I'm not excited
I always feel tired without doing anything πŸ€”
William Hollis
Okay so I'm pretty sure I have anxiety. depression and diabetes are a big issue in my family too 😏😴
sameer sahu
Can you please make a video on is black magic real?
gabrielle campbell
Scrolling through some great comments,not even listening to the videoπŸ˜‚
Yash Kapoor
Tired? Piece of shit stressful school makes me tired. Not enough physical activity. 20 min naps? More like 4 hr naps. Also, schools should really think about 4 days a week instead of 5. Mofos wonder why we dont get good grades.
Kalpana Senapati
Please do a video on how to be better in sports???
i sleep loads drink a lot and don't get tired in the house or doing activities, however as soon as i go into collage i cannot stop being tired to the point where i'm fighting sleep what is it and how do i stop it???
my health teacher shiwed me this in school lol
kajol shah
your illustrations are so amazing 😍
Nishant Wattamwar
hello there I'm curious to know how do you make your videos
Why do I wake up sore in the morning, despite no physical activity the day before?
Jeon loleeta
Fapasaurus Rex
Regular sleep cycle... pfft as if I'm waking up at 5 am daily
Who reads comments while there is an ad playing?
The Reaper
i work all night 4 days a week sometimes u wish i could sleep for a month
Waddles The Pig
Welp, that explains more than it should...
alex perdomo
All of these describe me :/
x.Charlina Jaduara.x
Seriously?! I have to wake up at half 5 on the weekends too??! Er, no thanks, I'll stick to 12 o' clock :/ XD
Courtney Turner
I sleep like a baby
Little A
I'm so tired
Yashwanth Aravind
How to get a quick relief from fever and concentrate on studies???
I thought he was going to say "Some people are so full of sh!t" lol!!
Thank you, this is so helpful!
Hassan Syed
I workout every day and still feel tired.
Sergio Costline
Is car sick a thing
Pravakar Dutta
I don't love 20minutes nap, I love 3hours nap
Izzy B
I think it's mainly depression for me. I get 8 hours of sleep, and I get exercise regularly, and eat healthy.
Dork Diaries Fan
Why does Mitch sound like he has a cold?
Night owl here :(
is it possible to be an early bird and a night owl, both at the same time?
is it possible to be an early bird and a night owl, both at the same time?
is it possible to be an early bird and a night owl, both at the same time?
is it possible to be an early bird and a night owl, both at the same time?
is it possible to be an early bird and a night owl, both at the same time?
gucci infires taetae
Sleep is for the weakkk
Joshua Tanedo
Hi! I'm Yuan from Philippines and I have a burning question " Does really our brain grows in size?" Thanks for teaching us science trivias! Hope you'll answer my question :)

#asapscience fannatic ;)
It's Finnick Bitch!!
gettin up at the same time on the weekends as during the week?!?? wtf no
i get up at 6 am for school and feel like shit during the day

on the weekend i usually sleep for 12-15 hours so that i won't die from lack of sleep when school starts again on monday
Eric Lee
What about sleep apnea? Doesn't this have a major impact of quality of sleep.
Kayla beamon
That’s the question I ask myself everyday.
Grace Old-Orchard
It's 2am...
Revan The Gallade
I'm a Night Owl πŸ¦‰
That one book Of Mormon fan
So are these the people who don't want kids
Huynh anh Nguyen
I got all of theses. Fml.
Nicky nix
These videos would be much better if the music wasn't so loud and if the speaker talked slower
Laisvis Buu
Watching it at 3am -.-
Milan Kainth
Why's the answer to everything on this chanell don't drink, eat healthy and do exercise.
Dean Natuno
Sleep is for the weak!
Me : I'm and Introvert and I have Depre..
You : Stahp
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