School Segregation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

last week tonightlast week tonight with john oliverjohn oliverschool resegregation

Public schools are increasingly divided by race and class. John Oliver discusses the troubling trend towards school resegregation.

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If they said they were going to bus black students into the schools of this town I'd be worried about the well-being of the black students more than anything :(
Lisa Watson
As a native of Charlotte, NC I can confirm we do indeed address scoundrels in that fashion, I DECLARE!!
C. Capacchione, what an asshole he is...
Racisme did disappear when Obama got into office. Erbody kno dat.
The worst part of that film is that actual black people agreed to be in it.
Jorge Rodriguez
The amount of white privilege in these comments is actually making me cringe
Yilan Song
Batman School
Cheng Liu
Segregation is not in and of itself a bad thing. Schools in NYC like Bronx Science and Stuyvesant are predominantly Asian (including Indian and Middle Eastern) people yet those are some of the top schools in the city.
Oliver's southern accent always kills me 😂😂😂
10k dislike, yup racism is still alive
Natural Dada
I went to school in Africa. Never ever studied science in a lab. Had books older than I was. And professors that used notes that looked like ancient scrolls from the dead sea.
Black Knight
Question: Why does segregation matter if black people are supposed to be just as good as white people? Make them have their own civilization. Worked for AFrica, right?
This came out on my birthday.
Pacify Her
America is so fucked up. I had never heard of any of these problems before, since here, in Canada, we don't have that kind of issues. Black, white, asian, whatever you want, we all go to mixed schools and (most of) the people aren't racists.
Tunes by Trish Mcleod
Partially mutes conversation knowing someone personally whose child died from the vaccines...and yes, there IS a big pharma conspiracy for profit.
TBF Some kid from a ghetto school bussed into our school beat up my brother for no reason in 6th grade. (6th fucking grade.)
If you, like me, don't really know why the "black face" is actually considered as an insult, here is an awesome comment on reddit:
Dylan 'El Danko' Thunder
My name is Dylan
Alex Dobyns
Fuck I'm in a mostly white school
McChickenTendiezz 69
I see some of the points he's making, but I think taking kids from other schools and bussing them long distances every day just so you can have more diversity just makes no sense.
b drizzle
You know the lady at the meeting screaming about her kid getting stabbed tells people it is cool because she has a black friend.
war pheonix
John oliver for the 46th president of USA
In Bedazzled, Brendan Frazer impersonated a Colombian drug lord. He had a moustache, darkened skin, and a prosthetic nose.
I guess we Hispanics should had risen in wrath.
I actually believe Africanics use whatever they can lay their hands on to make their plight look worse.
Since it is really bad, it only looks petty. Of course, white Americans are too scared and pc to say anything.

And yes, if there are no "Latinamerican-Americans" I don't see why there should be "African-Americans", so Africanics it is.

By the way, what you call Hispanics, are high grade Native Americans (from America the continent, not the US).
I am Hispanic, since 90% of my ancestry is Spaniard.
Greg Norris
I was going along with this really well, until you said "he doesn't know any better". He shouldn't have to 'know better'. Your use expresses the opinion that the child has done wrong. If adults didn't say it was wrong, kids would grow up, not caring or seeing a difference.
dog bone
Troubling why? We need more segregation, not less.
I love how just reading the comments you can tell who still; consciously or not, prejudice, ignorant, and ungodly. No matter how much of a valid argument you make; when you use or make subtle racial connotations within your argument: YOU ONLY PROVE YOUR IGNORANCE.

such examples being:

"dis white man" (as to impersonate how all black people talk) or in a second comment "flapping their mouths/gums" (which is a subversive and subtle racial reference to the physical characteristics of black people). RESEARCH UNITED STATES JIM CROWE RACIST MATERIAL, PROPAGANDA, AND HISTORICAL REFERENCING.

Statistics show that while even poor Caucasian Americans still struggle and suffer from class discrimination; in addition to that, Black and Latino Americans suffer from racial discrimination in a SYSTEMATIC WAY or affecting all areas of life.

One example being that while NYC has a over 70% of whites; who due mainly to numbers lead in the number of crimes COMMITTED, 8 out of 10 police stops and CONVICTIONS are to black and latinos. Who are statistically shown, if convicted of a crime will be given a longer sentence; EVEN if the white persons crime was worse.

So....'s not just about's race too.

Love you All!😉
Erica Donnelly
That poor kid. Now you have to explain why having black skin is a bad thing. All he did was look up to MLK and want to imitate him. That kid knows nothing of the politics behind blackface! Hell, I'm three times his age and I still had to go researching for it. The problem of blackface was taking roles away from black actors and mimicking black people in a derogatory manner (best I can tell). It wasn't about your freaking microaggressions, and pretending it was paints the original issue in a pathetic light. Good job! You've now joined the platoon of issue castrators out there like the psychotic feminists, women who lie about being raped and Hillary Clinton.

