Rafael Nadal Stops Tennis Match as Distraught Mother Looks for her Little Girl Lost in the Crowd

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What a champ! Rafael Nadal stops exhibition tennis match against John McEnroe as distraught mother looks for her little girl lost in the crowd The toddler, Clara, got separated from her mother at a stadium in Majorca The mother caused such a commotion that the player stopped the game With the help of the crowd, tearful mother and daughter were reunited

ennis superstar Rafael Nadal stopped a match when a distraught mother interrupted the game because she had lost her young daughter in the crowd.

Nadal was about to serve during a doubles exhibition match with his Spanish teammate Simon Solbas.

They were playing two former world number ones - the Spaniard Carlos Moya, 40 and American legend John McEnroe, 57 in Manacor, Mallorca.

But Nadal - himself a world number one - stopped the game in front of the 7,000 strong crowd when he heard the commotion, and realized a child had gone missing.

TV footage showed the upset mother of the child standing next to a steward and shouting 'Clara'. 

Nadal, 30, and his teammates stopped playing, and when the crowd realised there was a problem, they started looking for the child.
The tearful girl was soon spotted a short distance away and bystanders alerted the emotional mother, who ran to pick her up and hug her tightly.

The spectators applauded the emotional moment and appeared to rejoice at the happy ending before the stars promptly resumed the match.

The match, which was initially supposed to feature Swedish former World Number 1 Mats Wilander, 52, who had to withdraw due to an injury, ended in a victory for Nadal and Solbas.

However, some who watched the video criticized the mother.

One user identified as ‘Tommy’ said: "Why [was] this mum so careless in the first place, not to keep an eye on her daughter, especially in crowded places.

"Luckily, she was found and [I] hope this will be a learning lesson for her.

Alex Dallecks
Underwhelmed. He stood there with his gob a agape.
Shreya Srivastava
How happy he ws wen they met..!!! Truly a heart of gold..!!!
Ron Pasa
who the fuck is that blue shirt guy with glasses?
Anwar Mohiuddin
simply awesome n very heart touching
Bindu Gowda
Tears in my eyes 😢#RESPECT_NADAL
Mohmad Kareem
rahil junaid
Gud human being
Annamalai Swaminathan
thats only they are legends!
Ajinkya Borgaonkar
Why few ppl dislike this awesome lvbl vdo😡????
abhishek kumar
Very emotional video 😗😗😗
Valentina Moro
How did i end up here?
Rakesh Chopda
great humanity for both players
Sanjiv Dey
Love you
bushra alrashid
hut ab rafa!!
virat rathod
Love u brother Rafael Nadal...You are Sensitive Human being...I have deep respect for you...
Shashi kant
hrt touching 👍
shyam sunder
Very nyc
Abraham Castillo
Más viva pelmaza....es tu hija!!!!
mukesh shriramwar
Roger federer was the greatest of all time till he was injured...
Roger Moger
While some comments are great, some are also outright insensitive and inhumane. No wonder the world is full of hate and anger, I request the good ones to please stick to being good as without you all hope is lost.
tez moore
nadal went out early in the canadian open one year...he sent sent a message to everybody who had booked tickets for him in the later rounds saying he was very sorry for letting them people down..not many like him these days
Umar Farooq
big player big heart love it
aminul islam jibon
nice ------ rafa
Vishnu Viswanathan
god bless you
Bhamin Patel
There is nothing like mother's love. Salute to all mothers!
Umesh Tawade
M Mujahid
heart touching moment
Katy Did
Parents shouldnt take their kids to events if they're kids cant behave. Especially when they're so stupid they forget they're supposed to have a kid with them. Your daughter needs her ass beat for interupting a game for her shenanigans and leaving her mother in a crowd. Mom you need your ass beat for being a shitty parent and clearly not parenting or your spoiled child. How the hell do you focus on a game with all that drama? She should have been asked to leave for disturbing the peace. Take your brat with you. I HAVE NEVER LOST MY CHILD IN PUBLIC. It is possible to keep your kids in check.
Black To Grace
Silly woman
Badar Fayyaz
very good NADAL
Muzammil Butt
Nadal is a great guy.
yashesh makwana
Rafael Nercessian
The reason why I've always admired Rafa is not just because he's a good player, but he has always had a heart of a champion
pablo cesar barria flores
Que wueona mas grande,,,,
Ranjit Khot
I don't get the reason behind 802 dislikes🤔
Feroze alam
It was so nice of Rafael Nadal.
kannan soso
Well... that mom is a preggy.
kannan soso
01:33 😂😂😂
anuj sharma
i cried missing my Mom
Anita Sharma
Respect Rafa..that makes you different from others.LOVE n wishes from India🌸🌼
Maryam Shams Lahijani
Oh God
Judson Vavilala
dzulkafley samad
He's a gentleman
Leon J K
True Sportsman....
Marta T.
Respect Rafa!
Leticia Plaza
Rafa, eres el mejor....Eso es espíruto...
J R_7
What a guy!!!!
Ted Cleveland
do you really had to add music?
samia jamshaid
well done Nadal,👍god bless you ,and all you players out there keep up the good gestures.
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