name is Mahk, and I don't shake hands.."
Is no one going to talk about the kissing sounds? I cringe at bad handshakes, but I cringe more at kissing noises. Like can they mute it out or something? It's so cringey!
Vera Erdei
1:37 (the guy with the glasses was drunk bytheway) Still love you pdp, even if you are the cringe itself Β°wΒ°
Isabel Salcedo
Idk if it's like an American thing but guys here are taught whoever lets go first is the weaker male
WolfGamer 68
That awkward moment when someone you barely know wants a hug so you awkwardly hug them
Dab Howlter
My Spanish teacher called a deaf girl's name then got mad when she didn't answer
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