Tayo S4 #05 l Who is the real Tayo? l Tayo the Little Bus l Season 4 Episode 5

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One day Tayo becomes tired of work and wishes on a shooting star that there could be a second Tayo so he could get off from his work! The next morning, a fake Tayo who looks exactly like him, appears. 
The real Tayo leaves his work with to go out and play while fake Tayo take real Tayo's job. Shortly after enjoying his time off, real Tayo feels empty and goes back to work. 
Then, the fake Tayo pretends to be real and tells the real Tayo to go away. When the real and fake Tayo go back to the garage together, the real Tayo tells his friends that he is the real Tayo, but friends believe the fake Tayo is real and kick the real Tayo out. 
Will the real Tayo take back everything he had? Or the fake Tayo will take everything the real Tayo had?  

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The Little Bus Tayo
There are two Tayos? OH NOOOO!!!
Mekonnen Taddese
thea perez
where is gani?
hayriye mutluturk
bu yuzukten başka servetin yok
Abdirahim Mahdi
Jennifer R
Rebecca Q.
PaiLi S
Solister Lester
it was just a dream
Solister Lester
tayo dark blue faker light blue
Yukio Minato
Wong Wong
how can they not see the star on the fake one, and the real Tayo has a circle
Chua Cassandra
壳kf n j j h you b p jbou p
Yanna Pe
what friends
Solister Lester
tayo is less light blue
Solister Lester
the other go,s circle star with light blue inside circle
Solister Lester
tayo go,s circle circle with blue inside circle
SR Australia
Day is the Jewellery not in this collection is possible really want it to you tomorrow morning? I'm going back to the status
SR Australia
I will let me message. numbers
SR Australia
whenever 1
SR Australia
one and two tayos
SR Australia
SR Australia
how it happened
Jimmy Is Dumb
Hello 💙
Shuli Zhou
Hamizan Abu
I Dont Like Gani😄
Versabeh Bekele
I do not star ta...
Ayan Tablet
Shambhu gyawali
Anahi Lopez
thats so cooooooool😀
Awesome The only way
2 tyoz?! cryps...
Nicole Trent
The fake tayo is dum!!!!! ))):(
Tracey Taibinger
only if everything could talk we would know what everything is thinking
zeny dana. club
gigi dvid
Star Tayo???? What?
Gracey Carrera
Sarap ng egg ni ate tayo
gigi dvid
lol fake mustache
gigi dvid
What? 2 Tayos? Hahahahahahahahahahaha! loool
Amatya Rebecca
the fake tayo have a star in the bus and the real tayo have a circle
Jigar Patel
Mike Ram
You can
Wong Wong
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL its a dream (shocked)
VILAS Zaveri
fake tayo has a star next to the head circle
Ricardo De-Mendez
Sebastian SKJ
Taylor is so cute and he is good
Indah sari
Kab Npauj Vaj
real tayo has tree circles like the other buses fake tayo has two circles and one star in the middle
Deshawn Myers
Hrang Thang
I love tayo the little bus
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