$100 Sneakers Vs. $25,000 Sneakers

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“That’s a $100 step right there!"

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Tony Wu
I don't know, but my 50 dollar vans look better than most of these sneakers
Dopiest Aphid
I would rather buy a car than those shoes
Jeremy Mopsick
That guy is a fan of the Steelers?!? I'm TOTALY with him!
Jack Lebeau
Fake news
What a load of rubbish. The cheapest ones were $100! I wouldn't pay more than £30 for some trainers
boost looks off.
Molly Edmonds
I have 120$ shoes.
Mr Spudnut
I know like nothing about sneakers
I have 11 2012 space jams and it was 300 dollars and I treat it like its my baby that god personalty handed to me to take care of
Michelle Nicole
im supposed to be sleeping rn...
Dragon Cyborg
why are most of these jordans, jordans are fugly imo
Bleachella Swift
Those $25,000 shoes are ugly
Anisa Rashid
I just love how Steven says " SNEAKER FACT " like it makes the whole video better 😂👏🏽🔥
Christina is awesome
do a 1$ vs 100 $ cakes like if u agree
Dwally8 8
damn since when do oreo 5s go for 350
King Savage33
I treat my 100$ jordan 1s like 500$ foamposites
Kayla Williams
My most expensive shoes are 200 and they're timbs
Rose Wood
How do they pay for this???
Andre Villena
Yo can anyone help me understand how Shoegame LA works? I want to find Jordan 4's at that price
Li Yang
Damn I have fall in love with Steven!
Li Yang
Andreggvil Jammer
worth it meets buzzfeed unsolved? idk how it'd work but i'd love to see my two favorite buzzfeed series collaborate
also i wanna see ryan, adam, steven, andrew and shane all there xD
I gotta go with the custom shoe store, those shoes were 🔥🔥🔥
Why were the oreo's in a 4 box?
Rafael Caballero
Is it weird that this is the only show from buzzfeed I watch
Athbi Athbi
Rihanna Fenty line in the back 7:52
Pandox Vids
Damn.Are they going to find 50 cent flip flops vs. 25,000 Dollar flip flops
up to $5k for a shoe?
I could buy an autumn fallings fursuit for that kind of money AND buy a good pair of DC* or Osiris shoes.
Ana Modengo
I never shared my shoes or wore one after someone else. mmm no nope.
The Rainbow Hater
What are those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Project Genesis
The guy in the back looks like seba jun
Or nujabes wth 😢
aaron kim
I see the yeezy boost 350, I see u i see u.

Unlike the food series this peaks at perceived valve vs functional increase in valve. An apt comparison would 100 dollar dress shoe, a premium off the rack shoe from established designer $400-700, then a full custom bespoke shoe from E. Vogel or John Lobb $1400-5000.
bob bob
nO STEVEN u cant distract ryan from buzzfeed unsolved WE NEED MORE OF THAT
Madeline Rivera
I just don't get the sneaker thing 😅 like we have. they were like "damn that's a sexy shoe" all I thought was "I mean I guess they look kinda cool, but the green is a little eh" like I don't get it 😂😂😂😂
Brandy Anglin
Where's Adam and Andrew? you left them behind.. 🤔😔😢😤
Joe Berr
so basically putting your feet in 25k shoes gives u the feeling of losing ur virginity
tot tota
I bet the laces are made from truffles
Still T
$10 jumper vs $1000 jumper
Даниил Е
100 $ for a pair of shoes??!! Are you crazy? Oh, wait...
Maxine Ray
2:28 XD your welcome
art is life
i dont realy get it cause many guys that i know who play basketball always wants a fucking expensive and branded shoes those expensive shoes are not magic to make you good at something is what you do or what you have that counts not what you wear just imagined you buying a 20,000 and all the kids across the world does not even have a shoe or even a slipper but they still try their best to be good at something even if they do not have expensive things to upgrade them your only buying the brand not the shoe id rather wear a shoe that cost 3 dollars than to have a very expensive shoe
Ethan Hung
Ayyy 3 Asian guys
Amazing Ry
Steven and Steven yuen
Dominique Shante
Can do a worth it video with Jeans, both male and female?!
Riven Riven Riven
100$ sneakers can't be good...
Not sure I see the point of 25,000 sneakers, for me 100 would be way expensive
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