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Few things are more satisfying than instant karma. Share your payback stories in the comments below! Remember to get the FailArmy Holiday Movie, only at

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Original Links:
Girl's Ice Cream Falls while Trying to Intimidate Chicken
Cat Avenges Puppy's Honor
Baby Slaps Aunt for Snapchat Faux Pas
Guys Kick Can on Fire
Speeding Car Gets Caught by Police
Fresh Catch Causes Kayak to Capsize
Office Scare Prank Goes Wrong
Fitness Ropes Hit Guy in Head
Guy Crashes into Tree after Slapping Friend's Butt
Beach Bar Champagne Slip
Girl in Trash Bag Scares Mom
Guy Accidentally Kicks Ball into His Own Nuts
Car Hits Debris
Aunt Gets Beat Up When She Attempts to Scare Nephew
Thief Falls after Stealing Flag from Porch
GoKart Driver Gets Slammed after Cutting Off Other Driver
Kid Hits Himself in Eye with Tennis Ball
Guy Falls off Bike after Throwing Snowball
Fresh Catch Causes Kayak to Capsize
Tree Takes Out Tree Cutter
Ball Hits Teacher in Face
Man Taunts Goose and Gets Chased
Driver upset Gets Instant Karma
Acorns Fall on DAd
Crab Latches onto Girl
Guy Accidentally Shoots Self in Face with Roman Candle
Dog Buries Little Girl for Revenge

Instant Karma Fails: It's Payback Time (December 2016) || FailArmy

Miguel Aparicio
2:34 why isn't any one talking about this LOL!! 😂🤣🤣😅
Thomas Christensen
fucking bitch
Empire Supercars
Some of these I don't understand how they're karma. In most of these it is but it's not in some
Jaspher Perreras
“Karma” means:
destiny or fate, following as effect form cause.
Cattykit Cat
the woman in the third clip looks so smug and self satisfied.
Jake Enders
Idk if the girl or the guys grunt made the first video so awkward
Kiki Rothschild
How is that Russian Roulette? You know it's going to shoot.
Derek Cisneros
apparently karma for exercising and fishing? I'll be sure never to do that then
Ashly Boss
Discipline your fuck tard kids, assholes
warbrain22 jr hero of videogames
0:18 - 0:27 "ONLY I CAN HIT THE DOG!!!!!!!"
Polarbearhugspenguins 96
Some of these aren't even instant karma
Jellylollypop Nation
Make instant karma 2017
Tatsu Boy
5:55 I hope that put him in the hospital.
Black Lord
Madi Ohaus
the first chick wanting to kick the chicken obviously has not played skyrim....
예술가 sᴜᴢᴜᴋɪ
5:42 Damn that girl can't handle pain that well xD I've been clawed (is that what it's called) by a crab before and it wasn't as painful as I thought, it left a small mark of blood and stung a little afterwards, it hurt the most when the crab was still clawing me xD
Jas Pez
that rancid cunt was going to kick a bird? what a whore
Samuel Richardson
Samuel Richardson
Also 3:28
Samuel Richardson
OMG watch 2:38 onwards
2:55 he must've been from the south
0:23 .animals have eachothers back no matter what species.
Pablo Piest
IM NOT SCARED!!! Oh snap
Aryamik Pandey
5:09 hahah
Dangerously Safe
1:24 And then suddenly, ATTACK OF THE CO-WORKERS!
4Falcon //Raptor
Magus Mxviil
Does he know what a Russian roulette is?
Braedon Wickham
2:37 that kid is a savage 😂
Денис Торчинович
net method prepare move visitor annual account hint diminish disappointed
Did the guy stealing the flag stab himself while falling? Because I hope he did
Kirkwin Films
Karma? Or universe having one hell of a time!
Kirkwin Films
2:42 we need him for the apocalypse
Petr Petr
5:18 čech řekl vyfotíš to :D
Miss Amazon
4:23....Tad Cummins - practice run!!
QD 115511
the guy falling threw the roof is so funny
5:15 They are form czech me too and they say you need to kick the tree to get fruit (things) and like its not karma he is do what he want so :)
1. geese are jerks when it comes to humans
pratyush manandhar
Micah Mendez
Btw it's 3:28
Micah Mendez
Omg I even got the time for the video wrong 😂😂😂😂😂
Micah Mendez
Micah Mendez
Stupid auto cucumber
Micah Mendez
What a cow incident 711
Micah Mendez
7:11 yes today
NinjaMegaMAX Gaming
1:43 that moment when you have high ping in video games.
5:08 i died
Jose Parra
Why would someone getting pulled over make your night ? Damn must have boring ass nights
Wow I loved that kid in the grocery cart!!!! 😂😂😂
bmo the living video game
01:16 where is that instakarma here ?
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