Robert Kelly Family And The Interrupted Interview TAKE TWO!

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Robert Kelly with his with and two children, son and daughter, who famously interrupted his interview live on BBC News. 

Prof Robert E Kelly has returned to BBC News to talk about his unexpected viral fame last week, when his children crashed his live TV interview to the amusement of millions of people who later watched the clip.

Prof Kelly, an expert on South Korea, was joined in the follow-up video with his wife, Jung-a Kim and children Marion and James.
He confirmed to the BBC's James Menendez that he was, despite online speculation, wearing trousers during the interview.

Watch the video of two children, son and daughter, interrupting their fathers interview live on BBC News before being caught in the act by their mother. Interview gatecrashed!

There was an unexpected distraction for Professor Robert Kelly when he was being interviewed live on BBC News about South Korea his children burst into the room.

He managed to keep his composure and complete the interview successfully after his kids were taken out by their mum.
Children Interrupt BBC News Interview Live

Prof Robert E Kelly keeps his cool during an interview about South Korean politics when his two children interrupt him, live on air, on BBC World News. Kelly’s daughter first lets herself into his office and is shortly followed by a baby in a rambler. He smiles and apologises for the interruption while his wife rushes into the room to take the children out

During an interview with a guest on webcam, a child hilariously comes in and interrupts the interview, as well as a baby and a woman quickly tries to usher them away.

Daddy’s working! Brilliant moment a BBC expert’s live interview is gatecrashed by his curious children and a VERY stressed woman

Live television always leaves room for hilarious gaffes - which is exactly what happened when a debate on South Korea was interrupted by the interviewee's children. 
The hilarious footage shows expert Robert Kelly being interviewed, handling serious questions on the county's president, Park Geun-hye, being ousted from power.
But suddenly, a toddler bursts into the room in a bright yellow top and performs a comical dance behind him.

His focus remains entirely on the camera as he attempts to blindly hand off his child, who is clearly curious as to who Mr Kelly is talking with.
And his parental problems soon double as a baby also excitedly makes his way into the room in a stroller.
To complete the farce, a female figure - either their mother of a nanny - comes skidding through the threshold. 

She grabs the two youngsters and attempts to drag them out of the door, but one of them can be heard wailing and the baby's stroller suddenly won't fit back through the door.
Eventually, she manages to get them both out, and the interview continues.
The hilarious footage was tweeted by BBC producer Julia MacFarlane

Cindy Demambro
This family rocks .
the daughter is so adorable
aim hi
lovely family;)
太空頻道 Space Channel
Check my remix version of this news
Henry Hou
check the remix version
Cavity Creep
I wonder if she got a beating for not keeping the kids in the living room?
Stephanie MB
nanny??!? just because she looks Asian...
Stephanie MB
wtf!?! the man is still shushing the girl and pushing the kids away!!!
Nice to see this cucks wife's Asian Genes are more dominant in his Children.
Wtf. These comments are awful. They weren't stiff and awkward for no reason - the wife was on TV with her husband so that probably made her feel uncomfortable in a way, and they also had roaming babies to deal with. And as for the lack of PDA, they were on air so what do you expect?! They can't just have a makeout session in front of lots of people as well as their kids. Calm down and stop over analyzing things. Gosh.
Saw this on jk news so cute!!!!
Hyun Kim
As a Korean, I totally understand how the wife has reacted to this. She is a good wife. Because she put her husband career first. Korean society is some what very strict and well desplined, for example, like my office it is like army, like every things to be planned and recorded. It is very tough to work here.
Now with the nanny issue, this is insane, do you know how expensive to employ a person in Korea? With an professor's wage he could not afford a nanny unless his parents are so rich.
Derf McDerffington mmmmm
Kim Crowell
..I personally haven't had a relationship with an American man.. but he seems controlling and she seems subservient.. just my humble opinion 🤔
just another ubiquitous white man with an Asian woman. no biggie.
Monagirl Jones
awesome family.
Denise Moraes Moraes
as crianças são realmente elétricas. ....rsrsr
Miss Preston
Bye bye. Don't comment me! ;-)
AineHannah Thompson
Is the woman his wife?
No PDAs at all. If someone mistook my Wife for a Nanny I would have held her hand. I would have kissed her. I would have carried her out to the interview(lol). He didn't do any of that. Why? She's just a breeding Sow for the "Master Race"...
sun light
take the stick out u our bum beautiful family mate but stiff arming you kid over a interview you deserve a yellow card .
James McLeod
2:27 😂 the girl drops the. baby lololgulablelollolol
Tony Abbott
I wish I had a hot Korean wife
Bitter looking guy who is ashamed of his Korean family
sun light
SO REAL!!!!! MAKE A CHANNEL !!!! Professor and a little domestic mayhem:"THIS IS MY LIFE,MAN!" :) AMAZING WIFE AND CHILDREN :))))))))))))))))
Kane S
His wife is gorgeous and omg the daughter is adorable!! goals!!
Mystic Mac
Lmao the nanny is so nice about it haha, nice to see imo
Guys, just follow what Mrs. Kelly said: Enjoy it!
End of story.
Michael Feeney
what a lovely family <3
Morten Harket
I feel very 'ashamed' that my Korean friends have been offended by a simple joke and for my Korean friends I will say something to make them feel better:
She is a nanny, she is a nanny she is a nanny and always will be ...
Leonor Távora
That little girl is literally when I was her age. Both personally and phisically. I would totally walk in my mum's study with that silly walk and I even wore glasses like hers. I love her so much.
Here's a shorter version of the 'adorable' and 'hilarious' clip. Here's a funny thing, there's a condition is called 'babysitters elbow'

They way she jolted and dragged the kid by the arm can be harmful.
Superspuds toyreview
A normal family in 2017. This is Breaking News...
Jonathan Rex
why is this such a fucking big deal?! anyone who has kids him/herself, knows that awkward situations HAPPEN! thats why we love our kids! cmon calm down ppl n focus on the things that really matter. for instance the lunatic in pyongyang or the lunatic with the strange haircut in the white house!
Cavity Creep
use the door lock next time
The kid in yellow walked in so funny.
BBC got rich by this.
Julio Cesar
The comments in this video just make me feel extremely awkward, what the fuck is wrong with you guys? Lol.
James Boyd
lovely wife. god bless u man
Fuji Wuji
Lovely story. A genuine moment on the BBC.
Treasure Island TV 보물섬TV
Very funny and lovely family ..
Joon Chang
lock the door next time
chanhyun Pak
well it is too late to fix it Kelly
Tee Jay
This was CLEARLY staged...1. Robert Kelly is always posting, constantly trying to get attention for himself and his blog.2. Go to the original second interview... Look at the way he tries to keep her silent, and her face when the topic of it being fake comes up.... 7:563. She says she 'blacked out'....this was such a difficult word for her basic level English and so he concocted the idea Here is how it worked...He knew he would be doing the interview and told her to let the daughter in. Then She was to let the baby in. Then she was told to act frantic and get the kid out. Notice how he was not even shocked when the first kid got in. If it had not been staged he would have turned his head and said something or even called his wife. FAKE FAKE FAKE TO GET PUBLICITY AND THE ATTENTION LIKE HE IS ALWAYS TRYING TO GET BY WRITING AND POSTING CONSTANTLY ONLINE.
Lydia M-J
What a beautiful family. I hope he doesn't feel that we (the adoring public) have undermined his expertise (which is clearly significant) just by finding the whole thing so wonderfully funny. I know that I don't suddenly take him less seriously because of this.
Carlos Danger
She walked in with so much swagger.
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