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DrRandom Coolboy
I searched up 'yoyo titties bitch'
Jeffrey Asphalt
why isn't this more popular...maybe the cuss word???
OMG!! Can't even ..
Ill fill her hole so much. Her pussy won't breathe.
bunga hatti
she's so underrated it makes me like mad
Fedi Berzerk
She is a pop star package. I am waiting since 2014 for her to blow up.
She was ON POINT
Christina Natsis
she reminds me of Ciara the way she can dance..
sensual music+ sexy video = <3 so much!!!!!!!!!
Destina Alcanzar
Baby girl went hard
Dahvy Yim
This choreo is A1!!!!!!!!!!
Daaamn Jay Park got some good taste wtf, aM I STRAIGHT OR AM I NOT I'M UNSURE AFTER WATCHING THIS
Afanou David
I love you Tinashe <3 you're perfect
Just samira new and mode
Sharon Miller
I'm glad J-Hope said he wanted to collab with Tinashe bc I wanna see them dance together too tbh
Jeezy Beast
She reminds me of Mya sooo much
DarkGhoul_Diablo DGD
send them to the slaughterhouse
Ajah Neely
Damn, just goes to show how she can change it up whenever she wants cause it's like watch this video then watch nightride and your just like are these the same people?
咪 咪
Oh fuck I'm so lesbian now
Princess Virtue
I've just noticed; because Tinashe is so small all her male dancers are small too so she doesn't look tiny 😆
lex m
the way he is all on her is so hot . what is his name !!
Dwaine Oliver
Is it just me or that split at the breakdown was funny
Hmm. so this is who Jay Park was talking about in his song. He got good taste. Fabulous dancer.
heaven woodard
jojo was in it and i just not peep it😭😭😂
Ruth Nieves
love this song
Isadora Shedid
Woooooooooooooooooooow Tinashe!!
Tiffany Pincemin
I feel like Jojo Gomez style of choreography is perfect for Tinashe!! Loved watching this!
Katieboil Anegg
This would have been a smash ten years ago.
Karishma Banger
1. Under Rated 2. Under Rated & 3. Under Rated
Christian Atkinson
She reminds me of cassie
Miyawaki Chaesara
Omg jhope so this is your type? Ayyy boii
Lee Austin
Wake up world this girl is dope!
Joshua Gaw
God makes very very few people like her. Life isn't about sex tho. I wish more talented pop artists didn't limit themselves to singing about boys, girls, and sex🙃
Ana Carolina Bueno
Adoro as músicas dela! ;)
jerry Melina lee barker lavish
her music is getting better and better love her
Hannah Claire
this was POWERFUL
david snowden
Oh wow. this video is just lit. I am 63 years of age so my old ass cannot move like this anymore; but I can stand in one spot and shake......
Nahara Techera
Solo estoy aquí por J-hope
Does she give anyone else the Aaliyah vibe?
Salene Brom
So mad that the pants ruin her outfit the girl in the white top green pants need to trade pants with the lead
Johnnie O
This song is literally where I'm at in my life with men. Like no bullshitting. I just want the companionship at certain times but nothing every day.
nadz mcfee
love Tinashe
Nerd Potion
I can honestly see why Kpop idols love her, amazing🙌🏽🙌🏽
Lucas Layton
that white boy moves were smoking
Kenny Kenny
Love you Tinashe ! #brazil
Morgana Klapproth
why cant i have been born with a body like her
Daniela Silva
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