Ed Sheeran - All Of The Stars [Official Video]

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Official music video for Ed Sheeran's 'All Of The Stars' from The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack. Buy the full soundtrack here: http://smarturl.it/TFIOSST

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Aishah Azmi
Missing someone 💔
Aditya Vikram
No matter how hard you kick
No matter how high you get...
You can't go all the way round😢😢❤️!!
Sharyln Ching
Brink of 21st July!!!!
SunLightPup 33
i love this!
MLBB ReyNiel07
Kevin Klingert
I love blowing my boyfriend to this OMG <333
Leo Lady
This song, this book, this movie 😭😭😭❤️
Madi Mochis
Ed te amo esa es mi cancon favorita desde que my hermana la puso de tono de llamada yo dije wooooooooooooooow esa cancion me enamoro por completo porque me encanta como empieza y no solo eso lo mas importante la letra es encantadora y a mi que me encanta la musica clasica y yo toco el piano y desde que la escuche dije que cuando tenga celular la hiba a poner desde ahora en adelante y para siempre pero me encanta como va y como termina es encantadora la cancion me enamore por completo y si no me entiendes busca en el traductor de google porque nesecito que veas este mensaje is very important for you because i love you Ed sheeran or you can hire a translator if you do not write on the internet translator get lucky on your way and know GOD will lead you to eternal life and you will know the true love and you will knowthat i speak because you bring peace to the world i love you Ed good bye
Sofia Arci
when estás llorando como Magdalena y de repente aparece Sing
Maryna Salles
linda ❤😍
Tech Hack's
Awesome music 😍
Sindy Puncu
I was here July 2017
Anni Souza
This song always makes me think of how much I love my friends and I miss them. And of the time I went to Amsterdam with two of them and we forgot to play this song and it was a simpler and happier time
Mariana Dias
essa música faz parte do leu namoro 😍❤
Liz Reyes
I really love this song <3
Mae M. Lursen
Does anyone know what The Fault In Our Stars is about
Who's watching this in July 2017?
Hayzel Joy Baldicañas
"Okay" is our "Always" ❤❤❤❤❤
Hi yes thanks for checking in I'm still crying over dear Starboy!
I came looking for this after I heard this song in the Golden Buzzer moment of Christian Guardin in AGT 2017.
Adam Bradburn
you can tell there's magic in him when his songs make People cry.
Sneha Biswas
just loved it!!!!it made me cry
!!!!awesome...too much...
JayDee Rothschild
It's July 2017, and I'm STILL watching/listening!!!
tami butterfly
His voice is like an Angel
BaZoOoKa 2014
♥ When I hear this song I feel happy and optimistic well done
mochi wifeu
who came here after watching ''The fault in our Stars?'' the story is so amazing!
Ortodoxx Orto
still visit this on July 2017
Kelen ribeiro
Brasileiros cadê vcs ? 2017 ?? ❤😍
life is beautiful
Alexandria KING
Ugh, I hate people who are like: 'You can do anything if you just believe in yourself' or 'You feel pain to know that you heal.'
People who think they are depressed but are actually just going through hormonal changes.
(No offense to actually depressed people)
Sijo T George
who's watching in July 2017? anyone?
Daniel Rivas
John Rommer
Probably one of World's saddest song ever.
When you truly love someone you just can't stop thinking about them
bololo tetis
A beautiful song ♥
Faisal Abdul Majeed
at the moment it is not okay But one day it would be okay :)
#MissYou #2015
Lucineia Aparecida
melhor musica
Advaith Bala
SOMEbody once told me th- oops wrong video
Tanzeem Rahman
the ratio to likes and dislikes :). it's rare
Кот Пупкин
Carlos Polo
Carlos Polo
Nice song
Dionata martins
"Alguns infinitos são maiores que outros..."
Tanaver Karimkhan
Christian Guardino audition in AGT 2017 brought me here :)
Who’s here because you were rewatching all of Christina Grimmie’s performances and then saw the one with Ed Sheeran
Ashish kasliwal
and there are people who break up just because of various reasons! Trust me i lost someone and till today i fucking feel incomplete.Say the things you feel before it"s too late!
Sra. Drew
Kayla ._.gaudette
i love this song and the movie
Ezdhar x
Gianna Balsama
Who came here from 9 3/4 Amino?
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