River Treasure #25: I Found a Gun!!!! (MURDER WEAPON???), Camera, 2 Phones, Raybans and MORE!!!

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Well guys i had an awesome river treasure hunt today in North Carolina!! I found a bunch of cool stuff including a 9mm kel tec luger!! SUBSCRIBE and stay tuned for my next ADVENTURE!!! Also...

Also there will be a GIVEAWAY coming SOON so stay on the lookout!!! :)

"Inspired" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Nice Clickbait
Toy Box Treats
I would have laughed if he tried to see if that cigarette lighter worked whilst under water.
Sina Ace
take a shot when ever he says "GUYS"
vc sabe só pré vídeogame vem vem
Leah Woodson
if there's a gun in a river there's a 95% chance there's a dead body as well.....
trance.dance .711
I'm curious if you checked out what was on the camera?
trance.dance .711
someone's murder weapon..
sam harris
how many people chucked thair glasses
fin Gonzalez
now everyone find guns now this another dumass trend
Avin Dhaneram
Momo Macaroni
Looks in the same river a couple day later and finds a 50 bmg
Jamie Leighton
Why so many glasses?!?!?
Joshua Yochim
You should go to the Nantahala river in north carolina
James Johns
give it to police
how coincidental, he found a very good quality camera under water burried in sand with just glimse of blue. pulls it straight out of the sand like he knows it's cube shaped.

get your fake ass shit off youtube boi.
Hangtown Gunner
Looks like the Kel-Tec pf9
Works the Smart Phones?
keily kõllamets
u civ the cun do the police
Patrick Bru
crazy freaky gun found
so many glasses
I bet that xp cam has some good college late teen nudes on it 😈😈😈😈
David Reiber
wow, big fan of your channel
Manfred Persson
Green River!! Creedence Clearwater Revival 😂😂
Matthew Ross
luger cant be keltek
Dalton Holbrook
Great vid man
Isaac Byrne Murphy
give the gun too the guards it's probably a murder weapon
Isaac Byrne Murphy
give the gun too the guards it's probably a murder weapon
i like how you will try to give stuff back
love your vid soo cool i subbed nice gun
Austin Meyn
if u find any phones I would b willing to pay for them as I sell and repair phones I also help a lot of ppl out who loose/need a phone so would b much appreciated if u would like to do biz
Icy_Frxst // Rap_Dude
Lugers suck
He dont have to worry about prints on that gun. Hes print cant tie him to any murder if he found this, its all rusted. so its been underwater for some time. prints from the old user is gone by long, i dont think any prints shows up if its under water for that long so its started to rust
Suomen uusi ystävä
Is it sand proof? Xd
Jacob Lucio
fuck boy
Todor Gigov
where is this river
Man...I want that urban carry holster;)
I think he should get a metal detector
gameplay boy
can i one Phone please
Mighty Saiyan
dude you're not afraid that you're stumble across a dead body. lol
The two phones are majne
Jj Barkley
I would love to come with u to go river hunting
Shaun Irwin
I love you vids
Rexczi Cex
3:20, you know that all sunglasses with those dots at the edge is fake!?
Jorsh Jager
i just discover your channel, is so fu*** amazing the stuff you can found in a river... totally suscribe
Prince Virginia
you got to be careful with those guns you find, a lot may be hot.
So you're really gonna give all those back to the owners...... doubt it
Try out Dan River in Danbury Nc
Mason Smart
He was aiming the gun at his Head
take the gun to the Police.
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