Anne Hathaway dishes on her $15 flea market dress


"GMA" catches up with the Academy Award-winning actress live from Times Square.

For normal people £15 from a quality, popular or something clothes store is totally fine. These rich, celebrities need to get a life. Besides, 15 for one piece of clothing unless its a jacket or shoes, is too much imo.
Carol ine
sandy and anne hathaway in the same movie...literally dying..two of my favorite artist
Thomas Farkas
The Whore of Babylon...Whitney Houston and her daughter, "Brokeback Joker" Heath Ledger, the Batman movie theatre Shootings (the shooter began shooting when her opening scene starts in the film)...and many other anomalous deaths linked to this bitch. She is the top whore of the New World Order based in New York...
Love Anne Hathaway but the movie sucked
hi there
She is so hot.
WTF? So many people sitting around at random spots and staring at her.. Freakish and scary!
Tony Fan
she looks like Avril Lavigne in Girlfriend music video
Charlotte Clarke
i hate the fact that they titled this based on what dress she's wearing when the interview is about her movie, not what's on her back. the clothes should not overshadow her talent and beautiful personality. click bait is indicative of a sad reality that reduces people to objects.
Héctor Roden
HOW come the title is so absurd? She talked about her baby, her upcoming movies and yet, the only thing relevant is a f+cking dress??!!
Dancing the Dream
Wow! She is so lovely <3
That looks like an Albert Nippon dress circa 1980
Anne Hathaway is love!! abd I an oretty sure there's no one who doesnt agree with that
SR Cleopatra
She was more comfortable with jimmy fallon
Warchief Gaara
Oh god...i have literally not seen anyone this beautiful
that black stud fake af.
God she is so quirky
Paola Valladares
She's gotten so beautiful with motherhood.
omg autoplay, had to stop it. I'm like NOOOOOOO
Never say "See what I did there?" seriously.
Cloud of Reverie
Her wig in the movie reminds me of Young Hermione in Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets.
Susie nk
I wonder who wore that dress first!
15 dollar? i have a huge respect for her now
Alright, alright. $15 dress, but a genuine Gucci belt?
teacup 4
She still comes off as so fake. She needs to relax in interviews
Crystal Diamond Love
I clicked this video because of Anne. But noticed soon after I watched this episode but missed this part. I recognized Robin's dress though. Hers looks like a million bucks.
Alfre Figueroa
This bitch is trying too HARD to e likeable again
Anna Grace
lol I bought my prom dress for 5 dollars, put me on the trending page
Travis Lee
I would bust a big nut inside of Anne 💦
Jake Viveros
Jesus The Virtue signaling is at an all-time high for Hollywood. yes we believe you're like an everyday American with your dress.
Jamilaaa K
I wear $5 dresses from Ross and nobody say nothing...where is my headline?
Christian R
We already know Anne Hathaway is the monster.. the previews show it 🙄
Rub Al
I really enjoy her interviews a lot! thanks God people stopped hating her... really funny and refreshing
Lizzy Araceli
oh wow she's a regular person, how unique
Person does normal thing and somehow it's trending
Patricia Kerins
just a couple of trannies chatting it up
jasty powalski
trending aka paid advertising
I don't get the title I don't get the reason this is on trending except that it's a talk show
You tube Love
Love her fashion choice and her reason behind it. Way to make the world a better place!
JDVIII of Inveon
My fish can act better than that woman...
jesus christ
Wtf $15? That's one fine ass flea market
She's trying to be relatable to the masses lol
0:48 yep thats right not knowing what a movie is about will make the movie experience better trust me (this means not watching a trailer or previews or FINAL SPOILED TRAILER)
Royal Man¡aC
omg a celeb thats wear a cheap dress!! this is worse than north korea!! someone kill me!!
Stephen Espinoza
Ohh she's so cool , she's a superstar but dresses like us poor people , we should elect her as Queen and let Meryl Streep the morality adviser of the country .... WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR DRESS !
Anne hath a will Anne hath a way
$15 is an expensive flea market dress!
15 bucks at a flea market is a ripoff. tell em 5, argue, then turn around. the seller will either accept or you can come back later and get it for under 10. but hey, i dont make thousands to look good and act ok.
Jordan Summers
this is trending hahhahaha wtf
YouTube plays a part on Disney/ABC trendingtorial machinery.
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