James Plays Tetris

tetrislets playvideo games

On top of being insanely handsome, I'm also a pretty decent Tetris player. So to all those n00bs challenging me, this is what you'd be up against. (P.S I'm the one on the left)

Tyler Dudgeon
Type racer
4:20 pm Saturday
my typing skill level is 42069
1v1 me skrub
Don't be L8 or I will h8 on how to procrastin8 about your g8 that will decide your f8 alright m8
lps Marshmallow
the noise is spool satisfying
Purple Eve
looks james in the eyes
"Yeah.. i wanna.. i DONT think i could beat you tetris!"
SkittlesGirl LovesBatman
James, u da Tetris mastah * solemnly bows in respect *
Scar Roman
hi guys
Madelyn Vander Heide
I would love to Tetris battle you. :P
Follower of The c0mmunity
Play me, on Gameboy. Nerd.
Sara Michajlyszyn
Yeah, I don't think I could beat you at Tetris. I don't even know how to play
Moi Castro
you can't say freaking In a YouTube video
Crystalite Otaku
"just played a few games this morning, just to warm up"
Are you sure you didnt spend the whole morning playing tetris?
Ola Nordmann
WTF! Maaaaad tetris skills
Suki Hayashi
I love tetris, especially the facebook version youre playing. We both have the same tactic when we play too!
Agarcjay DaGreat
wow your tetris skillz are on fleek
Camando Bread
I think I can beat you in Tetris but don't challenge me because of... reasons no I know I can just please don't challenge me
Bubble Gyn
How long have u made videos?
Bubble Gyn
AndrewTheGamer77 Minecrafter
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mal Pixelated
Interesting. video lol
Fane Volt
I could beat you... maybe.
ChrisMan 9000
And I thought I was actually good at Tetris.
Nishtha Sagar
plop koek
James: playing like a pro
Game: His rank is newbie
Karma Akabane
Yeah i wanna... i think i can beat you in tetris
almost 3 mil
Randy C
Which one is James?
EeveeGirl89 YT
I dunno how 2 play Tetris XD
Rainbow Rabbit : Melody
looks James in the eye "YEAH I THINK I COULD BEAT YOU IN TETRIS" (it's opposite day)
Lucas Beltran
Ohhhhhh he's good...
Menoth Games
1 year, gains 2,500,000 subs from 500,000
gaming fantasy
so fast
TheRacing Groudon67231
lol jokes on you i have the original tetris on my NES
Mr HEEL Wott
Me before the video started: I CAN BEAT HIM IN TETRIS!!!

Me after the video:😳
Gaming With Niko
"27 seconds left...crap baskets" 😂😂
Michael Rochelle
When I clicked on this video to see him fail from lack of skill life was like: BOY WERE YOU WRONG.
Kill Yourself.
So we're gonna play some mother fricken tetris!

Dead 😂😂😂
Novax 64
I will battle you
Levi Ackerman
on my level. I can say you are a noob.
Vince055 Zara
James:i think my tetris skills are a little good... James:(sends 10 lines in 5 seconds)
almost 3 mil
Grace Sarafidis
my dad could beat him
Crazy Cuber
I feel like James is a bored god playing tetris
Woah James you're so good!! .O.
The Bear Jake
yeah i can beat you in tetris if i had a laptop xd
Banana Chips
I want to see "Tetris Plays James"
Blazing Boar
My dad can probs beat u
Justin Rau
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