Instant Karma Fails: It's Payback Time (December 2016) || FailArmy

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Few things are more satisfying than instant karma. Share your payback stories in the comments below! Remember to get the FailArmy Holiday Movie, only at

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Instant Karma Fails: It's Payback Time (December 2016) || FailArmy

jimmie frost
Fucking lil scared cunt at
The dude honking at the person merging is a twat.
Mando Wando
6:09 LOL
That kid rlly isn't scared XD
Nathaniel Hebert
2:50 Why did they steal the flag?
lps pink sparkels
Not today sike
3:19 That dude's fucking laugh XD
Wtf were they playing? Kick the incendiary?
Lxbby A
Me: points camera in friends direction
Friend: does some thing stupid
Friend: lol you got that on video
Me: ha bitch ik u don't have to tell me
Clumsy Ari
Boy:Not today
Karma:Now you gonna get it
Ayden Seals-Morales
The only thing the boy did was wave to the geese
Eddie Quezada
Trees hate being kicked in the nuts 😂
Flávio The Penguin
When you're going on the Leviathan and your friends are freaking out but you ain't afraid.
Who you callin pinhead
A lot of these aren't karma.
Natalie York
The same day they posted this video it was my birthday
5:18 This is the first failure I've seen in my native language
Sophie Tucker
Haven't you learned from Legend of Zelda DON'T ABUSE CHICKENS!THERE WILL BE INSTANT KARMA!
Emma S
2:04 Rise of the green people!
How was 1:03 karma? Retards.
El tio Puchero
Esto solo le pasa a los gringos >:D
0:50 this is hard :D
Luther Eiland
I kick chickens
darci james
Bruce Mendoza
1:18 ok man Poor guy he was just trying to fish!
Avrils life
I don't understand! A bunch of these are not even karma. ???
aJ Ranjith
I'm not scared!!😂
Pancake Tutorials
Now he is swimming in his own piss
Ash Bundão
1:24 lmao
Brooke Williams
it looks like a disney cruise at 1:52
Lashay Jones
Lashay Jones
look at his face😂
Lashay Jones
OHHH nooooo no no look at the top of his head😂
Lashay Jones
at 3:11 was there a helacopter in here? race car hits him "gott em* he drives away "YEET" car comes hits him "nope"
Lashay Jones
at 1:27 what was that guy doing up there oh I know he is Spiderman
Brandon Dillard
Illegal they need to get cameras around there
Drew Cleary
4:25 looked like it was about to be a child abduction
Jay Smooth Prod.
How is 3:59 karma
Liam G
3:26 yes today
I dunno how some of these were karma videos. Some videos were videos of people just getting hurt.
Natalya Kolegova
What he said.
barry battle
That dude that was recording the bird video his laugh sounded like a grimlin
3:50 who was that karma on??
CFY 345
1:07 HE HAS NO PANTS!!!!!
Riley Morgan
I just watched an ad thinking it was the video. I was so confused when nothing band happened.
5:07 dude in the van has the right idea, he's in the yield lane, if he's not sure whether or not he's clear he should stop.
Gerard the Bunny xx Gaming
I hope that bitch who was gonna kick the chicken drops every ice cream she gets for the rest of her life
Kevin Nijs
Kevin Nijs
4:34 fucking pedophile pope
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