My Thoughts on Roommates

Roommatesmy thoughts onI hate my roommatesexcept you issaccollegedormapartmenthunterbasketball cardssnoopytheodd1souttheoddonesouttheoddisouttheodd1scoutscumbag steve

Everyone come meet my (awesome) roommates. See this is why you should just be nice to everyone you meet because you never know who could have a million subscribers and make a video about you. If you're living with roommates right now, stop what you're doing and go do the dishes. 

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dragonborn saiyan
Look at the amount of views
chilltrillgangtx z
4:05 where is it from?
Derp Doge101
i hate Theodd1sout
IWATCHToMuchAnime #SWord ArtOline
Me and hunter
IWATCHToMuchAnime #SWord ArtOline
I'm still in collage and my roommate hunter watch anime all night so don't complain about steve
*_Hey itz Mckenzie_* !
1:18 I miss the good old days... (The boy in the sweater)
Yuta Yugay
420 resembles weed / 420 x 2 = 840 / 840 divided by 3 = 280 / 280 = 3 / 3 sides to a triangle WEED IS ILUMINATI!!
BrickFace 792
Snoopy looks like my dogs brother
0:29 epic rap!!
Daisy Storer
Nooo snoopy
Person with camera
I love snoopy to now
Karin Maka
Isaac Porter
Rip snoopy
Yes! It is I
Lillian Crosslin
your kind of my artistic hero don't mind me I tried to make my art style like yours shut up
Aura the Electro Wolf
That's InuYasha on the TV btw.
SS Squad Squirtle Squad
Now you have 2 million not 1 million
It's actually crazy how many people watch Anime. I figured it was a pretty sparse interest. But out of all the people I've really come to know, just about half are into Anime. And the stereotypes are pretty boundless, and false. As far as I can tell.
FUDZ Huge Fan
fitpowercouple 24
James:maybe u can just leave them in the front of the room just keep in mind ur roommate mate make a vid about it one day

Me:diein of laughter
Daniel Stage
pink life
There is something I wanna ask when the guy called for snoopy where did his drink go
Hunter Luzar
Sir Bastion
and now james has 3.5 million subscribbles
MrBeast's New Macbook
The ending tho
BabyBunnyLover 2006
Since 2014 I have had to share a room with my almost thirteen year old sister. She is always singing, listening to YouTube (I had the same problem as you, but if asked her to turn it down, she would say no, and turn it louder to annoy me), and making messes. It was either my mom or myself who would clean the ferret cage because she was always "busy" watching YouTube.
Sara Kasperowicz
Sara Kasperowicz
Steve was watching inyatha on the rv
apple dog26

Pixel gamer Pack opening and stuff
I used my money on boss monster cards. You should try it James!
leprdprint girl boss
U forget to say were your seatbelt, so I will say it for u, were your seatbelt kids.
cartooon 23
is that sailor moon????? i really have no clue
Foxy Universe
My name is Isaac and I watch James videos
The real Bmw9 Animates
Lol he farted in public
My dad collected basketball cards
OMGitsnolan 01
I'm watching this when you have 3 million subscribers
mangle plush 3.0
3:44 OMG MY FAVORITE ANAMI!!!l!!!!!!!!!!I Don't care if it's spelled wrong 😶
you in college with snoopy James (you): HEY BUDDY!! snoopy: play with me;D WOOF WOOF WOOF! <3 you now with ur dog James (you): HEY BUDDY!! ;D your dog now: NO GET AWAY FROM ME USELESS PIECE OF TRASH HUMAN!! GRR GRR RRRRRRR D;<
K o u
OH, is this why you don't like anime?
Dan 27.12
"He had a halo five poster."
Say no more James, I understand
SomeRamdom Mineman Non
Pause and look at 3:01 LOL
SomeRamdom Mineman Non
0:36 i thought you were afraid of crossing the street lol
Man Dzin
Ur videos are epic ,like super epic😉😲😮😃
The azul Nerd
Wtf??? Is this James???
you actually spelled school just like how you spell it in my language! Haha XD
Tub hub X D
Aw man you got rid of it
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