$100 Sneakers Vs. $25,000 Sneakers

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“That’s a $100 step right there!"

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Where's Jaimedagreat
Keithy Wonder
Why are you all a bunch of people saying "why do people like sneakers so much" or "I don't even own $100 pair of shoes"
Eduardo Sandoval
4:20 o he actually make good quality fake sneakers?
Donovan Campbell
I don't see the point in keeping your shoes clean, they are gonna get scuffed and scraped because you where them, if you want them new then it defeats the purpose of a shoe, which is to protect your feet.
yeezys are ugly and expensive.
Gladiator in a Suit
And then there's me: it's just shoes guys
Gladiator in a Suit
The most I ever spent on shoes were $140 on my nike free runs and that continues to be the most expensive shoes I've ever purchased. It was an investment
Stephanie Richard
The last one is more of a inside shoe than outside. I typed this with only one hand...
gustavo osorio
That guy at the end said it him self "basically you can put them on and stand up" dumbasses!
Arcade Killer
I think it's funny Stephen thought the price has to do with the comfort of the shoe. It's a status symbol
Jazzy Hooker
I love that the officer thought they were selling drugs lol
Jerry P
how do i get the sound guy job?
Sterling Laughlin
stop wasting your time on these videos and do more Worth It food vids
Shoe Game L.A. doesn't have an app ?
Toasty Boo
i like oreos
personally, i like the jordan oreo 5's better than the 25,000 jordan.
Aaron Matas
I coped a yeezy boost v2 for $250.
i honestly would not be able to tell the difference between a £100 pair of shoes and a £25,000 pair of shoes in a store. they look the same to me lmao
its so strange seeing Ryan not freaking out about ghosts
l holliss
Do weed next.
The Derp Gamer
the cameraguy looks so lonely
SpritZ III
Fur Elise on the last part?
Rice gum.. is that u?
you guys should do video on heels with the ladies
Tyler Lord
so it's literally just 25000 cause it's collectible. I guess every man has their treasure
tell me why when they were doing the fact about people getting killed over sneakers my slow self thought they meant the shoes that people hang over the power line😂
Luxx Maharjan
in my country, i can buy a land with house on it with those 25k$ shoes lol :D and my house is not even worth that shoes
Kevan Mageean
How does every shoe they were fit them.. what size shoe are you two?
PH V-ball
$1 condom vs $6969 condom
This video turned me into a sneaker head. No joke #BadInfluence
Charise Ann O. Sabordo
How rich is BuzzFeed
Who knows Magpark because of Qias!
Who else eyeballin the Yeezys in the top right at 10:34
3 different houses XD
4Ks8 Fingerboardz
18 dollar dildo vs. 790 dollar dildo
Krampus69a7x _
LOL I'm surprised yeezies weren't on this
dubaduba dub
wtf i don't even own $20 shoes
Adrian N
2:37 He needs to try a pair of Ultra Boosts if he thinks that's comfortable
Airidas Jancauskas
What the heck yall mean jordans are ze beeest well versace sneakers are pretty as well but jordan is nr. 1
They cost as much as a midsize automobile, sadly not hard to believe...
4:13 Is that H3H3? :^
Demicio Curb
his 3s r fake
Jordan Clack
I just bought Oreo 4s for 85
can u pls help me reach 100 will sub back tysmm
Joanna Kravitz
So he dint buy the 25,00 dollar sneakers
Michaelis Lilith
At most I spend like 5 to 10 bucks on shoes, and I love shoes, but this is crazy.
Shoes. Shoooooooes. Shoes. They are just shoes.
Angrily Honest Commenter
All the shoes look crap
Donnie-vlogs- Game play-and random stuff
8:27 Where Quais That's Mag Park fam
20$ fake supreme vs 1,000$ Supreme.
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