Samuel Lewis
Wow, Franklin Piedad.
I love how you literally STOLE this video from Jono and Ben.
The people who made this seem to have forgotten that it was the woman in the original broadcast who failed at the basic task of keeping the kids out of one room for 4 minutes...
TheLegend 27
"Women are better at everything and men are such idiots!!" is the underlying message of this video.
Sgt Lucifer
... in other words, women are better at multi-tasking.
oh well, score one for the woman race.
Asdrúbal Iván Suárez Rivera
This is hilarious!
Typical feminist bullshit! Not even funny!
L.B. Publishing
This is funny but exactly how a mother would have handled it.
Donna Cee
This is the best one yet!! Thanks for posting!!
Celina Haynes
dat tarzan audio tho 😂😂
Milkshake 123
This is great. I really think thats how a mom would handle the kids crashing lol moms are great
sun light
GREAT!!!!!!!! :)
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