If actors start blackfacing again, we have an issue. Now, the issue of blackface is done. It's over. Unlike racism, it's actually fixed. Your problems are elsewhere.
Jake Hay
Hey Charlotte
So if you were home schooled you are just a fucking racist? COOL!!!
Gladiator125 _
Ok so random comment story I was on the bus and this older guy comes up to me and I just start bugging the shit out of him. Keep in mind I was in first grade at the time, that'll be important later. He was slamming me left and right and out of sheer embarrassment I dropped the n word on him, hard r. I was called into the office that day and they asked me where I heard that word. I just said that I've always known that word and never actually knew what it meant. Looking back on that day, as a Caucasian high school student, I regret ever saying that. This should never happen and is a disgrace. I ended up becoming friends with him and we've never talked about it since that day. We need to prevent things like this from happening at all costs. End of fucking discussion
im kind of bummed out that my highschool in oregon was so white. our state population has very few african americans, especially in the smaller cities, and as a result i have a hard time speaking about race. i want so badly to not be racist and to be politically correct, especially when interacting with african american people, and it feels so frustrating that my states racist history has made my state so not-diverse. i really care about civil rights issues, i just want to be respectful and helpful. this was a good segment.
Zachary Matthew James
Oh, god! The 8-year-old in black face! ... So awkward!
John Luca
This video actually helped me understand why the schools in my neighborhood are the way they are... I lived across the street of a high school yet I had to go to one 20 minutes away... I now understand they do that on purpose since the other one is in not as wealthy of a neighborhood... But what is stupid is that the middle school is split apart so half the friends u make in middle school go to a different school which I find very stupid... But at least the schools are mixed
Jessus Christ
They did better because they hung out with good white kids instead of their own violent lazy kind
Jessus Christ
Rich non whites go to great schools.
Poor whites go to shit schools
Stop having kids for child support cheques...
Encourage your kids to be law abiding and contributing citizens.
Instead running around like fatherless monkeys screaming fuck the police
(Please read the full story, as you may get the wrong idea if you don't)

I used to have a teacher that was black and many racists with nazi-tendencies in my classroom.
Very often they'd whispers slurs, question his intelligence, try to debate with him over slavery or suggest he was inferior and not fit for teaching them.
Meanwhile, I was a friendly and naive 12 year old (younger than the others) that was being beaten up in class.
My teacher was very much able to stand up for himself and would always politely and calmly send the guys out of the classroom, giving them the punishment of writing lines like; 'I will not make fun of other people because of their skincolour, gender, race or appearance.'

One day I sat behind the cabinet, so I'd be shielded of most of the things being thrown my way, as I noticed a cross that had been drawn on the cabinet. I recognized it was a Swastika.
We were learning history from the start to the present and we were currently learning about discovering America. We weren't near the Second World War yet.
I hád heared some stuff about it, but I didn't know there were still nazi's. All I knew was that hitler had liked the symbol.
During my test, I started drawing the swastika on the edges of my paper. And after I (finally) finished one that wasn't messed up, because it was quite hard to get them right, I added diagonal lines and turned it into a windmill, with, due to the swastika, perfectly balanced dimensions.

Then I continued drawing more swastika's on the testpaper, since I was already finished with the test for a long time. The teacher came around to pick up the papers, I handed in mine and he stared at the paper for a while (with two windmills, about 13 badly drawn swastika's and 1 swastika that was in the making of becoming a windmill)

He stared at me for a moment. I stared back, not realising what was wrong. He then took a step forward and looked at the back of the cabinet, where the original swastika was.
I immediately said; 'Sir, I did not draw that! I'd never draw on a cabinet! I only drew the ones on the paper.'

Now any other teacher would've probably been angry at me for drawing this. Would've not blinked an eye and just yelled; 'How dare you!' and given me a bad grade, a letter to the principal and so on.
Not this teacher. He understood what was going on and that I had nó bad intent whatsoever.
He gave me the test back and said; 'Please finish that last windmill for me. We will continue our lessons about history in a few minutes, so I'll give you a new paper to draw the swastika's on. Could you promise me to álways finish them as a windmill? Otherwise it might hurt other people.'
I said; 'Well...sure..' and he said; 'Alright then.'

He waited untill I drew the mill and wooden structures around it and then he gave me a new paper, where I eagerly began to practice the swastika again. Yet never have I used this for any other purpose than drawing a windmill perfectly balanced.
Just the fact that this teacher was insightful enough to see whát was going on in my mind is só impressive.
And that he figured I'd probably find out about the meaning of the swastika later on, but now was only focussed on perfectioning my most devoted hobby, drawing.
I mean, it might seem strange, this story, people might feel he should've stopped me right away and told me how serious this was.
But he knew I'd never harm someone by purposely drawing it. He knew I would finish them as windmills. And he knew that it was 'better' for me at that moment, to just not be disturbed in my sketching, the only thing that distracted me from the bullying.
I don't know. I'm still impressed by his actions when I think back about it.
I am the only Asian in an all white school xc
Scarab Kovair
In my house, Dylan is the lesser brother.
Prince Vegeta
are these the same liberals crying for teachers unions? lmao, you realize this whole thing is caused by that, not racism. If people could choose which school they wanted to go to instead of being forced BY THE GOVERNMENT, to go to school in that wouldn't have this problem
Aryansh Mishra Tech Guides
Look at the 10k RACIST dislikers...
Getoffmylawn ;
Hey dan gurwich
Reggie LovesLife
Someone painted their face much darker for black history month at my school . Not totally black but like tan white trash. 10 year old me was very uncomfortable.
I would have stabbed robbed and offered her kid a drug
Hey, at least they can't use the 'we elected Obama's excuse anymore, you can always reply with 'and we elected a racist Nazi right after him'
kekistani pride
ok black people are a minority in the population right and the majority are in the south right and the inner cities right?

so it makes sense why schools are so segregated. is that a good thing no. is that a bad thing no its the natural to occur in a society that has one group as a majority and one as a minority
That man from those couple pics at the beginning (with the woman) is from college humor, anyone else notice!!
normie x
1. It amazes me how white americans want blacks out, when it was their grandparents who went to Africa to kidnap black men so they could work for them(retards).
2. If the KKK would offer a first class ticket to Africa and 10 million dollars as compensation for every black they want out the US, i`d say they would be stupid not to accept. Contrary to local propaganda, US is not the greatest country in the world!
Chad Nationalism
remember goy: we must destroy good white school, bringing down everything about them, and hamring the white children that go there so we can give a tiny boost the blacks.
The Serious Entrepreneur
New York and the south is the same. Southerners are just more honest... New Yorkers are fake
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