Why Are You Always Tired?

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Tired of being tired? Here are some helpful tips!
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AprilDawn Bennett
@asapscience why no mention of #fibromyalgia, #lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome #cfs and other #chronic diseases?
Tara Griffith
So I can't sleep because I have anxiety, depression and because I'm fat. COOL.
This video is perfect for me!
Arbenita Ismajli
i do fitness and eat healthy dont drink coffee maybe its from the high temperature
Taylor Pratt
I'm not sure if anyone else commented this, but try taking B12 vitamins. I started taking raspberry gummy B12 and it really has helped.
Zilan Demir
anxiety and depression
Anxious night owl checking in.
aaaaah, so it's my crippling anxiety and depression making me tired, well shit
Nutella Latte
RIP to all those who work at airports 😭😭
Shawn B
What if my urine pours out like syrup?
kat H.
I take 4 hour naps, usually like 2-3 times a week. I tell myself 20 min, but ha ha no. And sometimes I just pass out on my bed when I
get home, unintentionally...
kat H.
Some times I can't fall asleep even though I'm tired. I lay awake in bed from 12am till about 8am once. I started crying at 7 because I just wanted to sleep... I fell asleep at 8, and was woken up at noon. I was pretty mad, and went back to sleep.
Is it possible for caffeine to have the opposite effect on some people? when I was little my grandpa would give me coffee with chocolate milk to calm me down when I got rlly hyper.
Diet was big for me.
NicolΓ‘s Merino
Also Me: watches this at 4am
Im watching this at 12:29 am lol, im a night owl and suffer from prolonged severe depression.
Lara M
I'm such a night owl like whyyy my mind basically wakes up at 5 PM even if my body is up at 8 AM because I have to 😩
Octo Poetic
Probably because I stayed up till 2 am cleaning my room! Still not done
Relachi Animation
Was tired all my life, until doctors found that I wasn't able to breathe through my nose properlyGot surgery and now I'm energetic as hell
why are you so tired ??
Why it is all about insomnia and lack of sleep? There should be real medical talk about being tired throughout the day! Sleep is not the only solution!
ella.fant. 1317
5 seconds in to the video and boom: it's the exercise πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ knew it
Sally Williams
I barely get enough sleep, because I play a game called Mystic Messenger. It keeps me up until 3 and wakes me up as early as 6 or 8 in the morning!
Ale Zuvic
THANKS! I really needed this.
Gloria Wyble
Try eliminating dairy. I've had fatigue and depression on a regular basis since I was a teen. However, I recently eliminated dairy from my diet less than 6 months ago, and I am no longer tired or depressed. I had no idea dairy was the root cause! It was ruining my life in so many ways! Doctors will not tell you. Maybe they don't know. I initially eliminated dairy because it would cause me stomach pains. It may take 2 to 5 months to see results, but only if you don't cheat. It may not work for you; but it's worth a try. Isn't your life worth it? In my case, milk does not do a body good. Got Milk? NOPE! and No Thank You!
Lovely Life
I just need to fill up my sleep bank then I'll be good. I hate exercising. It's so damn boring. I'd RATHER sleep!
Lazy Daisy
I have a question that has been bugging me since I was a child
why when cockrouches die the they lie on their back?
watching this at 3 am....

Who the hell takes 20 minutes naps?
samira esther nina dominguez
CAN you guys record a video talking about night owls and morning people , y would like to know the real difference, how can somebody realize in which of them they fit and, if you can, how give some advices about living in both ways. thanks, I do love your videos. πŸ’–
IZzy Caerau
I smoke about 10 joints a day I'm always tired lol
Marjon Chua
It's because I go to bed at 3 and wake up at 8
The Little Wanderer
Can you do a video like this for "Why am I always so cold?"
Nexus Intake
Because I am up late watching this video.
Claire Meagher
But I wake up at the same time everyday, sleep for 8h per night, workout regularly, eat healthy, drink lots of water, don't drink coffee or alcohol, and yet I am always tied.
Paola G
From my experience, I used to eat 4 bars of chocolate a day or many other different sweets. After looking into how a diet can help heal your acne and make it look nice.. I stopped. For one day my body felt like shit because I didn't eat sugar but after that, I didn't feel tired. I'm waking up early and feel sleepy at the same time every day. And I don't even exercise!!
So basically "talk to ur physician" is what I got from this video... thanks ASAP science 😏
edith peguero
The color of my skin has to be a "pale yellow" any darker then I need water, I'm black tho
spontaneous lizard
*before watching*: depression

*after watching*: yeah im pretty sure its depression
Jaylen Martin
gave the video a like before it started
I'm always tired because I masturbate too much.
Savannah Gilbert
Savannah Gilbert
i stay tired i stay up all night and yawn and try to lay down and still c an sleep then i end up msleeping until 1 or something wasting my day away
Also I get so tired sometimes that I'll wake up from about 9 hours of sleep (or more) and 30 minutes later fall back asleep for another 4 hours I legit just sleep all day and it's not that I want to it's that my body just does it
I get super hyper at night so likeeee.... how am I supposed to go to sleep when I'm wide awake and laughing at anything that moves
Sandra Claws
I have a tip for those who have anxiety contribute to their lack of sleep. Keep a journal or planner and write down all the things you have to do. It helps me so much to get the buzzing thoughts out of my head and onto paper. All you need to do is open your planner and everything will be there!
Lucy Bliss
1:26 Okay the guy on the right is CLEARLY hogging all of the blanket
I'm honestly really sad that they didn't include a segment about narcolepsy. it's nothing like Hollywood shows it and some specialists say it's so undiagnosed that 50% of sufferers have no idea they have it.

the most prevalent symptom of narcolepsy is chronic daytime sleepiness. others include loss of memory, lack of focus, trouble staying asleep at night, and sudden loss of muscle control often brought on by emotions such as laughter, fear, anger, or surprise.
Natt Frayne'
Hooray! I have an anxiety and a depression disorder good for me...
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