Reisa Curtison
Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (2017) f u l l M o v i e | H D Quality :
Milky the pusheen cat
the ghost sharks are scary
and i like pirates of the caribbean 5
Isa Rasendrya
can barbossa die?
Gionno Anderson
those are more of zombie sharks not ghost sharks
Michael Explosions Bay
Pirates Del Caribe
Gamer Raptor
Were gonna need a bigger boat.....
Michael Lam
1:27 Hey, welcome back Monkey Jack! :D

Is that... An alien ship?
Huy Gia
good movie
Nabihah Noir
ekkkkk monkey
Jonathan Toletti
no surprise , a ghost shark ? Well, Salazar is a necromancer, if he's able to gave live to his whole crew why not with a big fish?💀💀💀
twisted bullshit and nobody knows whats happening again
Tryden D'Souza
One does not simply die in the POTC universe..
•Yuki •
(◐ω◑ ) maneirão hein
Seb Hale
Even better, I have a drawing of a key!
Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem, ghost sharks, yep, works for me. If you have a problem with these movies then I suggest you go read up on maritime legends, heathens.
Sharks with whale bones, seems legit
ryan sharma
looking for girl and sparrow simply say salazar want to marry and want a sparrow as a pet
Insane Comedion
Zombie sharks for @#$%! sakes!
wat???? this is not sharknado? and for that reason im out
Vimarshagandhi Parashurama
when is the realease date
Dylan Explores
ALL small youtbers gathering to help one another out!!!
Cheryl C
"Im not looking for trouble."

"What a horrible way to live!"

Oh Jack, your lines never get old😂
Mr. L
As great as these ghost sharks look, sharks with rib cages are just wrong. Sharks are cartilaginous fish, meaning that they have no bones, not even the joined fishbones that are left after a salmon is eaten.

And now you know and cannot unsee it... ;-)
Ana Rosa Briseno Pena
esta bien chido
King of Weeaboo
hey disney, pirates are just sea thugs and that's all. not wicked divinely races of warriors...just make fun movie about sea thugs. thanks.
It's extremely odd how a movie series about Pirates has gone off for 5 movies, and the 5th movie is the first time we ever see sharks.
where the shark ?😑😑😑
Miles Klink
Oh cr##
Sharks are scary enough
But zombie sharks is too spooky for me
brandon caruso
I know this has nothing to do with this video but I just want to say.God loves you so much and wants to have a relationship with you:) your very special and loved in God's heart.I feel the love of God everyday and I have healed people before in Jesus name.God is a God who would never give up on you no matter what.I have a video called God loves all:message, If your interstead.Also If you ever have questions or want me to pray for anything I'm here always.God bless you and I hope you have a great day!
The Gaming Brothers
it looks good as the others
Guitar Videos
Will turner cant die unless they have his heart, and also he could blow the ghost ship to hell with the triple barrel cannons
Adam Moore
I think this franchise may have jumped the shark
John Cena
The Communal Bowl
are those sharks running on Unreal Engine 3?
depth anyone?
Hippity Hoppity
Oh no a person who attack pirates such a villain
Adrijana Radosevic
is this Captain Howdy???
(like if you got the reference, I'm curious)
Brian Abner
Bel air are you retarded
Pirates of the Caribbean: Jumping Schrodinger's Shark
Kirinin Kiri
"This film contains scenes that may be too intense for younger viewers"
Snail Tale TV - Cartoons For Kids
wow, what a crappy creatures :)
Brand Bishop
Yes! Master Pintel and Raggeti are still on the movie! Excellent
kindness ARK
As much as I like these films, I feel the last best film was the 3rd film. I think it all should of ended there really.
ghost shark r 3spooky5me
Angry Bird Patriot
Oh look, it's maccus's friends! :D
Tayyab Awan
all pirates must die!
Valar Piralis
Nathan Fonseca
I only clicked on this because of ghost sharks
Demon Lord
oh Monkey!
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