The Chainsmokers' Memories... Do Not Open: NOT GOOD

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This debut Chainsmokers album is like wading through a kiddie pool of emotions.

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Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?

I am 14 and everyone in my school hates change smokers and say they are too dramatic
Kristin Nguyen
really love that emotional kiddie pool comment
BY THE WAY, how about Gorillaz's Humanz???
Virtual Glitch
One thing will forever remain on the electronic / dance music scene: deadmau5 will always be the musician who stood the longest amount of time on top of Beatport's charts. (Three consecutive years.)
Reviews a Chainsmokers' album while wearing a Sunn O))) shirt... Classic Fantano
Too u it's good but to me I love it and nothing is wrong.
My Inconsequential Opinion
His Radiohead vinyls are still showing on the shelf . . . why does this feel blasphemous?
Wiz Khakis
Anthony, I'm a teenage fan of yours and your whole message here speaks to me. I'd rather be engaged by a band like Joy Division, Swans, or Radiohead than The Fucking Chainsmokers.
Tickle Your Grandma
its hard bein white and in love
This album appeals to White Sorority girls in their Freshman year. Fuck this shit.
Tech Specs
Your hair always used to smell like tide~
Bella Litsa
you should review "ison", sevdaliza's debut album. I find it really beautiful, wonder what you'd think about it!
kouakou Samson Kouame
Seriously! Chainsmokers' album is the best album so far for this year. I used to like your review but boy, you need to be objective and stop judging albums based on your feelings. your review sucks and I wont waste my time following you now. you used to be objective.. what a waste
Bring me the horizon
it baffles me how well closer did
Aaron Davis
Funny how he said party when 'The One' is about Drew being sorry for being selfish that he couldn't go to his close friends WEDDING because he was on tour!!
Also what's different about this album from every other pop album? I'm ready for the shit storm.
The main stream media hates 3 things:
1. PewDiePie
2. The Chainsmokers
3. Donald trump
Skeeter Sorenson
I compare the Chainsmoker's album to Walt Whitman's leaves of grass. It's more than just empty, meaningless words, it's a new artistic movement. It appeals to those people who feel they don't get appealed to by famous lyricists. Walt Whitman got many negative reviews too for his poem "Song of Myself" because it was geared towards the unsung heroes of the working class rather than the upper class that most poetry appealed to. So the writing style isn't necessarily bad, it's just different, and I applaud them.
Johny G
yas! this is what I needed it hear from this!
Sham Bolic
BAZINGAMC Productions
2:07 I had an orgasm because of how much I agreed with your statement. And I'm 14, these tracks were like lyrics that edgy 12 year-old kids would enjoy because they think its deep and they think they know what love is.
Zim Babwe
... So they went from shit to worse?
These teens are so fucked with this current generation. Expect the suicide rate to sky rocket within the next decade
Honza Tichý
Dude...."This debut Chainsmokers album is like wading through a kiddie pool of emotions."
Read the Album name and the story behind it like 10 times in a row then you'll understand it and you won't release this bullshits from your mouth.
Tùng Đào Việt
they went from EDM to pop :(((
The Chainsmokers have no talent whatsoever... well maybe at being shit they're pretty talented
Mike Hunt
the chainsmokers is actually a perfect name for this group because their music, much like chainsmoking, gives me fucking cancer.
King Bumi
What's the album on the shelf? Not In Rainbows, the other one? I've seen it before, but I can't remember the name or the artist and it's killing me. I thought it was Bloc Party, but I don't think it is.
It's Jo
I literally JUST finished watching that episode before opening this video...freaky
Thurston Pilgrim
The average millenial never moves out of the emotional room at their parent's house inside their minds.
Ike Gogna
I died 5 sec in
Egdy Af
The lyrics were fuckin dumb and i dont pay attention to them but i like the beat and the tune
chainsmokers gives edm bad reps
This cover ripped off M83
Chainsmokers make music for 12 year old yolo swag whip nae nae ass kids on musically
Joeys WorldTour
cal chuchesta here to review anather sang
I'm Antisocial
When you click the link and scream because you hate Paris
Kenny Chea
#1 on billboard 100 right now. what's up?
Vinnie Kohler
I was really disappointed with this album. There are a good handful of previous Chainsmokers songs I like, so I got excited over the thought of an album, but it was so boring. What a shame.
Man, that black mirror reference was pretty good.
Nice Going
Chainsmokers is the musical equivalent of every teen Disney sitcom
Jonathan Flora
Is that a Sunn O))) t shirt??
Merio XB10
At least this was an expected edm album disappointment (if you can call it that), I had high hopes for DJ Snake's Encore but it ended up being two good songs and a bunch of dubstep filler.
Holly Zimmerman
Review The Search For Everything by John Mayer 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Radio Baked
I listened to the Chainsmokers once and it turned my frogs gay. I don't wanna listen to MUSIC THAT TURNS THE FROGS GAY!!!!
love you for this ! thank you for exposing shitty fake pop songs
Synth Streaks
Loving that OK Computer album in the back
There There
Do Not Listen
AngelSurge SSX
Hey Fagtano can you hurry the fuck up and give Kendrick a 8/10 already
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