Grizzly Head
Why is there so much spam?
i'm going there for my 16th birthday no qusention sign me up
Marissa A
Is it only Disneyland?
kristian close
will star wars land be at Disney world?
2 ATATs at 2:43!
Sean Ozz
there should be a bar or restaurant that has the cantina band playing like the old showbiz pizza band but way way better!!
Jack C. Lamb
Sadly, with respect to Disneyland, some old classic area will be gone...Disney World has room to burn, but poor Disneyland will lose some of the old feel...
Should have just invested in VR, lol
Sebastian Catalan
hope this is like some kind of westworld kek
Video James
It's going to be so great to see this lovingly constructed vision brought to life, full of bumbling tourists and crying toddlers dropping their ice cream. I can't wait to give real stink-eye to the lady who thought there would be room to bring her stroller on board an obviously very crowded Millennium Falcon. Just the way I've always dreamed.
howie feltersnatch
hurry up!!! cant wait!!! disney will rape this franchise for every nickel
Wheres Lord of The Rings World
Aj Sky
Wow! Cant wait. And also, cant believe I'm the first to comment!
But will there be a Tosche station? There is no point if there isn't a Tosche Station
A Burrito
but Disney is PG, star wars in pg-13 at least
Mredul Kanti
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Webetripin 4725
If this doesn't live up to the hype ima be so mad
Mr. Pigs
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Francisco Ortega
why can't I see the comments on my phone?!?!
Joshua Holke
You know what would be amazing? Having people in Star Wars alien costumes, like Mon Calamari, Twi'leks, Wookies, Rodians, maybe some droids, just walking around the new park area. Not characters you can interact and take pictures with, just people that walk around and make you feel just that much more like you are actually in the Star Wars universe. It would be fantastic.
Joshua Holke
Talks about seeing Star Wars in theaters for the first time
Shows clip of almost universally despised 1997 Specialized Edition version
Amy Du
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lets just hope ww3 doesn't happen before we get to go.....
Can I get to 140 sub by Friday
Logan Verst
900,000 views and im the first comment???
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Slim God
RIP ToonTown
Robert Plant
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