Why Are You Always Tired?

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Tired of being tired? Here are some helpful tips!
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Crystal Latsyrc
Who actually takes 20 minute naps? I need at least a couple hours.
pawan baboria
Wonderful animations,
Famous Ramus22
Oh that's why I'm always tired
Sary Sanchez
I fell asleep while watching this-😂😂😂 coincidence? I think not
Hva er 10 pluss 9
Can you make a video about how you should workout?
A random person
Bro, I'm like a ball of energy I essentially never get tired.
Yelena Antipova
out of all this video, I think the craziest thing I learned is that 1/10 of people have depression
Nathan Shatzer
So basically become Mormon
Andy Santos
Andy Santos
superpickle456 - music and minecraft
Gets plent of excercise and sleep. Doesnt have much caffeine. Gets enough water, still tired
Angelfun AJ
I fell asleep after watching this vid lol
Julieta Rivadero
How do we eat
Lane Kat
you: dont go for your cup of joe
me: i just woke up and im 11 how about i do anyway
Can someone get me the background music to this video? I am in love with it.
I wish I didn't go into REM sleep in those 20 minute naps. That is a blanket statement that isn't true for everyone. I had 10 minutes to take a nap during a break at work so I fell asleep, started having a full on dream and when my alarm went off to wake me up, I was so disoriented that for a moment I thought I was late to work, panicked, then realized that I was already at work.
69 Solo
Oh my goat! Why didn't I find this channel before??? I subbed instantly. I am a new comer. Can I get warm welcome please??? ^_^
Crispy Slick
wth, my diet is pretty much perfect and I do a lot of exercise and I am physically on low energy
what if your urine is white?
I dont get up at the weekend at 6am in the morning...
dante mckenzie
You really just may be dehydrated lol I just realized this with me just now
Isa Owre
I was wondering if you could do a video about the benefits/ potential dangers of using coconut oil. I've heard a lot of controversy about whether its extremely healthy to consume vs. extremely unhealthy, along with the benefits of using it externally
Maybe I'm tired in school because I have to stay up at 6am (27 minutes later I have to go) and have so much to learn and homework and want also a life that I go to sleep every day after 11pm..
Rauf Ali
Solution to all problems = CANNABIS.
lissa mercado
bcos we are human duhh
loved it!
Monday Me: ITS SUN- Oh.

Tuesday Me: Eh, not that bad.

Wednesday: Help me please.

Thursday: Nearly Friday..



Sunday Morning: I looooooove relaxing..

Sunday Evening: (Sobs) It's nearly Monday again!

Repeat. My life. Every week XD
Jess Stuart
For me, it's adrenal fatigue, and feeling like I'm drowning in other peoples' shit at work. The reward for hard work is... More work!
sunny day
Did you just assume my level of wakeness?
two men in that bed kms
Kim Davis
Can you make a video on weed and sleep?
Miss Royals
Because you have mono
con Ba
3 mins basically saying not enough sleep
Carl Morlion
I am 55 kg and I drink 1.5 litre water. And my urine is always transparent(non-colour) is it good? or should I drink less for make it yellow?
Biggest reason ppl are tired? They wake up to alarm clocks before they wake up naturally and live an on the go life with kids.
Gulono khan
this videos explain causes of tiredness in general ..its not about you stop making fun..ofcourse their are many factors why we feel exausted sometimes. Normal tiredness may be caused by doing work all day, binge use of the computers or mobile phones BUT for others it may be abnormal it can be psychological (depression, stress) or biological (hormonal imbalance).
Moona Moray
Anemia too
McKendra Adams
Why am I able to tickle myself? And why aren't people supposed to be able to do so?
The science behind rebellions
Oh god you used the 'H' word!(hydrated)
It's as though modern man and woman is unable to decide on when they are thirsty.
le iboy
Wrong, wee should actually be transparent, if you drink only water, which is what your supposed to do
Cashy 1
I fell asleep watching this lol
Virginia :D :P (xD)
I can't get up at 8 am (i regularly do in the weekend) because school's already started (it starts just at 8:00)
ive learned something usefull on every video ive watched from this channel. dont ussually sub... but it did
Joseph James
dang equal it truly looks likedeeply boot~age
Wtf my naps lasts like 2-3 hrs lol
It's four a.m. I should have exerxised today.
Robert Bennett
daylight saving time screws up my sleep schedual and makes me more tired
ThemGood Deeds
How I'm I going to take a nap it takes me 20 min to fall asleep
Omg this is way too much in one video
Crimson XCVI
Im tired of always procrastinating... but I guess sleeping will make me feel better. Goodnight :)
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