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Few things are more satisfying than instant karma. Share your payback stories in the comments below! Remember to get the FailArmy Holiday Movie, only at

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Original Links:
Girl's Ice Cream Falls while Trying to Intimidate Chicken
Cat Avenges Puppy's Honor
Baby Slaps Aunt for Snapchat Faux Pas
Guys Kick Can on Fire
Speeding Car Gets Caught by Police
Fresh Catch Causes Kayak to Capsize
Office Scare Prank Goes Wrong
Fitness Ropes Hit Guy in Head
Guy Crashes into Tree after Slapping Friend's Butt
Beach Bar Champagne Slip
Girl in Trash Bag Scares Mom
Guy Accidentally Kicks Ball into His Own Nuts
Car Hits Debris
Aunt Gets Beat Up When She Attempts to Scare Nephew
Thief Falls after Stealing Flag from Porch
GoKart Driver Gets Slammed after Cutting Off Other Driver
Kid Hits Himself in Eye with Tennis Ball
Guy Falls off Bike after Throwing Snowball
Fresh Catch Causes Kayak to Capsize
Tree Takes Out Tree Cutter
Ball Hits Teacher in Face
Man Taunts Goose and Gets Chased
Driver upset Gets Instant Karma
Acorns Fall on DAd
Crab Latches onto Girl
Guy Accidentally Shoots Self in Face with Roman Candle
Dog Buries Little Girl for Revenge

Instant Karma Fails: It's Payback Time (December 2016) || FailArmy

Swaggy McQueen
Audoi Playz
Why is everyone so triggered by the chicken I mean you probably ate chicken for dinner like a few days ago so chill
WildWolf Huata
Why would someone want to kick a chicken, ITS ANIMAL ABUSE!!
Michael Knight
That lady at 2:03 has no fear at all. I like her! :)
- IronFire -
4:58 lol it was a yield wtf
Where did he come from? 1:24
James Rider
05:40 this dumb ass cunt
king alpaca
3:28 not today!
Luca Pole
3:28 yes today
half of these aren’t even karma
Qwerty Asdf
3:20 that laughter tho XD
3:27 isn't that the same "go get mom, my nuts popped" kid?
blacksamurai23 animates and reacts
The little boy beating his mom was funny "i am not scared!"
Nathan Stone
That guy who stole the flag off of that dudes house deserves every last bit of Karma coming to him. Who the fuck steals a flag? Also, That guy with the schoolgirl that got pegged in the head by the dodgeball kind of looks like a Pedophile (Hopefully I'm not right about that)
minhhai kim
I eat chicken but i don’t kick chicken
WhyItry WhyItry
El Haqeem

her pants fell out
El Haqeem

i would like to play checker on this
Jan Bouška
5:16 they are CZECH omg !! He says:,,Vyfotíš to ??" - Can you take a photo ??
Power of a God
Girl: “take that “. Dog: “fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 6:00
ryan burlingame
the kid at 4:07 is a little fucking bitch pussy ass little boy.
Samantha Kelley
4:00 did she say “oh fart!” Lmfao
Derpy Rainbow
2:14 its da hulk family XD
0:58 faggits
Lucifer Morningstar
At the 2:06 i'd be like "so, do you do that often?"
Chicken Puppy
Why am I watching this in 2017
Oliver Tsingos
Some of these videos I just hate cuz its no karma at all
Lexy Rose
3:00, why didn't he use the open gate? Lol.
Christine Rodriguez
4:43 it sound like look at dis dude guy
Guillermo León Pacheco
4:35 pedófilo detected xd
I like how people bitch about the first clip, like what the fuck? you want her to get her ass kicked just by saying that she was going to kick it? you don't even know if she actually did do it, off camera.
Will Jackson
2:39 little kid from the hood
Anime no Kōgeki
Awww that was so nice of the cat to stand up for the dog
The 3 Musketeers
5:51 should e been a instant regret compilation
Eufemia Rosa Tecuanhuey-Dinan
Sakura pizza
For life's bleachable moments
João Martins
Go to 3:26
5:05 I’m dead lmao
Juan Mangoni López
Not today
Tyler Ames
4: 24 pedophile
Ally Kayyy
Sunny Burrito
That scrawny ass inbreed chicken kicker didn't get what she deserved, ugly fucking hoe.
Jack Plays
0.48 is my favorite part.

Joshua Thompson
He's not scared xD
Hershey Bristow
1:15 what did he do wrong?
Lower Red Lake Ice Fishing
The second one that white , ginger,black cat protects that dog ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Martin Ryan
How is rope dude karma?
Lexi Baker
6:05 nice job dog!! That DUMB kid deserves it. I'm surprised she didn't cry.
Eliseo Daniel
They showed the little girl kicking the dog at INSTANT KARMA 2015™ and now its also here at 2016 what.... 6:13 (if the link doesn't means I dunno how to use it)
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