Creepy text messages | Monica

creepypastacreepy text messagesmonica creepypastacreepypasta textcreepy messages

Mr. Joker
Well Well well..
zalama malik
Wow Nice I like That!! But is This Real?!!
Rumaila Kirmani
Time -Paradox
Mark: Ok Monica I'm opening the door
Me: No bitch run and call the fuckin police!!😲
Sukhjinder Sodhi
it's slender man yes
Rene Marcos
In a forest and tall if white skin no eyes mouth nose its slenderman
Kandice Holman
U can tell that these text where from Facebook Messenger
Little Warrior
Wtf is this
Wise King
What does he mean sleep well
Darius Moore
Monica a killer she stabbed him then she text I finally made u shut up
Theresa King
Why at the top of the texts it said 4 minutes ago ?
wOaH IshCathxD
Lesson : never go out at night alone
mohammed ahsan
THE TALL MAN!!!!! it is slender man ithink so???
Schola Gee
ok you would think Calling someone would be waay more convient than texting knowing verbal talk is faster.
nikkinim GT
So ye when Monica hide in the bushes and Jackson is there in short word Jackson is a killer and when make says he's calling the police Jackson kill Monica and Jackson use the phone then he text mark and he tell mark to open the door and ye boom
R.I.P mark
Zara Marinov
Wait. . . Is Monica a kiler 😡😠
Sandra thong
TALL MAN IS SLENDERMAN!!!! But btw are monica is evil he just say he shut up!
Marise Joyce Linga
dat was sad and funny! ):)
Matas Adamonis
its slender
Lemon Trickle
A forest? Where does this guy live the fookin amazon?
Nah its fakeIf it was true then how can she type if she was running/walking fast to get rid of him
Why Im reading this 00:19 am?
Im Dumb
David Oprea
Jacob Rafael Carasig
I thought it was michael myers or jason vorhees
Jaremyah Bell
That dumb bitch doesn't get the memo lol
Tigar Playover
Wait Jackson killer Monica and talk to Mark and zee she is by hoe home but IT was Jackson he sed sleep well Mark with that het mean het killer Mark Rigth ??
Βαλια Μπ.
Wtf how are they so calm and just texting each other like "oh Mark someone is behind me!!!" I'd be like "pleas 3 hellppjdmox" and throw my phone away starting to run
i'm a wizard
Seriously mark why didn't you look at the window first
Wolfy Lover Playz
my name is Monica to!
jerry cool
Hol up its night he is tall you can barely see him he has a knife its 21 savage
Ali Alidrissi
wow that is the stupid thing i have ever seen
Satanic Rituals
Not Scary Yet
Rosie 1234
Daniel Prusko
Jovel Valasquez
Monica: he is really tall

Me: like slenderman?
MacKenzie Kettle
Monica killed mark!?!?!?!!?!?
Эльмира Шукурова
Istead of texting, you should have CALL THE POLICE!!!
Jason Vrylle Dy Sun
This is very Dumb. Can you not suspect anything of someone told you they're on their way but didn't show up but continue to chat instead??
Captain levi
Umesh Modanwal
Who read the whole creepy text messages ?
1like = 1 people
Kookie's Senpai
Marissa Seewooruttun
I would know that Monica got killed/harmed because the linguistic text messages changed and they started with capital letters, Monica didn't use any capital letters except when she wrote names. So it was obvious to me. Be careful who you're texting people!
Arush Ramteke
what a waste of time
Ann M
Pathetic. Call instead of just texting.
Parody Minecraft Parody
I found it funny when he said what are you doing in a forest and she said nothing
Kitsune Blank
Monica is in love to Slender man!! Jackson is Slender man!!!
This is really unplanned
wtf pls dont say this is real
katie hoffman
You can tell by the capital letters.....
Cecile Wilson
Slendy is comimg .....
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