Kiran Vishwakarma
But your videos r si nice hmmm.....
Kiran Vishwakarma
U will repeat hacks who will agree with me
Μαρία Λικάι
Unknown Guys
Always the same hacks in all videos of 5 minutes craft. But the crafts are good but the same.
I dont know why but she looks soo funny at 4:14. I see something attractive on her. Did anyone feel so..
Akshaya Dhanisetty
At 4:58 his teeth are black
Hiba Fahim
كجه شيتكه
زور ناشرين
Keilyn Perez
I like my own comment since no one likes mine😩😭🙁💔🧡
Zoona Ibrahim
Wow I need to try this
Tamara Montilus
I feel like if i do the broken nail one a couple weeks later i think my nail is peeling off
Mircea Rus
Ce urat
Swati Taware
Hh he dfhjj2
Nia Queen
I Know all of these they just keep using the same ones
Jessica Orlando
elaoutmany adnane
je bent slim
elaoutmany adnane
je kan alles maken
Tanvi Dhiman
Nic video
Pooja Dahiya
marvelous hacks, plz keep uploading these kind of hacks
Francesco Invernizzi
Sıla Özkan
I'm watching them but I'm not doing it any time😑
hoomy0001 sh
6.05 it works with water also
Hamza Khan
Sameer Haider
what is this😴😴😴😴
Aida Kaci
Super ideas
Abdullah khan
i wish to know these hacks sooner
Anjana Biswas
from where that lip box is getting
Katha Halder
nice idea
lukács petra
szar !!!!!!!!++
Suhaib Aib
if you want to make more vedio then don't show the same hacks and half of the vedio is the same hacks
fluturași colorați
Tamzeeda Salam
The bun using a sock failed for me :( 😂😂
Lilove Jeux & Dessin
Swarup Mondal
Eylül 'ün Dünyası -,-
vinay jaiswal
nice work man
Amit Jain
u r awesome..
Imalisa Pal
the girl who showed the static hair and lip scrub was wearing which nail color? I just loved it.. 😊
Muneeb Mirza
Ikram Ansari
Jasbir Singh
why do u always show the same diy
Kaja Nizam
Those things are not in my home
Shazia Sajid
Guys at 4:09 u can see the logo of bright side so they took thier vedio?😮😮😮
Shazia Sajid
Bright side or 5 minutes crafts u have to choose.😎
Princess Trishna
I know all this things
Ahmad Talal
same hacks every time😂😒
Ellie Paige
I think they mean 16 8 minute and thirty five second hacks
Satish Sumputh
Why do u always put the same thing in every video😫😤
ayse feyza
Hiç güzel bir kanalınız yooook
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