Hulk LEGO BATMAN Robber! Real Superhero Animation Movies (Play Doh Stop Motion)

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"Hand Lego Batman over and nobody gets hurt"
Marvel vs DC Comic Superhero stop-motion animations.

Stop Motion videos - Superhero stop motion, Play Doh stop motion, Animation Hulk, Hulk movies, Disney characters, Marvel movies.

Check out more stop motions videos below :)

HULK GIRLY MAKEUP Tutorial - Superheroes in Real Life

HULK Goes to the Dentist | Play Doh Superhero Stop-motion

HULK TOILET SICKNESS - Gross Food Prank Superheroes

Hulk Gets Sick Needs Shot Superheroes in Real Life Play Doh

Elsa Gets Sick Needs Shot Frozen in Real Life Play Doh Animation

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Music By Kevin Macleod

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