Kaia W
I play Mrs. Potts in my acting class so I was jamming out to this
Eiju urushihara
omg i subscribe i subscribe o.o but please dont rape my brain o.e
Luna Endo
This reminds me of Studio C
Foxy The Pirate Fox ////
You guys should do Spamalot as one of these
Austyn Morris
Who else notesed the billboard of him
Vincent Genesis
no emma :(
Jezreel Kirby
Oh I love this and it's very very funny.
Talyia Mckenzie
Where did Dan get his Different Is Not Dangerous shirt? I want one!!!
Annika M
Why is there a crosswalk AND a traffic light?! What's the point of crosswalks in other countries then?!
Crazykat18 -Vlogs

**W H E E Z E**
Crazykat18 -Vlogs
4:46 omg

I'm excited for when the police come
Shiori Shinoda
Omg so funny 😂😂😂
karla mosquera
genius idea!!!!!
The Derpy Dude
That's it I'm done watching!! I'm getting my friends together to do this!!
Linda Yu
Maevis Pair
Lol what is this costume budget
Clara Hellinger
So fun, that lookon Dan's face. ;)
Nancy Melendez
Omg I couldn’t breathe
J Matsui
It's really I did, I subscribe his channel when she spell magic fufufufu 😄
Johnny Bravo
DS is so clueless about where they r performing and when he found out he luks scared but very cute
Johnny Bravo
Josh: performing outside of cross walk outside of CBS tbat is wat we call a dream come true lol😂
Johnny Bravo
Dani's reaction is priceless
Johnny Bravo
James is such a diva and Dani and Luke r luking very stunning and Josh is al so luking good
Sec Ret
Laughed My Ass Off
queen violet
Heather Aukerman
so funny
Harley Quinn23
That's awesome
Rachel Agnes Locsin Ordońa
james corden reminds me of cam from modern family😂
Humyira Ali
I’m waiting for Hamilton
Faith Kania
I can not breath I am laughing so hard .
James Corden is great.
Eiju urushihara
the end was realy creepy xD <3
Maggie Davis
Wonder if this is now just a normal part of their commute...
Shiggy Chau
Me: Ominously waits for someone to get run over by a car with creepy face
Dilip Chetri
little gay
Athrodine gamer
I want to do it to
Tiffany Klein
Still the greatest crosswalk yet I couldn't stop laughing
Akademos Luis
I have subscribed dammit! I love you though. cheers.
Daphne Parker
Honestly I was expecting him to say the batchlorette
I am dead 😂
Lol Boy
Brigitte Felberbauer
Wonderful Entertainer, love him, just a good, laughing time watching
Melody Beats
I want James to play this on my 18th birthday.....
Brian Ruchiadi
standing ovation..
Jheng Han Chen
James is the best host ever!
Hector Orellana
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